Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long Time NO Talk!

Well, you know what I mean... Long Time No Blogging! I feel like we're all good ole friends that talk all the time.. you know?

I'm without internet over at Joey's. Yep.. we've moved out and are officially living with Joey. Computer-less! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you tonight! I'm actually up visiting Casey's Aunt and Uncle (they have I thought I'd post a quick update).

Anna is good! I wish I did have a picture or video or something. As soon as I do get my internet back up and running you just won't believe your eyes! We went to the doctor last week and she was 21.6lbs and 29.5 inches tall. She's a string bean for sure!

She loves to eat! Anything and everything! I call her my little "porkie-pig"! She is. She loves food.. maybe she'll be the next Julia Child! Her new favorite foods here lately are Mac&Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Bananas, and Ritz Crackers. A ritz cracker will solve the world's problems! Some man in Target was totally making fun of the fact that I was strolling around doing my shopping with a package of crackers in my pocket.. but seriously, they solve everything! Don't leave home without them!

Besides eating she loves to read and talk! And I mean TALK! She's not really saying anything but she doesn't know that. She has facial expressions and hand jestures and everything to go along with her constant babble! .... and don't get her started on a book! She turns every page and babbles with each page turn. Then she looks up at you, laughs (a fake laugh of course), and starts clapping for herself!

She's a nut!! A nut with a great personality! We are just loving this age and stage.. but we've loved them all!

As for me.. well, I've adjusted to Joey's house.
Once I got a key that worked and some rainboots I was all better! Since I haven't been blogging you all don't know that I had a meltdown the second night I was staying there.
Casey and Joey were both out of town and Anna and I were on our way home from church(8:30pm) in an absolute down pour! I pull into Joey's driveway and it's flooded. FLOODED! I'm talking atleast 5-6 inches of water. There was no tip-toeing through to keep your shoes from getting soaked.
I sit there in the car and think about what to do for a little bit and I decide (knowing that my key is a bit "particular") that I should walk up the side walk to the front door so Anna and I will atleast be under the porch trying to get in. So I slide over to the passenger seat, gather all my stuff, lean over to the back and unbuckle Anna, get her and me and all our stuff all organized and proceed to the front door. One step out of the truck and my shoes are soaked. I'm walking in water WELL above my ankles and it's still pouring down. The water was flowing so fast down the side walk that there was literally a current!
Once I get up there with Anna I can't get the door to open to save my life. At this point I'm still okay (mentally)... but I was on my way down hill.With every raindrop on my head and cry from Anna I get a little closer to having a tear down my cheak and cry of my own. I decide to try the side door.. even though I knew the key didn't work very well. It's one of these keys that wasn't cut exactly perfect so you really have to jiggle and wiggle the knob just perfectly as you are twisting and turning the key just perfectly. It take as good minute or two on a perfectly sunny day with no child in your arms!
Needless to say... I couldn't get it to open. At this point Anna is crying and I'm on the verge.. It's been a good solid 7 minutes. Still pouring. No light. No cell phone. and White Water Rapids about to take me out... well, not really. But, practically =)
I decide to try the back door. No luck! Here is when I started banging on the door repeatedly screaming (in a crying whisper) "Let me IIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN".. It didn't work. So I decided my only option was to put poor, exhausted, soaking, frustrated Anna back in her carseat and drive over to my friend Kim's house and show up on her front door step at 9pm like two wet, lost, sick puppies! Once Anna was in her carseat I decided why not give the side door one more try. I meanI couldn't get any more wet and Anna was probably going to cry no matter what so.. and.. I knew it worked but I just wasn't sure of the exact combination. Do you jiggle to the right three times, wiggle to the left once, and knock three times or what? Well, whatever I did.. it worked! THANK GOODNESS!!
I told Joey the next day that he better be glad he wasn't there for two reasons. A#1- I would have been yelling at him and B#2- I would have been yelling in my underwear... haha.
My shoes and pants were literally dripping (POURING) water on the floor so I had to immediately put them in the wash! Of course I know it wasn't Joey's fault and I wasn't really mad but I did have a mini-meltdown!

It's all better now! Next time I'll have big rubber boots and a key that works (with a flashlight built into the key!)

That was Wednesday. By Saturday I was coming down with a terrible cold.. haha. I'm just teasing Joey! Being stuck out in the rain didn't cause me to get sick! But I really did have a sinus-infection or soemthing. It was crazy-bad so Casey took Anna to his parents house and I watched a LOT of movies with tissues stuffed up my nose !
Angels and Demons (good), All About Steve (stupid), Pink Panther (stupid..but sort of funny), The Ugly Truth (kind of dumb), and My Sister's Keeper (Totally and Completely Sad but I LOVED it.. but I love sad movies.. I'm weird like that!)
Anyway.. I got to feeling MUCH better after two days of sleeping and resting and eating soup and drinking yoo-hoo!
Tuesday I left to get Anna and came up here and I've been looking at houses for the past few days.

I've seen a couple that are just super cute on the outside but not so super cute on the inside. Some that are super cute on the inside but not so super cute on the outside and TWO that are cute inside-out... but I'm picky!

Well, I know this was SUPER long.. but that pretty much gets you up to speed on our life. And... no I will not be offended if you didn't read it (I'll never know!)

Y'all take care and hopefully I'll get you all some pictures soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Packing and Comments!




We're packing up the house today!! (Family Photo coming soon!)

I'm sorry for the inconvience but I've changed my "comment-settings" so I'll have to approve any comments sent before they show up on the blog. I've just been getting some "weird" comments and I'm scared of viruses... so, if you leave a comment be sure and leave initials or something so I know who you are!

I don't really think this will be too big of a deal since most people just email me (which I love!)

Be back soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Parma Rosa Pasta...


