Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mmmmm... cereal!

Last night we gave Anna a little cereal for the first time. We just fed her with a spoon. I thought she did pretty good. She sure liked it. At first we tried just sitting her in her little seat and feeding her but eventually I just held her in my lap and that seemed to work much better. Casey took a couple of pictures and videos...


She wanted to hold the spoon of course!


I'm not sure how much she actually ate... =)

The video isn't wonderful. I apologize for it blurring in and out and the obnoxious sound of the dryer in the background. But... she was all about some cereal!
Oh, and you may think it is a little weird that I wasn't talking to her... you know, the "baby talk" explaining how 'yummy to your tummy this cereal is going to be, oh yes it is, yes it is...' (you know what I'm talking about). Well, she was totally and completely not into the talking. I'm pretty sure at one point she tried to tell me to just be quiet and keep the spoon coming!! That is why in this clip I'm just plain out feeding her =)

Anyway... I know some of you can't wait to watch so here it is:

Hope you enjoyed it. Here are a few more pictures too.


Casey's turn to feed her..


"Oh Mommy, just give me the spoon and let me do it myself!"


I think here she is thinking.... "What? I'm new at this"

As mentioned in the video... She did LOVE it!!

Okay, hope this made for a HappyDay!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

this very moment...


Anna is out like a light in her stroller. We went on a little stroll down the street and she fell sound asleep. She hasn't been napping too well at all so I decided to just let her "nap it out" in the stroller. Times are sweet right now! =)


I told you I'd let you know how my "coupon-ing" goes. Well, I haven't made it to Walgreens yet but today I went to Kroger. I didn't buy anything that I didn't have a coupon for or wasn't marked down by "Kroger Plus Savings" (if you have a Krogers card)
My trip went pretty good I shouldn't have to go back to Kroger's for the rest of the week....

Total before Savings: 61.47

savings in coupons: 7.25
savings in KPS: 7.78
Total saved: 15.03

Amount Paid: $46.44

Well, I better go... the little is waking up!
Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Girl's Best Friend!


Anna loves to be outside. Now that the weather is so nice we go out a few times a day and stroll around the driveway while Huntley runs around... Only he doesn't really run around. He guards the stroller and watches Anna. She just stares at him the whole time




They will certainly be best buds!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


With Anna's HANDS!!!
Casey's uncle had to have triple bypass surgery last week.
He is home now and doing much better so we sent him this card.
I had to post it incase you have a sweet baby hand that can
be made in to some little fish for someone!



Hope you all have a very HappyDay today!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009



just one minute!

Here is a short little minute long video... nothing too exciting!

(REALLY- I don't know why I even put these on here
except I have a dear friend up north telling me
she and a co-worker watch them all day long... haha!)

I thought maybe Anna would roll over for you but she decided not to
cooperate this morning! Maybe I'll get it next time. She's
rolling over a lot these days!
Hope you enjoy anyway!

On a side note- I'd like to thank my friend Hillary for sending
me to this site to learn all about coupon shopping. I've been
learning how to be FRUGAL and it's been a lot of fun. There is
definitely an art to coupon-ing and I'm hoping I can figure it out!
I'll let you know how my journey goes!
So far it's just been pretty fun researching the deals!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Just talked to Anna's doctor...

Everything is good. No murmur or anything!

Just a false alarm - better safe than sorry though.

Thank you all for your prayers!!


I did get batteries today! Thanks to sister for reminding me!

More to post later...


Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm home from the store....

Would you believe I FORGOT to get batteries? I did! I can't believe it really. Some where deep in the back of my head I knew I would I guess. But REALLY!
Okay... I plan on making a trip to Walgreens later and SURELY I'll remember the batteries!!

Sorry no pictures... Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Look Through Our Window


If you were standing here with Huntley you would see eight piles of folded laundry that hasn't been put away, an ironing board loaded with shirts in need of ironing, abandoned baby toys on the floor (more than a 4 month old could ever play with), birthday presents and easter baskes needing to be unpacked and put to use (good use!), a hungry 4 month old, an exhausted daddy, an even more exhausted mommy (that is debatable really), AND a camera with great photos and no battery life!


