Friday, April 23, 2010

Miss Priss!

I found this photo in my "Cell Phone Picture Archive" and had to show it to you. Please forgive me if this is a repeat. I don't think it is.. but my brain is a sleepy, pregno pile of mush so it's possible I just don't remember!

Miss Priss!

Can't you just tell I have my hands full over here?? She's a mess!
Incase I didn't paint a clear picture of her private little "Miss America Pageant" leaving the doctor's office yesterday- this is it.. except replace DollBaby with her "twisty" hand wave. (If she's ever waved to you.. you know what wave I'm talking of.)

She is so funny!

Tomorrow morning Little Miss Hysterical and I are heading back up to the Rental House.
Hopefully I'll have cable/internet up soon.. and don't worry.. You'll all be the FIRST to know when I do!

Later Gators!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

From the Cellie...

As promised here's my "four eyed; window-face" for y'all to see:

Cell Phone Pic 1

Ha! You didn't think I was going to put up some serious "driver's licence" mugshot of myself did you? I was already having enough trouble with the thought that I was truly about to take a picture of myself for the blog...
to get the full effect of how my new Kate Spade's (oh yeah!) are fitting my face.. come visit me! (OR... I'm sure they'll manage to show up on here a time or two in the near future)!

Also found in My Pics archive are these:

cell phone pic 4 cell phone pic 3

Yesterday Anna had her first OREO.. and boy did she LOVE it! Can't you tell?
She also had to say goodbye to her little BF last night at church.. they were so sweet.. aww.. were going to miss all of you at ISBC!!!

cell phone pic 2

So, I didn't capture the actual hug.. but you get where it's going! Man, I can't believe I didn't have Murph for some of this action!!

In other news:

Anna's doctor's appt. went very well yesterday. I think she was 23 lbs and 31 inches tall.. She got two shots and she really cried hard. When we were leaving the nurse out in the lobby asked if she was the one crying so hard and she just nodded yes as she huffed really big.. like she needed to prove it was her cry they heard.. she's so funny!
My doctor's appt. was this morning and it also went very well.. I'll leave my weight and height out of it =) No shots for me... Peanut's heartrate was in the 130s and the doctor said everything looked good. (S)he was moving around too much for the doctor to tell if it's a boy or a girl. But, that was okay... it's not like we were wanting to know =).. y'all are though!

On the way out Anna walked out waving at everyone as if she were in a Miss America Pagent.. I swear this Little is the biggest ham ever! It was really funny though!

Okay.. well, y'all have a good afternoon and I guess a good week too. I don't know when I'll be back (with no internet at the Rental House)!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekending in the Rental House...

Okay... so don't be haters when I tell you this.. BUT, I left my camera at the rental house (where I don't have internet)! Anna and I made the drive back down to Joey's this afternoon for two doctor's appointment. Anna's 15 month check-up (eventhough she's 16 months) and Peanut's 16 week appt. AND.. let's NOT forget I got NEW glasses!! I can't wait to pick up these precious jewels tomorrow! I'll try to take a picture with my (regular, NOT iphone) cell-ie for y'all to see my new look!

Moving into the Rental House hasn't been bad at all.. I've been unpacking (with help from PK) and organizing my kitchen this weekend. I got Anna's room all set up (which is really Peanut's room that she's borrowing until she is moved to a big bed... soon) and she slept great (until 7:45-8 each morning)! We also went over to Catherine's house and let Anna and Archer play together. I thought seriously about stealing one a photo of the two from Cat's blog but I decided that wouldn't be too cool. But, thanks to the World Wide Web you can see A&A playing HERE! They were funny at first.. not so sure about eachother.. but they warmed up. We had a blast and I think these two girls will be fast friends!! AND.. I'm SO pumped to get to be around Catherine and Drew more... ( I mean they are my cousins!!!). Catherine, thanks so much for having us over to play.. it was a great little break from unpacking and I LOVED the visit! Can't wait to see y'all soon!!

In other news that's not "real" news:
Anna has started a "new" game. She has discovered that saying "Ma-Ma" in a quick, panic-y, crisis type of way will get me to turn around and say "what little?" Then she just starts dying laughing and she does this OVER and OVER. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to get my attention so easily. Oh goodness.. she's a mess. But, in all honesty I don't think I can get tired of her saying my name (atleast while she's being sweet and funny.... whenever she starts WHINNING my name.. the game ends!)

