Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Picture...

cell phone pic

(from my cell phone)

This is what we're doing today.. just resting and sleeping and being good little patients so we can go home tomorrow.
Caroline is as sweet as ever.. just precious.

Tomorrow should be a more exciting day... leaving hospital, getting Anna back, going home... I'm excited!!

Just thought I'd post one more picture of Caroline's "hospital days"... and I'll be back soon, soon to let you know how Anna likes have "baby" at home with her!

Okay... well, I hope you're all as happy as we are and I'll be back soon!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Caroline!


..and SWEET she is!!

Born yesterday (9.28.2010) at 1:06pm 7lbs 8oz and 19.5 inches...She's as happy as a little one can be!

And Anna could not have been any more excited to meet her baby sister. She just kept saying, "me hold baby, me hold baby".

But, I know y'all don't want to read.. you want to see pictures!!!





















We LOVE her!!

I'll have more pics soon!!
Y'all have a HappyDay today!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today is the day for Peanut to arrive! He/She should be here sometime after noon!!
I'll try to post pictures late tonight or tomorrow!!

Thanks for all the prayers... we are excited!!

SweetTuesday to you all!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anna's Special Weekend...

As many of you know this is Anna's last weekend as an only child. By Tuesday afternoon she'll be a big sister!!
She's had a fun last couple of days...


Friday morning we went to Rowan Oak with Catherine and Archer.


These two are BIG buddies! They LOVED riding around in the wagon but they were MOST entertained playing in the trees!!





Saturday morning we woke up and Anna helped me make pancakes... she LOVED this!


Then that afternoon she went with Aunt Val, Mary Mae and Amberly to see Mickey Mouse. I don't have any pictures but they said she loved it!

And last night we went to the football game. Anna had the best time cheering and clapping and high-fiving.







She got pretty sleepy around half time so we didn't make it through the whole game but it was a fun time.


This afternoon we're just having a lazy day reserving energy for the week!!
I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow.

Y'all have a HappyDay!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Random Post...

We're having a random day today so I thought I would write a random post to go along with it.
Right now I'm embarrassed to say THIS is my house:


We've all had a little cold this weekend so my house-management skills have taken a back seat.

Today we're just doing random things to get ready for the baby.

I'm making my Tomato Soup (click HERE for recipe). It's my favorite "comfort-food" so I'm excited to have it once the baby is here. (I pour it up in little one cup containers and freeze it.. it works perfectly!)

And just keeping with the "randomness"... here are a few pictures of Anna helping Casey wash the car and taking a bubble bath:








She loves some bubbles!!

Okay.. well, sorry for such a random post.. I'll be back soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Coffee, Tea, and Thee!

I'm over at Coffee, Tea and Thee today! I'll be back here soon!
EIGHT more days until little "Peanut" arrives!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010



This little sweetie isn't feeling too hot today. She woke up in the night pretty sick and ended up spending half the night in our bed.

She's feeling a little better today.. just sneezy... but it makes for an uneventful Friday!

I decided to take advantage of the quiet day at home by nesting... a.k.a.- cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!!

Y'all have a HappyWeekend and hopefully things will perk up for Anna too!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Great She's Got It!


Wouldn't it be great if we could all just stretch out in our pj tops and undies and watch Mickey Mouse every morning!!

Anna is a mess.. but I can't complain that this is how she likes to get "going" in the morning because it allows me a little time to adjust to being awake too.
And although I've never really been one for coffee, I'd pretty much guarantee that after this baby comes I'll be spending "mouse" waking up with a hot mug of joe!

Two is going to be tough and tiresome but we are SOOOO ready!

Here are a few more from the morning.. they are just sort of funny to me!




And then it's off to school...


Y'all have a HappyDay today and we'll be back!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally Feels Like Fall!


I'm here! I know you're all probably wondering what in the world has happened to SweetMondays and I'll just tell you.. the blog manager has been on blogging hiatus lately. My internet has been up and down and we've been in and out so blogging has hit the back burner.. along with photography!

Plus lately I've been spending my free time (two hours that Anna is napping every day or while she's at school) napping myself, cleaning, or getting things ready for our new addition!

On a daily basis my mind fills up with numbers of things to share.. then the day ends and I never emptied my brain... this causes a "cluttered post" like today's!

It's finally starting to cool down around here. THANKFULLY.

Anna ran around yesterday in one of my old little dresses. She was so cute. Unfortunately by the time I scooped up the camera to take a few shots she was refusing a bow!


Anna has turned into a little mess these days! She is starting to put her words together to make little sentences and her top three favorite things to say are:

"I'll be riiiiiiiiiight back" (as she points and shakes her little finger at us!


"I want this/that" (we normally hear this at breakfast time as she points to the counter where a chocolate cake had been sitting and says "I want taaaaake" -for cake)

And thirdly:

"come owwwn" as she waves us in the direction she is heading.. usually to the "ow-tide".

She's very funny.. in her own little way!


Two of my favortie things she has done lately is:

One.. Playing Hide-n-Seek. She loves this game.. although her idea of hiding is running to our bedroom and lying down at the foot of the bed only hiding her face under the bed.. then if she doesn't think you are looking for her she'll yell out "Anna? Anna?"... it's cute.
But what is hysterical is if we yell out "Where's Anna" you'll here her say "I don't know" and if you say "has anyone seen Anna" she says "Noooooo".. I'm going to get this on video soon!

Two.. The other night I was taking her to go "night-night" in her big girl bed (that she can get in and out of by herself) and she leaned over my shoulder and pointed that little pointy finger at Casey and said "I'll be riiiiiiiiight back"... I laughed but she knew what she was saying because not five minutes after I left her room.. there she was.. coming riiiiiight back out!!

I plan to get pictures of Anna's room and the Baby's room SOON! Until then here are the three paintings Anna did for the baby:




She's very proud of them too. When someone goes into the Baby's room she's normally right infront pointing to the walls saying "I did this"!

So things are very good with our sweet little Anna.

(What I get for asking her to say "Cheese")

Things are good with "peanut" too. I went to the doctor today and everything is looking good. I haven't progressed towards labor yet.. (but who does that surprise?) He or She will be here two weeks from today!!

In other news (VERY EXCITING NEWS)...

I'm going to have another sister and Anna's going to have another aunt!


Courtney is awesome and we are so excited to have her be a part of our family soon!

Aren't she and Nate so cute!!

Dove Shoot- Nate and Courtney


We are really excited! Congratulations and Best Wishes Nate and Courtney. Can't wait for the big day!!

As for everyone else.. hopefully "I'll be riiiiiiiiight back"! At least in a day or two!!

And in Anna's words: