Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My life....always!

 This picture adequately describes my life!
- Laundry always lingering around; clumped up on couch waiting to be folded, stacks all folded waiting to be put away, and dirty clothes literally dropped to the floor waiting (a VERY LONG wait) for the owner (usually a little tot but sometimes a grown woman) to rightfully place them in the hamper! 
-My lovely decorative Pottery Barn pillows nonchalantly thrown all over the room, smushed to death from being sat on and used for fort building 99% of the time! 
- my absolute favorite part of this picture is the three little yogurt containers- all three half eaten with the spoons sticking out! Notice how they are ALL three sitting in my favorite morning perch just waiting for me to come over with my morning coffee and dispose of them- πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
There is so much to be seen- my clipboard frames that I thought were so clever because I could easily change out photos- yep, have pictures from two and a half years ago still hanging!
The watermelon on the counter next to cookies. My favorite food (cookies) next to the most favorite summer treat of all the rest of my clan! All three of my little birds ask for this watermelon to be cut 3,459 times a day!!! 

You can look at this picture and think- man, her life is crazy, but really, I think- "I'm so blessed!" How empty my life would be without 18 loads of clothes and dishes every day- and little reminders that I have three beings depending on me!
A place to have morning coffee- MORNING COFFEE!
Life as I know it may not be the Pinterest perfect life we all want, but it's mine and I love it!!!!

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