Sunday, June 30, 2013

Three Months!!

Time Flies!!!! 
Most likely because we are moving 90-to-nothing in this house!
None-the-less... This sweet boy is growing up good!!!

Weighing in at 10 pounds 8 ounces- 51% if you consider him a six week old... (His gestational age).
Barely made the growth chart at 2% for his real age :)
Oh well-

Happy Three Months Little Buddy!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

= my heart!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Kiddos!!

The three sweetest kids I know!!

Case in Huntsville...

Pretty much just slept and relaxed at Zannie and Beene's!!

Next time I will take pictures of the kids WITH Zannie and Beene :)

Dresses and Cleats!!

Anna was ready to wear a dress and her jelly flats after a week of soccer cleats and Caroline was wearing nothing but soccer cleats!!
These two crack me up!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sno Biz

Thanks Uncle Nate for the Dollars!!

We got rainbow snow cones!!

Dinner Dates!

Enjoyed our evening with Cole and Carter!!

Sweet friends!!
Can't wait for them to come our way at the en of summer!!

Slumber Party!!

Uncle Nate had Anna and Caroline over for their very first slumber party with Hudson!!

They were spoiled to the core and loved EVERY minute of it!!!!

Staying up late watching Pooh!


Up bright and early!!

Checking on the frogs caught the night before!

Back Porch Chocolate Milk 

Saying "canon-ball"
It is from Winnie the Pooh and these two say nothing else :)

Peas in a pod....

...Wet peas in a pod- in their underwear! :)

They had a blast and Caroline cried to leave!!

Can you tell she was faking it?!!!!?!?!

We will do it again soon!!!!

Thanks Uncle Nate and Rachel! Girls LOVED it!!

Soccer Camp!

Anna spent the week with Zannie and Beene. In the mornings she went to British Soccer Camp!
At first she would not have any part of it but by Wednesday she was ready to play and even scored a goal! 
She learned a lot and had fun BUT her favorite part of soccer camp was making a new friend!!!


Joe's Mimi is friends with Anna's Zannie and they got this friendship going by signing them up for soccer camp together!

Anna was thrilled to have a new friend that "is just the nicest boy" and wears "beautiful yellow shoes!"

And after soccer they went swimming!!

Which she LOVED!!

We will have to try and coordinate grandmother visits with him again very soon!!!

Hope to see you in Huntsville again soon Joe!!

Cook out with Beene!

Friday night we went to the farm with Beene and had a cook out with Uncle Nate, Rachel, Hudson, and uncle Hoo!

The girls loved it!!

They played with Baxter! (Hudson's dog)

Made s'mores!

Caught lightning bugs

Piggy Backed

And played and laughed and had a blast!!!

They can't wait for another night on the farm!!

Caroline and Austin-

We are so sad our best friends moved away this summer but were thrilled for a little reunion on the square!! Anna was sad to miss out!!
These two had a BLAST walking around the square tho!!

Sweet little friends!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I've been missing my little fella!! He did NOT want Me to hold Case.. His mama could do that- 
In his little sweet mind I was there to hold Gavin :) 

Little sweetie is growing up too fast!!