Sorry... no way to upload my most recent photos until a trip to the store to get batteries. Maybe I can make a trip tomorrow and HOPEFULLY I won't forget to get the batteries... it's definitely if-y these days!

Have a SweetMonday!

Friday, April 17, 2009

all in black and white

Anna's echo cardiogram went well today. She did wonderfully and the nurses just loved her. Unfortunately we won't know any results until Tuesday. I'm confident everything is just fine! I of course took a picture or two. I couldn't use a flash so they are a bit grainy.



You probably think I'm crazy for taking pictures at doctors appointments.. I may be BUT, I'm glad I have them. AND I'm SO happy to have this next photo. I love it!!


She is so funny! She gives her "pokey lip" face to strange/new things that she is unsure about! We love it! She normally doesn't cry or anything she just gives a "pokey lip" and after a little while she's happy!

Well, she's pretty unhappy right now. I think she's sick and tired of me and just wanting her daddy!!

Y'all have a HappyWeekend!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

same blog - different name

So I hope you are all still with me. I'm sorry for any inconvience. I've been wanting to change my blog URL for a while. Something about having my last name out there...

So now I'm Sweet Mondays... don't ask why. I don't really have any real insightful reasons for "Sweet Mondays" I just like Mondays.. I know- I'm weird!

Hope this works like it's suppose too!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Doctor Visit!


Anna had her doctor's appointment today to get her 4 month shots.

I know you may think I'm crazy for taking my camera... I am!



Anna is 13.2 lbs and 25 1/4 inches long!



The Doctor heard a little murmur in her heart.

She said this is VERY common in babies and that it will more

than likely fix itself over time. Just to be on the safe side they

have set us up for an ultra sound Friday morning! I will surely let you know how it goes!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to Blogging!

First let me say I am sorry I didn't get a post
up yesterday! I know many of you were probably waiting on it.
I hope this blog will make it all better!!

Things are going great! Anna is doing so well. She is a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
little girl. She still loves her play mat and her monkey man but she's found a
few other loves too.... HER FINGERS!!!

Back when Anna was first born I did a blog as if Anna was writing it...
I'm back to that format. This blog will be written "as Anna might say"...




I'm back...


and this time I'm with "bunny"... I LOVE bunny! (thanks MK)


I also found the mirror on my play-mat...



I like looking at myself... hehe.


But I still love Monkey Man more!

And Daddy!



On the way home from Tommy and Paula's last weekend we met Uncle Rob,
Mimi and Amberly at McDonald's...


Amberly opened all my Easter presents and showed them to me..



She's funny... I like her!!

I had fun with Mimi too!






It was a lot of fun!

When we got back home I got to go over to Mr. Pat's for his birthday...
I wore my Red Sox sweater because he LOVES them!



Daddy wore his Red Sox shirt too...


The next day Mommy and Daddy made Aunt Say-Say's birthday present.

A box out of old fence post.

Daddy did all the cutting and Mommy did all the nailing...





Huntley worked as the chopper and at up all the scraps.


Aunt Say-Say really liked her box too.. it turned out really neat!


They even re-used the old nails...


After we finished the box I got to hang out on my "Piggy"
and watch t.v. - ha!


Mommy thinks I look like a big kid in that picture!!
I'm well on my way she says...



I still LOVE my play-mat though...



For Easter we went to visit Zannie and DaddyBen!

Ms. Lee came by and brought me this really cool seat called a Bumbo..
I like it a lot!



Since it was Mommy and Aunt Say-Say's birthday Aunt Say-Say
said she got to hold me all weekend!






We had fun!

Everyone managed to get me for a little bit...

I even managed to score some one-on-one time with Monkey Man!



Easter was a LOT of fun! I got to dress up in a really pretty white dress
that Zannie bought for me...



We took some photos since we were all dressed up pretty!






Later that afternoon we went to an Easter Egg Hunt...
I fell asleep on the way and when I woke up Zannie fed me a
bottle and played with me...



The whole weekend was LOTS of fun!!


Okay... so I hope you all have a great week. Anna has a doctor's appt.
tomorrow to get her 4 month shots. I'll let you know how it goes...
now that I can get back to blogging more often =)

Have a HappyDay!!