She's so sweet, even when she does feel awful! I'm convinced that sleep deprivation is taking over my family. I really think that if we could all just close our eyes and sleep for a day we'd feel so much better. ( I KNOW I would!)


We could all use something hot to drink to soothe our throats (with a little sleeping pill crushed up in it..haha... I wish!).

In the midst of the crud taking over our house and home we are still packing up (SLOWLY but surely)...

Yesterday I by no stretch of the imagination cleaned out the pantry (like I needed to) but I did find a few things my "cooking imagination" ran with for supper. I decided to blog it because it was so tasty that it was deemed necessary for the meal-rotation-plan! I'm really documenting this recipe more for me, (I'd never remember what I did or find it if I wrote it down... so the blog it comes...) but, you should definitely try it!

I'll call it Parma-Rosa Pasta (but it's pretty much Baked Ziti with Chicken)


It was yummy and easy!

cooked chicken (a grilled chicken breast placed on top of the pasta would be really good too)
two big spoon fulls of sour cream
two packages of Parma Rosa Sauce (this sauce it what makes it so good.. just follow the directions on the package)
8oz shredded provolone/mozzarella cheese (Sargento has an 8oz package of these two cheeses mixed together)
cooked Penne Pasta

Mix all ingredients in a casserole dish and bake 350 for 20-30 minutes. Trust me.. it's delish!

Okay.. well, I hope to be back either tomorrow or Sunday with my HEALTHY family in a family photo infront of our first home together. After the weekend it's on to experience another chapter of our lives!!

Take Care!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello Blogsters...

Anna 5
(Picture from Paula)

This may come as a shock to many of you but I just haven't had many words lately. I know! Really? Really!... Shocker!!!

All we've really been up to is packing up! And, I would just hate for you to be left reading terrible posts about how Casey and I have been wading in boring-to mention, boring-to read, packing and moving drama! Not to mention Anna spent half of the last week with my parents and the other half with Casey's parents so there wouldn't have even been any photos to post.

Just a little update:
We are still in our house (for a few more days) with not much more than Anna's bed, our matress, a recliner and multitudes of boxes (and little piles of random "treasures" all over the house yet to be packed away). Last saturday we took a million trailer trips (okay, so it was probably more like 8) of furniture over to storage... I'm still amazed that "my house" fit in a 10x20 storage unit.. although there is still plenty to be found tucked away in spare-rooms and corners of Joey's house too. Saturday will more than likely be our last night in this house. (I'm sure I'll have a little "leaving home for a new house" post.) We will be venturing over to Joey's for an indefinite amount of time... I know! Yes! My life is a sitcom! I'm quite sure the stories from this living arrangement will be plentiful.

I've already started my "2010 Life-Chapter Cd's". I like to make a cd and listen to during a certain "chapter" of my life.. then ten years down the road when I find the cd or hear a song from the cd it makes me think of that "chapter" of my life.
Chapter One: "Packing Up/ Moving Out: Oldies and Newbies; ALL Goodies" is a fantastic cd.. if I might say so myself.

A few of my favorite "Newbies".. this only means New to Me":

The Verity- They are a Christian Rock group made up of 16-18 year old boys from TN. They obviously have a heart for God. I couldn't not support their music. And their songs are really pretty good!

Mindy Smith: "It's Amazing"... It IS Amazing. I love this song!!

Kris Allen: "The Truth".. probably one of my favortie songs on the cd.

Of course I have the "blast from the past" songs with Nickleback, Vertical Horizon, and LifeHouse... and a few of my " I-secretly-like-this-song" songs with Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat.

Anyway.. I know that isn't very exciting.. but it's fun! I'll let you know when my "chapter two cd" begins! AND.. if you haven't heard these songs.. you should preview them for sure!

More on the move soon!

As for Anna... she's back "home" and happy to be so. ( A huge Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to my parents and Casey's...We could not have accomplished near what was accomplished had the "Roam'r" been here roaming!)
Especially since she's so mobile all the sudden! She's surely changed!! She's walking like a marathoner! I haven't seen her crawl once since she's back home. I had every intention of posting a blog chock-full of picture of our budding track-star... But, I'm sorry to say I don't have any.

Anna woke up this morning all stuffed up and congested (not to mention whiney and oh so pitiful). Lets face it.. you don't want to see a picture of her with a drippy, droopy nose.. it's gross!

BUT... I'll be back by the weekend with a fun post FULL of photos!

I hope you are all doing super and I apologize for the blogging hiatus this week. See you soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking Up...


I'm trying to "look-up" these days.
As many of you know Casey and I have sold our house (we close TODAY). This is an extremely bitter-sweet occasion for both of us. As we are thrilled to have been able to sell our house so soon, and extremely excited about our move.. we are so sad to leave our beloved little hometown, the fellowship with friends, our devoted, loving church family.. and so, so, so many other perks to our life here! It will be a hard move...

On another note-
Our weekend with Casey's family was great! We always have the best time. I actually didn't take too many pictures.. but here are a few:


Getting the music ready for the "half-time" show!


Cotton Bowl Half Time Show... by Mary Mae and Kennedy!


Everyone loved it!

Later Anna and Amberly wanted to join in on the fun:




I'll have to get more pictures from PK.. she had her camera with her a lot more than I did!!


You better get a good look as this face:




She leaves tomorrow to go stay with all of her grandparents for a week so Casey and I can finish packing up this house! Once we are out of the house I don't know when I'll have internet up and running.. so it may be a little while before my next post

Monday, January 4, 2010

Anna's Walking...

Anna has really taken off lately! Here is a short clip of her walking around her room (that is just about empty). At the end she turns around and waves "bye-bye" but it got cut off. I've got to learn how to upload videos onto my blog that are longer than 90 seconds!

Oh well.. I hope you are all having a good day!