Friday, August 5, 2016

Getting wrinkles...

At the bowling ally- making silly selfies!


Caroline says:
"I can't really make my face have those forehead bumps!"

Thanks Caroline!




We had fun bowling with Mimi!


Happy Late Birthday Tricia!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Let's be real...

I may have over-extended myself this fall. After coaching Caroline's soccer team, teaching Kindergarten Sunday School, coaching Drama at school plus my full time 2nd grade teaching job - I'm gonna be worn slap out!
That doesn't even get into the umpteen committees I'm on- or all of the kids' activities:
Anna- swim team, gymnastics, drama and soccer
Caroline- soccer and gymnastics
Case- thank goodness he is too young THIS year! 

Here are few photos from the last couple weeks around here:

Swimming in the rain!

Bust out the selfie stick- say- say's crew came to visit! 


More from this visit (sometime)!


Haircuts for everyone! 

Some late night hotel reading for these three!

 A fun 24hrs in Jackson! 


And.... This boy is becoming a big boy!!! 

Be back soon- but, if it isn't soon enough scroll back up and re-read first paragraph 😜