Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mmmmm Mmmmm Watermelon!


Anna ate watermelon for the first time this weekend.. and LOVED it!!





I'm convinced she would have eaten an entire half had the dog not shown up.. that is always a real distraction for Anna =)

I'm sorry my post have been few and far between.. but, as I mentioned before.. summertime is taking over!
Aunt Say-Say arrives tomorrow.. along with Casey and Anna! Yep, I've been flying solo for a couple of days.. but I'm ready for them to get here.. especially Sister Sarah!!!

Hopefully I'll be back at the end of the week. Right now I'm going to enjoy a quiet, peaceful afternoon listening to the storms roll in while I bury my face in a book!!

Y'all have a good afternoon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

She's HOME!!

Talking on Skype was just not enough!!


We were thrilled to see her little face and hear her little chatter last night! Thanks Maudie for driving her home.

After looking at Zannie's pictures I'm sure you can see what a fun week she had!!

Anna July 2010 008

Anna July 2010 0022 Anna July 2010 026 Anna July 2010 027 Anna July 2010 024 Anna July 2010 0015 Anna July 2010 012 Anna July 2010 013 Anna July 2010 010 Anna July 2010 030 Anna July 2010 002 Anna July 2010 004

She had a blast!
This morning she woke up and after some milk she looked at Casey and said "shoes, scout!" We had to remind her that Scout lives with Zannie and DaddyBen!
Thanks Z and DB for keeping Anna... she's missing y'all!!
We were very thankful to have a few days to rest and relax and read.. but were literally at the door waiting on her arrival last night!!

Okay, well... I hope you all had a fun week as well and I'll be back before long!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Freezer Jam & more...



Before sharing my latest cooking project. Here are some photos from last weekend. We went to watch Samuel play ball.




Anna really enjoyed it.
She wanted to be just like Mary Mae and sit back with her feet on the fence!


She's a doll!

Towards the end of the afternoon Anna was disgustingly sweaty and totally wearing down.


Today I'm missing my little Sou-Chef! I've never made any sort of jam or jelly before but I've been really wanting to try.. so I did!

Peach Freezer Jam:

(This recipe is so easy. Thanks Paula for sharing with me)

What you'll need (plus two cups of water):


What you do:

Mash up fruit (4 cups) -I used blender to chop up peaches-
Mix in sugar (8 cups)
Let stand for 20 minutes (stir occasionally)

Boil water and add the two packs of Sure Jell
Stir for one minute

Add Sure Jell to fruit
Stir for five minutes or more

Pour into freezer safe jars
Let sit (room temp) for 24-48 hours
Put lids on

You can use any fruit or fruit combo you want.. I chose peach because they looked SO good at the Farmer's Market yesterday. Next I may try some sort of combination!


Hope you are all having a fun afternoon. We're missing the Little but know she's having a blast with Zannie and DaddyBen!

But how can we not miss this hysterical little personality running around?


Ha! She's so funny!

Happy Jam'n!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Paula's Pictures!

We've had a wild weekend

- lightning strikes-
...internet out
...phones out
...garage door.. out

Casey sick with strep or sinus infection or something awful!
Anna... crazy wild.. but tons of fun!

Needless to say I didn't take many pictures this week.. BUT.. hopefully you'll enjoy some of Paula's pictures from the Fourth!

Me and Hannah and Anna

This picture is because I know you're all wanting to see Pregno & Peanut!

Casey and Anna

Casey and Kennedy

Kennedy and Mary Mae


I love the look on Samuel's face... he was so funny!

On the boat 2

Anna Anna 2

The Lake was a lot of fun.. Anna LOVED it!

She left today to spend a few days with Zannie and DaddyBen... I plan on sleeping, reading, relaxing and eating chocolate chip cookie dough icecream a lot this week!

Hope you all have a good, relaxing week too!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

sunglasses and swimsuits...

It's one or the other these days!



















- Playing - Running - Cooking - Swimming - Swinging - Helping - Brushing - Cousins - Swimming - Selling - Helping -

Anna has been having so much fun and being so much fun the past week!
I hope to be back soon with some pictures of out Lake Outing on the Fourth! Anna LOVED the boat and was SOOO cute in her little life-jacket.

Y'all take care and I'll be back soon! (But, don't hold me to that.. it's summer!)

**sleep update**

Anna is sleeping MUCH, MUCH better on her "new" bed. She LOVES that she can crawl in and out as she likes. She is much happier and so are we! I think at the end of the summer we will move her to a twin bed with rails... but for now.. this system is working well!