Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Jackson's House"

We went to Jackson this weekend to watch Mary Mae and Samuel play in the state tennis tournament!
Caroline was very confused and is convinced we spent the weekend at Jackson's house! 

Their favorite thing about the hotel-

The air conditioner blowing their hair up in the air!

They were great at the tennis courts! They loved watching Mary Mae play! 

And Caroline is always being goofy!

Of course we all know what sweet Case-boy was up to:

Unfortunately the rain messed up most of the matches and we didn't get to see much of Samuel and just a couple of Mary Mae-
BUT, candy always helps-

It is easier to wait out the rain with blue tongues!

Hannah and Jamie even made it over to visit during the rain delay!

Case finally woke up and let Mimi hold him:

But of course his "wake time" didn't last too long :)

It was a fun day filled with good tennis!!

Caroline took this picture of Mary Mae!

We had a great and fun day at "Jackson's House" watching tennis and visiting with family!!

Just wished the rain would of stayed away!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Late Night Smiles

Do NOT be fooled by their sweet faces- this picture was taken not that long ago- it is 10:00!!!

They were wide eyes for whatever reason tonight!!

They finally crashed in my bed- I guess I'm supposed to crawl in between them once I feed Case! 

No wonder I'm exhausted :)

Hump Day, I'm OVER and OUT!!  

Three Kids In Kroger!!

Bravery + Creativity = Successful first trip to Kroger with all three kiddos!!

The girls were great!! They LOVED strolling their own little carts of food!
We went early to beat the crowd and they got a token for their wonderful behavior!!
I may have looked like a mommy duck with her ducklings but I didn't care- it worked!!!
I had been dreading this for months and months!!! 

Happy Hump Day!!! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Totally Random!!

Girls playing dress-up!

Anna and I played doctor-

I apparently wasn't feeling very "huggletastic" and needed a check up!

Anna said my blood pressure was not "roarsome" and I needed a shot because I had repeat-itis!
 Can anyone guess Anna loves to watch Doc McStuffins and Henry Hugglemonster?

Caroline is a total mess!!

I have no words for this... :)

Now Case-

Is spoiled to the core!! 


The girls won a pizza and movie party!!

We have started a token system at our house. Basically, they get a token for exceptional behavior and their tokens get taken away for being bad.

Later, they can "spend" their tokens on fun rewards- staying up late, ice cream treat, iPad time, and pizza and a movie on the couch!

These little tokens have saved me :)
I'm not sure who loves them more- me or the girls!!!!

Well, I'm off to watch the movie!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Play Doh Morning!!

They are having a blast this morning!

And of course the Little Man was dreaming away!!

Have a Sweet Monday!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mommy's Closet!

Anna and Caroline picked these dresses out of my closet to wear after their bath tonight!
I tied them up in the back so they would half way fit.
They are prancing around the house saying "let's go to a pretend party with boys!!!!!!"

We are in so much trouble when they get older!

Case- of course is just observing the wildness from the sidelines!

Happy night to you all!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bright Eyes..

And we are seeing a lot more of these precious bright blue eyes looking up at us these days too!!

Sweet Boy!!


Case and Cartoon time!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Short ShowCASE!

I realize he hasn't had much blog time -so here are a few stretch Armstrong shots :)

If you are thinking he must be the best baby ever- just sleeps and strolls around and never makes a peep you are totally and completely, exactly right!!
He is an awesome baby!! 

We like having him around here- pretty sure he's a keeper :)

A fun last day!

The girls had fun with Mary Mae!!!

MM, Anna and I went to see Monsters University- pretty cute! 

Sunglasses on upside down- Caroline's idea; tongues curled- Caroline's idea!
She is a ham!!

Swimming and Jumping!

Loving on Mary Mae


Anna was in total disbelief that she could carry Mary Mae around :)

Caroline swimming under the noodle.

Mary Mae's hair flip- Anna made her do this a hundred times. She thought it was so funny!

And of course Caroline insisted on this picture for her tongue curling buddy, Beene and her student, Mimi!!

Case did what he does best -

And this morning- tricks on the trampoline!!

Mary Mae's back flip

Anna's toe touch

Caroline's Cheers

And Casey's whatever that is!!!

We will be back! Having fun here!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Eating Out!

Shipley's Donuts for breakfast and The Chick for lunch! These girls are loving life!!

We walked, rode, and strolled for donuts!

Caroline rode the bike there:

ALL the way there!!!!

I thought it was a terrible idea but the only complaint she made was that me and Mary Mae were helping her too much on the hills :)
 "me do it myself, mommy!!!!!"
Little Squirt!

Case rode in the double stroller with Anna for his first trip to Shipley's!!

Anna was happy :)

Then came donuts!!!!

And then the smoke alarm went off and the fire trucks came- made it an exciting first trip for Case Man!!!

Anna rode the bike home 

Then it was home to play, go look at fish (more on that to come) and off to the Chick for lunch!

And Mimi and Beene this next picture is for you! She insisted I take a picture for ya!!

Mimi- she says "it really easy she just need a lot more practice- she can't do it hahahahaha"

She is a mess!!

So far a fun-filled day!! More to come I'm sure!!!