Alright.. well, thanks for not hating me for not having any photos. I'm going to TRY to get internet hooked up at the Rental House so you can see the progress Anna and I are making very soon!!

See y'all soon!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

This is what happens...

When you fight with a leaf blower...


or when you take the best two and a half hour afternoon nap EVER!

Tomorrow Anna and I are heading up to the rental house... I'm excited to get up there and start unpacking boxes. Seriously! I know that sounds like a daunting task (especially if you eyed the 30+ kitchen boxes in the video) but, are you kidding? This is going to be like Christmas! I can't wait to see all of my little kitchen buddies.. especially my baking sheets, lemon juicer, and blender because I plan on making THESE amazing looking little fruit roll-ups ASAP!! Thanks Darby for the recipe. Hope you don't mind me linking your post to my blog.

I hope to be back with TONS of projects, recipes and photos!

Until then- I'll leave you with this photo (taken exactly a year ago... she's growing up so fast)


See y'all soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Don't Judge....


... She LOVED it!


I'm sort-of embarrassed to show you that Anna went swimming in a plastic box... BUT- when you're in the middle of a move it just seems appropriate.. plus- she's one so it works! AND.. she seriously loved it!


Okay.. well, at first she wasn't too sure what I had rigged up...


that... AND.. she wasn't too excited about walking barefoot in the grass... after seeing this shot I'm thinking she's going to be a priss...


But, once she got in she was happy as a lark!




She's so cute and fun! And.. isn't her little swimsuit so cute? (target!)... I couldn't resist this....


haha.. love it!

Okay.. well, I hope you all have a super end of the week! I don't know when I'll be back.. if not tomorrow it will be a few days. Anna and I are heading up to the rent-house this weekend but I'll be back next week for sure!

SweetWeekend Everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laughing... need I say more?

All day today Anna has been SO tickled at herself for making a "new sound"..
Hope you all have a fun rest of your day.. enjoy the little video clip:

See y'all soon!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rent House...

This is how we roll:

IMG_0536 the cattle trailer.. HA! We also had a big Budget truck too.. but it cracks me up that half of my stuff came up in a cattle trailer! (Thanks to Sam, Rob, Tommy, Richie, and Brooks for all your help.. seriously.. HUGE, BIG DEAL.. thanks!)

Anna thought it was great!


Here is the house!


I think it's going to be nice. Anna couldn't wait to run down the driveway and see it for herself!


I know it's absolutely insane that I took a video of me walking through the house but I'm a nosey person and if I were reading this blog pictures just wouldn't suffice. I'd want to see a "walk-through" video too.. and I'm quite certain some of you are the same.. so here you go:
BUT, first... please ignore me! I hate the way I sound on camera.. uggh... (and Anna isn't in the video just incase that might be all you're looking for... I'll get her on her later). Oh, and sorry if I give you motion sickness.. =)

I'm excited about it. I think it's going to be a great little "starter" home until we can decide where we want to be.

Y'all have a happy afternoon and I'll be back soon!

Guest Blog...

I'm over at Coffee, Tea and Thee today!

I'll be back here this afternoon with pictures of the rent house AND a "walk-through" video.. just because I know many of you want to know the "ins and outs" of what the house is like!

SweetMonday to you all!!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sorry, no pictures today just one chapter of my 47,562 page autobiography.. "Moving Only Takes A Matter Of Two Years"!

We're officially MOVING!

This has been a super crazy week for me consisting of:

1. Dr. Appts.. Anna has allergies (and now has MEDICINE..yay); I have new contacts (and soon to have new GLASSES..yay!)

2. Driving! Four hours north (to new home location), one and a half hours east (to Mimi and Paw's home), and back south to Joey's!

3. Looking- mostly at nasty college-apartment-style rental properties... where after walking inside I'm sure 1,436 college boys lived while they smoked cigarettes and watched their big smelly dogs pee on the carpet and walls... disgusting!

4. Renting- I did go in one HOUSE (not an apartment) in a nice little family neighborhood (not a likely hangout for many rambunctious college kids) that clearly was lived in by a clean, smoke-free, pet-free family... and I said "I'll take it!" I think we'll like it and it's plenty big for Anna and the Peanut!

