Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Little Pillow-Fluffer!


I wish you all could have your very own personal pillow-fluffer too! She takes her job super seriously and is very good at what she does. She is hard-working, dedicated, and never late to work in the mornings!



I love this child! But then again.. how could you not love this little face?


...and.. no, despite her best begging we did not let her wear her Mickey's to Church!!


Happy Sweet Monday everyone!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Update on Peanut!

Since I obviously don't have a picture of little P here is one of Miss Priss.


Yes, we've got to rid her of the soothie.. but, atleast it stays in her bed... (or the car for long trips).

Back to Peanut-

I had my first doctor's appt. with my new doctor yesterday and was VERY happy with everything. My doctor seems like a stand-up good guy and a great doctor and Peanut was doing great too!
Next month I'll have my big sonogram so hopefully I'll have a picture or two to show you... but we are still not going to find out if Little Peanut is a boy or a girl! With everything being so planned (with a section), not knowing leaves a little suspense and excitement for us. Otherwise we'd know exactly when we'd be checking into the hospital, the time the baby would be here, what it was going to be, and when we'd be heading home. I'm excited to not know!!

BUT... if you believe in all the old wive's tales.. it could be a girl!

Here's the results:

You have a 44% chance of having a boy.
And you have a 55% chance of having a girl.

I would have guessed this would be the outcome because of all the sweats I've been eating. It would make you sick to know my sugar-intake here lately!

Who really knows if all those old wive's tales are true or not...
... I guess we'll all know in 19 more weeks!!

Well, I'll be back soon!

Happy Friday to you all!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tennis Pro...

This is my child...


I guess she wants to be a tennis pro one day! She's a mess. She got the mickey mouse sunglasses at the birthday party this weekend and we've barely seen her little blue eyes since... and yesterday she found one of my headbands to complete the look.

She's a mess for sure... but a fun mess!!!

Y'all have a good day! Me and the Little Ham will be back soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Bees!

Anna and I had a fun, eventful weekend! Starting out Thursday with a picnic lunch with Archer.





They had a blast running around, hiding, and playing together!

After that we headed to Zannie's and DaddyBen's house for some more fun.



Anna got a fun new riding toy... that she LOVES! Thanks Z&DB... she's been riding all through the kitchen and just loves it!!

Lacey also came over and brought their new little addition to the family:



She's a little sweetheart-dog!
I think Sadie and Anna both had a blast playing at Zannie's house!

Saturday afternoon Anna went to her first birthday party! My friend's little boy, "C-man" turned 2 this weekend and had a Mickey Mouse SWIM party. Anna LOVED it!!!






She was the only girl in a pool with four little 2-year old boys.. but she didn't mind... even when one boy poured a cup of water on her head.. she just laughed!

H- we loved it. Thanks for including us!!

After the birthday party I headed up to the hospital to visit with Megan and Grayson. Let me just tell you.. he is the most precious, LITTLE thing ever! The last picture made him look like a giant! He's TINY. TWO POUNDS.. But, he's doing great!! Thanks for the prayers!

Here are some pictures:



I put my wallet next to him so you might could see how tiny he is.


Sorry the pictures are a bit grainy- I didn't want to use my flash. He's precious though!

Well, I just wanted to update you on our weekend happenings. It was a very fun/full weekend. I hope you all had a fun weekend too.

See ya soon!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Three Years Later...

Yesterday was the three year marker of my marriage to Casey... so, after three years here we are:


...with a precious little child and another on the way!

My how time flies and things change!!! It's crazy!!

Thanks for three of the best years of my life, Casey!! I love you!!

AND.. thank you to Maudie and Tuh-Tuh for watching Anna so Casey and I could go out to eat last night!! I know she had a blast riding through your neighborhood looking at all the dogs!!!!

DSC_0089 (2)

DSC_0091 (2)
(pictures taken by PK)

I hope everyone has a very HappyDay today! We are off to picnic with Catherine and Archer. (Murph is going too so hopefully I'll come back with some cute photos.) See y'all soon!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prayers For Baby Grayson!

Baby Grayson

Isn't he so tiny and precious?

My sweet friend Megan had and emergency section yesterday afternoon two months early. Baby Grayson is doing great but will be in the NICU for atleast one month.

