Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've GOT to get better...

I'm so sorry I have been so "post-lazy" lately. Things are obviously a bit crazy around here.. and honestly, (now that I have the world at my fingertips with my smart phone) this is the first time I have turned my laptop on since my last post!

Terrible! I know!!

I'm going to be better!!!

We've all been sick this week!! Caroline too...




Although you would never know by looking at her!

Anna has been going through a little "attention-seeking" phase this week.



She's been spending her free time swinging, sitting in the carseat, bouncy seat, exersaucer,or in Carolines crib!!

But it's not that bad of a phase because she's still SOOO happy:




Mimi and Paw came for a couple days to help out with all the "sickies"... it was very nice and helpful! I've got to get better about taking pictures because I didn't even pick up my camera most of the week... BUT, I did manage to get this one of Paw and his girls:


Okay.. Well, I hope to be back with more pictures and more stories soon. So much to tell and no time to tell it!! Soon.. I promise!!

And... just because they are so cute:


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

From my Cell Phone..

Casey and I got new phones last week. SMART PHONES. I always said I didn't want a smart phone (and really didn't..wasn't just saying that and deep down hoping someone would come home from work with me an iphone one day... which I DO do sometimes) BUT... Casey came across this amazing deal that would actually SAVE money if I got a smart phone.. so how could I say no.. and now I LOVE it!!

BUT.. what I love most of all is that I can upload a photo to my flickr account instantly from my phone. It's awesome.. So here are the past few phone photos:

THIS is how I found Anna when I got out of the shower:

Laundry Queen

(all from CLEAN pile of clothes.. I promise!)

Three sports bras and a pair of socks (her favorite socks I guess.. I haven't worn these in years but they are constantly in the laundry because she pulls them out of the clean clothes and wears them all around the house)

Tube socks

I'm telling you.. she's obsessed!

Casey and I went to the freezing cold game this weekend.. check out how many other people were there...

Football game

Oh just the one.. ha! We were probably two of the 300 people there! It was cold and I'll be holding this photo over Casey's head for a while reminding him of what a spectacular wife he has that would go to a boring game (not even a big SEC game) in the cold =)
(don't tell him... but, it was actually a lot of fun!)

And lastly...

Thanksgiving Plates

..these are the finished plates that Anna painted on our "date-day" last week. I think they turned out so cute!! I'm trying to decide which one I want to keep!! We may go paint some more this weekend since the weather is going to be yuck!!

Okay.. I'll be back soon. I actually have some cute photos on my camera to upload!!
Have a HappyDay!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Date Day!

Anna and I had a little "Date" today. I didn't take my camera so these are just two "cell phone" pics-

Painting pottery

I took her to paint pottery. She's SOOOO independent. "no, no Mommy! Anna do this!" is all she said.. so I let her have full freedom to paint her "Turkey" plates. Of corse I insisted on helping with the hand print and the writing! I'll show how they turn out when I get them back!

After pottery we went for some Newks Pizza. Anna loved it and OF COURSE insisted on using a fork all by herself.. but, she's pretty good at that!

Newks pizza date

It was a fun little date-day! I look forward to many more!!!

See y'all soon!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday, Football, Halloween

Because I have a SMALL window of time to blog these days this blog will be in full "photo-mode"...

Casey's Birthday (10.24)






Auburn/OleMiss Game:

IMG_3346 Auburn pumpkin



Sarah and anna



(Sorry I didn't get a picture of "Hoo" and Lacey!!)

Fun Weekend. Anna has been saying "War Eagle Hey!" ever since.. Casey isn't too thrilled about it =)


Anna Halloween






She had a blast!!

And because so far, there are no photos of Caroline in this post:


I'll try to have a "Caroline Post" next time!
Y'all take care...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Puppy Preview...


Anna enjoyed Halloween!!

More pictures soon...