Friday, February 26, 2010

How Do You Discipline A One Year Old?

As you may already know (if you've ever been around ANY 14 month old), Anna is quickly approaching the need for discipline! She knows exactly what it means when I tell her "no, no." AND she knows exaclty what is going to happen if (and WHEN) she totally ignores me and does it anyway. Yep, a little hand spank with a firm "NO!" Sometimes she even gives herself a little hand spank as if to let me know that I don't need to.

Well, last night is now in a league of it's own. She insisted on messing with the phone jack (which I wasn't mad about but she doesn't need to mess with the phone jack and I HAVE to be firm with her or else it is useless) so I told her no, no:
"Anna," I said, "NO, NO! Come back over here this second." Awesome I thought as she followed my instructions perfectly! But then do you know what the little rascal did. She got on her hands and knees, very low to the gound (as if I couldn't see her anymore) and proceeded to try and crawl between the chair and the couch. When she got right next to the sofa (where I was sitting) her little head raised up to make sure I wasn't looking. Which of'course I was NOT (at that second). And then, you guessed it, it was down to the floor and off to the phone jack. I said (firmly), "ANNA! NO, NO" and I pulled her up to her feet where she could see my faicial expression (which was trying to be mad) and I pointed to the phone jack and then pointed to her and said (very loudly), "NO!"
Then the little booger grabbed my finger and pulled my hand towards her... and with her eyes squinted and her eyebrows furrowed and her lips poked out like this:


she SPANKED the back of MY hand!
Yes, she spanked ME!

I honestly had no comeback from that. I couldn't help but laugh a little..(and text my mom and call my sister immediately).
She left the phone jack alone for the rest of the night so I guess we both got our points across.
She is such a mess! But, what do you do?

On another note:

Yesterday I let her finger paint. SHE LOVED IT!!! I can't wait for her to get a little bigger and we can play "art school" and do all sorts of fun crafty things!

She was a bit particular at first and wasn't too sure she liked having her fingers messy:


But, then she warmed up to the idea:


And just went for it:


Here are her two masterpieces:

(This one sort of looks like a bird or something... can you see it?)

(Who knows...)

We've been having fun today too. We painted some more (I'm telling you she LOVES it). We both took a long morning nap. We've done some laundry (which means I've done laundry and folded clean clothes and she's taken the folded clothes and dumped them back into the laundry basket... it's an on-going circle). I'm sure we'll get into something fun this afternoon too.

Y'all have a Happy Friday and we'll be back soon!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sweet Anna!

Tonight Anna and I went to church (as we do every Wednesday).
She stays in the baby nursery while I go across the hall with the two year-olds. Towards the end of the night I looked out our door and saw this little cutie:

anna at church

I took the picture with my cell phone so it's not very clear.. Ms. Debbie was holding her up so she could see out. It was so cute when she saw me.. she just started laughing and got so excited! She's so sweet!

I have the cutest two minute video of her too but I'm not sure how to post it. Hopefully I can figure it out soon.. you'll love it if you could see it. She's just really funny.. (at least to me she is).

Have I mentioned how "everywhere" she is these days?
She is IN....TO....EVERY....THING! I'm talking IN everything:


I couldn't get her out of Mr. Joey's entertainment center today! She loves to crawl in and out of cabinets (thanks to Zannie).. but hey.. it's free, safe and keeps her entertained for a long time!


She's also getting very excited about being a big sister.. she wants to be a "helper" I can tell!


All day long yesterday and today we had to feed "Doll Baby" the sippy cup. There is only one thing I'm afraid of when "Real Baby" comes...
You know Anna has never been one to put stuff in her mouth before! Don't get me wrong she'll pick up the smallest crumb on your floor but fortunately she doesn't put it in her mouth. She normally brings it to me. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, all the sudden she's decided that "Doll Baby" needs to eat all these crumbs!

(just before the crumb goes in.. but you can totally tell what she's thinking!)

YEP.. every single little crumb she picks up she takes straight to "Doll Baby"! I'm going to have to break her of this before "Real Baby" has crumbs, carpet fuzz, and lent balls in between every bottle!

Oh who am I kidding? She's going to be so much fun!


(That is an "Anna-hug".. and YES, "Doll Baby" gets more than Mommy!)

If she loves "Real Baby" 1/2 as much as she loves "Doll Baby" were good!

Hope y'all have a good night and rest of the week. I'm sorry to admit that at 9:05pm I'm hardly able to hold my eyes open much longer! Even more awful.... that is with TWO naps today too!! I know.. it's the "Real Baby" (and the "Big Sister" too I'd imagine), but I am just exhausted!

