Sunday, February 9, 2014

Where I've Been...

Marathon Florida!

Girls Trip with my mom and sister and Cathy and Megan!

It was a great time! 
I needed the break and the sunshine :)

* disclaimer*
All of these photos are borrowed from Sarah, Mom and Megan! I didn't take a single photo and thoroughly enjoyed it! 

We had a blast- did some paddle-boarding (I LOVED this), ate tons of fresh seafood, and played lots of Mexican Dominos!

I'm very thankful to Casey and Tricia for keeping the kiddos- and sick kiddos at that!

We have been under virus attack for two weeks in this house! Anna had an awful virus while I was away that eventually landed in her ears causing a double ear infection. Caroline was able to steer clear if everything for the most part but, poor little Case got it- thankfully his never manifested tho!
Things seem better this week :)

The girls are definitely up feeling better!!
This is their "Air Guitar"!

Case is still having crawling lessons- he finally started to rock a little bit- as long as I put in on all fours like this :)

AND- the girls are getting ready for valentines Day-

One day last week I got them all set up to make my February door hangers!

I was so thrilled with how thy turned out (and that I didn't have to do much) that I may let them make my spring and Easter ones too :)

Other than cruds, crafts, and crawling lessons not much is happening over here!!

Sweet Monday to you all tomorrow tho!