5. Packing & Moving- We start moving stuff this TODAY.. We'll officially be in next weekend though.

I'll try to take some pictures and fill you all in soon.. but don't be too upset if you don't hear from me for a few days. I'm quite sure if Casey knew I was blogging right now.. well, it wouldn't be good. I should be PACKING!

Y'all have a good weekend!

Oh.. and p.s... Only 25 more weeks until Peanut arrives and surprises us as either a boy or a girl. Although, I'm almost quite certain Peanut's a boy... only for the mere fact that everytime I open the pantry Joey's vienna sausages and saltines stare at me like a giant piece of chocolate cake or something.. ONLY a boy would think viennas sounded better than anything else in the pantry!!
Don't worry- they're still in there!

See you soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER!
(Warning: LONG POST)


I love, love, love Easter! It's my favorite time of the year.

It's such a special season. This weekend I've really been thinking about what Easter is and how Jesus sacrificed so much to die for me.

If you know me at all you know my brain goes from one thing to another to another but then somehow it all ties back in to my original thought. And here are my weekend thoughts:

I started thinking...

...about Jesus dying on the cross and how when He died everything went dark...

... and how now He LIVES and how He's our LIGHT.

Last year Casey and I were heading to bed. He turned off all the lights as he walked back to the room. Thinking I've walked through this house 1 million times I didn't turn on any lights.. I just attempted to make it back to the bedroom without light. Well as you can probably guess, I ran right smack-dab into the doorway and just about busted my face into 1,435 pieces.

All this to say-

...yesterday it dawned on me that no matter how familiar things might be... without Christ, darkness will take over. I'm just all the more thankful for Jesus and his sacrifices. I certainly would not want to live life in the DARK!

He is the LIGHT unto my path and the LAMP unto my feet!

Okay sorry for the little "rabbit trail". I just had to share that little thought.

I do sincerely hope you all had a Happy Easter!

We definitely did...

We spent Easter Weekend with Zannie and DaddyBen.. and Miles a.k.a. "Kitty":


First things first- seeing Kitty upclose and personal. Then Mom and Lacey took Anna to the park while Casey and I got ready for our double date... with Sarah and her boyfriend, Sean.

Sarah and Sean
Photo: because I knew you'd be wanting to see him...

We went to Bonefish Grill and I ate more food than humanly possible... I blame Peanut! It was all so delicious though! We had a great time with Sarah and Sean too.

Saturday was beautiful... well, it started out gross and rainy but ended up being a very nice day! Casey and I met Lacey for lunch at Lawler's BBQ (one of my favorite local spots.. and Peanut's too) and then shopped for the afternoon.. with one little pit stop at Maggie Moos where I indulged in Strawberry icecream mixed with Banana icecream and gummy bears.. SO GOOD!

That afternoon Lacey and I took Anna over to KM's grandmother's for a little visit and some photos.. although the subject clearly didn't want her picture made:


This one was my favorite and you can't even see her face (but that my be why it's good..haha)


All the "face" pictures looked like this:


or this:

(or worse!)

KM took us over to see the horses... but they were kind of big and scary to Anna... she didn't know what to think


and either did we..



I think Anna liked her.. she probably would have pet her nose if the horse hadn't of been so eager to EAT!


It was fun though.

Easter day was even more beautiful! Casey, Anna and I woke up and went to the early, early service.. it was really nice. Then we had blueberry pancakes at Cracker Barrell (another favorite). The afternoon we spent with my family.. just hanging out on the patio. Anna found her Easter basket out there and she had her very own Easter Egg Hunt.



She loved her nightgown... she held it up to her like she was making sure it would fit. It was so cute!

IMG_0451 IMG_0452


She loved her Easter basket.. but she REALLY loved hunting Easter Eggs!




She was most excited after she had found all the eggs and realized they had stuff inside of them!



The Easter Bunny even put chapstick in one of the eggs... Anna REALLY loved that!


I just think this picture is cute and funny... (but it could just be me)...


Either way.. she loved Easter, she loved her eggs, and she loved getting to be with all the family and so did we!


Hope you all had a very Happy Easter Weekend too and a SweetMonday today!

p.s.... to see all 5,465 Easter photos just click on any of the above pictures and it will take you to my Flickr page.