We'll be back soon!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby Peanut!

WARNING: If ultrasound pictures weird you out skip this post!

Anna is all tuckered out after our long afternoon at the doctor's office!


She had a big time AND she got to see her little "peanut" brother or sister on the "tv"...
Everything looked good and healthy with the baby. (S)he measured 8weeks 3days. Due October 2, 2010!


If you can't see anything except a blob in a dark hole.. don't worry.. I've doctored it up some:

little frog

Well, the Little is waking up from her nap so I better run. We'll be back soon though!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet Thursday!

It is a Sweet, Sweet Thursday because we have internet!!


I'm really not addicted to my computer...anymore =) But, I sure have missed this little machine! I'm so glad to be back up and running. You can expect the blog to be back to it's normal every-couple-days-posting too! I've missed y'all! I know that must seem silly with me on one side of the screen typing away and you on the other reading.. but none-the-less.. I love it and I've missed it!!

I have pictures too.. YAY!!
Nothing too exciting just the "little" growing up! Here are some of my photos from the last few weeks!


Okay.. so if you've been completely out of the loop for the past few weeks, Anna is developing a little personality all her own! She LOVES boots, hates clothes, and would spend every minute of the day dressed just like this if I'd let her... or really she'd probably much prefer wearing just a diaper and her boots! She's a nut!


Yep! She's growing "flippy" hair. It's cute! This was when we were still at our old house so now it's more of the "mullet-curl" along the back. Still cute though!!


She's totally obsessed with Z and DB's cat, Miles! All she wanted to do for the whole week we were there was see "kitty"... She loved her!



Sorry it isn't that many pictures.. now that I'm back to my blog.. I'll get back to my camera!!

Last but not least... I have NEWS!!

This little sweetheart


is going to be a big sister this fall!!
Yep! You heard me correctly... I go to the doctor on Monday and I'll know the exact due date but I'm thinking the little babe will be here around the end of September!

So far pregnancy has been fine. I haven't really been that sick.. just feeling like I could be sick at any second. All I've wanted to eat lately is homemade chocolate milkshakes with crushed up heathbar, Chili cheese dip, Steak, tacos, hamburgers.. BEEF, Loaded Potatoes (with Ranch dressing), Ritz Crackers with Sharp Cheddar Cheese slices, (basically anything with cheese), BarBQ sandwiches smothered in my brother's white sauce (Lawlers BBQ PLEASE) , and any other sort of junk food you can think of. BUT.. don't worry!!! I haven't had any of it!! (Except when I was at Zannie's and Daddy Ben's I had the BBQ.. but I never go home without stopping in Lawlers!)
I've been eating much healthier food.. I promise! This bambino will NOT be a junk-food junkie before (s)he's already born!! Intrestingly enough, I've learned that my twin sister, Sarah is ALSO craving these foods... and since she doesn't have the health of a little one in her womb to worry about, she's indulging! Thanks for taking one for the team sis!

I'll be referring to the baby as (s)he from here on out! I'm excited to announce (although I'm quite sure you'll all be terribly upset to know) that Casey and I are NOT.. (I repeat, are NOT) finding out if it's a boy or a girl! Why? Because we will be perfectly happy with either. I think it will be SOOOO fun not to know until the Doc says... it's a ________!

Well, I guess that about does it for today. Joey's birthday was last week and since we have totally and completely taken over his house I'm spoiling him with beef tenderloin for supper! (Okay.. so I'm also spoiling myself and this little beef-craving baby too.. but I think once is okay!)

I'll be back soon.

... I know! That word (SOON) brings joy to my eyes too!! Have a good afternoon!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm here...

with no pictures... =(

I know, I know.. I'm not crazy enough to think you all want to read this blog without pictures so I'll keep it a short little update. Maybe tomorrow I'll get you all some photos!

We (Sweet Anna and I) have been spending the week with Zannie and DaddyBen. Still no internet at Joey's but I think it's coming this week! Unfortunately my computer is out of commission for the time being.. but I'll get it up and running soon. I know y'all are ready for this blog to be back up and running.. ME TOO!!! Soon, Soon!

Anna is doing great these days. She is having a blast here with Z and DB (and their cat and dog!) She's becoming a little Curious George for sure! LOVES animals. AND She's IN.TO.EVERY.THING!!! But still so sweet and so much fun!

And.. she just pressed two or three keys and deleted the rest of my update...
Guess I'll just come back tomorrow!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!