Thank you all for your prayers... I'll update you after the weekend (when I get to go meet him!!!)

Living With A Total Ham!


I know you're all thinking "awwww.. she is so cute" and yes, she is.. but she's also a ham!
What you don't see is that she only sat up to wave to the camera. She had most of her snack sitting just like this:


Yep... kicked her socks off, kicked back and got totally comfortable! She's a mess!

This Little Ham and I will be back soon. Until then.. y'all have a Happy-Sweet-Tuesday!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Belated Mother's Day..

I had good intentions of doing a special little Mother's Day post yesterday wishing all of you fabulous moms a super Mother's Day! (Especially my FABULOUS mom.. She's the best... no offense.).. BUT.. as you can see, life took over and I didn't get to it. Sorry!

Mom, I hope you had a great Mother's Day.. I wish I could have been there too! You are the BEST mother ever. I wouldn't be half the mother/person/christian/ if it wasn't for you and all you've done for me. Love you MUCH!!!!

I hope you ALL had a fun special Mother's Day full of little treats.. LIKE...

-Sleeping in an extra 45 minutes... but not really being able to sleep because your sweet, precious little child was running back and forth through the house screaming "Mom-Ma!" over and over at the top of her lungs as she laughed hysterically.

-Feeling your "Peanut" (if you have one) kick you for the first time!! (And (s)he hasn't stopped since!)

-Getting LOTS of hugs, kisses and "secrets" from your Little!! (Yes, she likes to whisper secrets in my ear now.. it's really cute.)

-Seeing tons of young fathers walking in the grocery store with their little ones (Casey included.. I stayed in the car) to get Mommy a card or something.
(Do they realize that the real present is that they've taken the kids and left Mommy at the house for at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet? )

-Eating good bbq with lots of family!

-Your husband taking over "bath-duty"!

-Your husband unloading and reloading the dishwasher (big treat there!)

-AND.. him watching Desperate Housewives with you OVER the redsox/yankees game!!

For me, it really was a great, fun day full of little treats that made it so special!! I hope it was for you as well!

As for today.. it's a good day for rainboots:


Anna loves her boots and has been wearing them for days.. but today it is actually very gross and rainy!!

We are going to TRY and stay in as much as possible but at some point we'll be forced to tackle the rain and go to the grocery store!

I hope you are all having a good day.. Wherever you are!!

I'll be back soon!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Latest Happenings-

Hello, Hello!

As promised I'm here with an update (and photos) of our latest happenings. We have been keeping VERY busy with fun things besides unpacking and cleaning!!

Last weekend we went to support Uncle Houston and Uncle Nate in their BBQ competition.


Peanut was supper excited considering I ate TONS of awesome bbq all weekend! The boys are becoming quite the grill masters!!

Anna was also super excited because she got to run around, pick flowers and play football... and... stay up way past bed time!! She loved it!




It was a very fun and relaxing weekend with the family!

AND.. because we've had such BEAUTIFUL days here... we've stuck with the "outside-eating".


Anna loves a picnic!

We got together with Catherine and Archer last week to let the girls run around and burn some energy.. and then Anna and I went on another picnic yesterday and PK met us! Anna LOVED it both times... I'm sure we'll have MANY more afternoon picnics to come!






Don't you just love that one?? She's having a ball!!



Anna and I will be back soon!

Later Gators!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Time No Post!!

I know, I know!! It's has been FOR.EV.VER!! (Does saying forever like that take anyone else back to The Sandlot??..Ha!)

I'm coming back by Friday with pictures and a good, fun post I promise. Until then, I just wanted to let y'all know that we did FINALLY get internet. (After tons of configuring, troubleshooting, and praying our router now works!)

Things (and people) are happy and good in the Rental House!

We've been unpacking tons of boxes (and packing most of those boxes right back up and throwing them in the attic), arranging furniture (and rearraging the same furniture 15 times), cooking and cleaning (cleaning up and cleaning out), traveling (and eating lots of BBQ), picnicking, and tons more!!!

I'll have a better post soon.. I just wanted to let you know that SweetMondays is finally back, up and running.. YAY!! Stay tuned and I'll see y'all soon!!