Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friends for Life!!


This kiddos have been the best of buds since Anna, Austin and Tanner were just 18 months old or so!

We all savor every minute we get to spend together!! Today it was a pool and pizza party!

We had one uninvited guest- a lizard! 

Thankfully Ms. Laura took care of reloacating him away from us. Notice how close Anna got.. haha! I can't say anything- this photo is zoomed because I wasn't coming anywere near that scaly, slimy thing either!

But I did make all the kids show me their best lizard face!

They had a blast together!!

Even Case had a pretty good time- sitting with me, NOT getting in the water!

Anyway- It was a good time with good friends!!

Anna (5), Case (1), Caroline (3), Austin (5), Parker (2), Tanner (5) and Gavin (2)

Back to Blogging-

Last night I stayed up WAY too late reading my old blog post from 2009! I did such a good job keeping up with the blog when I only had one kid. ha!
It inspired me to be better. Life with these three kids is hysterical, fun, hard, loving, and crazy. My readers (if I still even have any) deserve and insider's view! SO- it may just be a one picture post with a funny saying or quote BUT I'm going to try and get better about blogging.

These two are frenemies. Today they are FRIENDS. Yesterday I believe thery were more enemies but today they are freinds! We have been playing "pretend dog" today. Anna and Carollne are BEGGING for a pet. I'm 100% against it! Okay 99.9% against it. Sometimes I entertain the idea for .016 seconds and then reality hits.  SO... I developed a game called "pretend dog" where we all pretend to have a dog. They have these puppies  (Anna has Lily and Caroline has Caroline) that are adorable and cute and loving. Their puppies cuddle up with them in their beds, only eat dog food, never bite and always play nicely together. They are perfect. MY dog pees all over the carpet, scratches at the back door, digs up the garden and eats our tomatoes. He dug a hole under our fence and went up to the hospital and some how got in the building. A nurse called saying he was in the elevator. My dog is a pretend REAL dog. Haha. The girls laugh and laugh at all the things "Mutt" gets in to.  It is a fun game- but they still want their dogs to become real. But we all know which pretend dog we would end up with so I think we will just keep it a pet free family. :)

We've also been having a lot of stare-downs around here!

Caroline takes this game very seriously! She is undefeated around here. She starts out with a furrowed brow and just gets madder and madder the longer it goes! It really is hysterical. Next time you see this kid challenge her to a stare down!! You will not be let down!

Well, we are about to head down to the pool for a little swim-day with Austin, Parker, Tanner and Gavin! I'll take pictures and get back to ya later tonight!

Have a good Thursday!

If you find time on your hands go back to 2009 around March and check out the incredible resemblance between Anna at that age and Case boy!! It is uncanny! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time to Post!

One photo to help explain why it has been so long since my last blog post:

This child is into everything, everywhere, all the time!!! He actually pushed his stool over there so he could climb up and pull all the books off the shelf!! 

I know it has been an eternity since my last post! In all honesty we have just been in full-blown "enjoy life" mode and haven't been doing much in the way of social media!

I'll attempt to be better in the future! Until my next post (hopefully next week) here are several pictures:

?? Your guess is as good as mine but she was very proud of this creation!

Caroline- a total mess!

Anna making lunch!

Later I found out she gave Caroline the end piece of bread. But Cliney doesn't care- bread is bread to that bug!

Gator-ride at Mimi's

The boy just loves life!

We have had lots of great times haning with all our Bell-buds this summer too!

Case and E- RedSox vs Cards- haha!

Caroline- there are no words...

Total MESS!!

and.. then there is Anna. Our big helper girl!!

She learned to ride her bike with out training wheels last week!!

Playing "puppy". Please notice Caroline's bed! I think she sleeps with 40 stuffed animals!!

When Casey is out of town sometimes I roll like this... Feed Case in the stroller at the pool so the girls can swim and I don't have to clean up after him!

Now you know why "poolside stroller meal for one" is such a great idea!

Yep! He is a total MESS all the time!!

But such a cute mess!!

and he has THIS big sister wrapped around his little finger!! She thinks he hangs the moon. 

SO.... we are just here having a fun and busy summer! 
And we still have another solid month before school starts!!

Enough time for a GeeBee/Disney visit!!

I'll be back soon with some pictures from Paris and Idaho! Both trips deserve a blog of their very own!!

Until then...

this crew is enjoying life to the fullest!!