Thursday, November 21, 2013

Travel Games!

In a few weeks we will be driving down to  Naples, FL and then Disney and back -with all three kiddos!!!
 We do have a DVD player in the car and will take a few movies- BUT-I do not anticipate the girls wanting to sit and watch 15hrs worth of Disney Princesses!

I've been making their favorite "at-home" games "car-friendly"!

With a cookie tray and magnets I was able to transform most of their favorite things to do at home into car-friendly activities!

Guess Who:

Chutes and Ladders:

Hi-Ho Cherry-O:

Candy Land:



Letters and Words:

Basically I took pictures of their favorite game's board, printed them off on 8x10 and laminated them. 
EVERYTHING has magnets! The boxes with crayons, the boxes with magnetic letters, the game pieces (buttons), the game spinners...etc! 
The cookie trays have a little magnetic clip to hold the game board or coloring pages in place. They also have a pencil holder stuck to the rim to hold the guess who card (so your opponent cannot see who you have). 

I'm also going to make several "pop-it-when-you-see-it"  bingo games using bubble wrap.

Games, coloring books, plain paper, board books and snacks will all fit nicely in this little box and sit between their car seats for the drive!

Casey may think that I am a little too organized at times but I personally think he is going to appreciate this OOD project! Obsessively-Organized Disorder- not a real thing but if it were- I would definitely have it!!!

I'm actually looking forward to the drive- may have to make my very own traveling cookie tray :)

We will give the car friendly activities a test run over Thanksgiving break when we head to Huntsville for a couple nights!!! Ill keep ya posted on how it works!

Until then- have happy times!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Obsession:

This little gem-

It is the Nuk toothbrush set-

He loves it!! Teethes on it all day long!! We never leave home without it!


Monday, November 11, 2013

From the Archives:

Just randomness from our little brown house-

Case is getting so big- he still lives all his pink toys :)

Although he loved playing in Austin's old green bouncer just as much :)

All the kiddos were happy to reunite in Nashville for a night!

And we loved getting to wish Megan  a very Happy Birthday!!

(And seeing Say-Say!)

Last week we went to Kabuki- Anna's "after-strep-shot" treat!
The girls loved eating there-
Especially the soup!

Not sure what Anna was hiding from!

Three little monkies...
But the are really being three roaring lions! 
Caroline loves James and Coop and looks forward to Thursday mornings every week!!!

This is super random- but funny!
I don't ever leave home without the potty seat- it is inevitable- someone is going to have to go to the bathroom in the middle if no mans land!!!

This boy is sick tonight with a little fever- but still happy, happy, happy!!

Hope everyone stays warm tonight- I'm not looking forward to cold weather- ugh!
(But keep in mind I'm in a sweatshirt if it is below 70!) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random Phone Photos-

Here is a look into our last few days-

Anna had strep throat- glad to say she is better and back to school!!

A new way to clean up-
Our house is the "train station" and different areas are different "trains" going different places- 
Here the girls are taking all their stuffed animals to the "cargo crates" for the New York Train (which is under their bed).
They think this is sooooo much fun!! AND I get my house out back together in just a few minutes :) 
"This baby doll needs to go get on the train to Paris!!!" 

I spy a baby somewhere- he cracks me up- we always have to look special hard to find him :)

He is most definitely going to have Caroline's love for blankets and animals!!
Which could be helpful in discipline...

...We have started taking away an animal for every time Caroline whines ordeliberately  disobeys! It is making a huge difference because she doesn't want her animals to spend the night alone in the "cargo department of the New York train" :) - it is most definitely cold, dark and lonely down there! 

I'm still working with Anna lots and lots on her reading!
She would sit at this table and try to learn for hours and hours if I let her!!! She has an eagerness unlike I ever had!!! 

Video coming soon!!!

Caroline loves daddy's iPad- she gets to "pay" for 30 minutes a day by turning in a token-
She does every day!
Anna likes to save her tokens to feed Case :)

Well, this was a random post BUT that is my life these days- random :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Movie Night!

This house has had a lazy Saturday! Anna is sick and everyone is tired! We decided to have a movie night and a special snack to liven things up around here!

The girls especially loved making "snack necklaces"- but don't think that Casey and I didn't join in on the fun! We did!

Then we all settled down to watch the latest Air Buddies movie!

A small treat is a big deal to these two!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Reading with Anna!

Anna woke up this morning with a fever! I'm sure it is just this crazy weather causing a cold. BUT- nonetheless- 
She was so sad to miss school! She said not getting to go to school was awful and boring.
So- I promised her we could have our own "Reading School" at home!

We worked on letter sounds to make words and sight words to make sentences! 

We literally had "school" from 9:30-11:45 and she was was devastated that I made her take a break and have lunch and a nap!

I've promised her a review of this mornings letters, words, and sentences when she wakes up!!

I'm proud of her eagerness to learn!! And I'm glad I had so much practice back in the day from teaching my little dyslexic students!!!

Maybe I can post a video of her reading soon!!!

A fun Halloween!!

It stopped raining at 5:15 and we threw on costumes and headed down the street for the neighborhood pizza party and trick or treating!!

At first (for the third year in a row), Anna said she wasn't going! She was adamant about not wanton to do it! So, (for the third year in a row) I told her she didn't have to BUT- she was not going to get any candy! This year, (like last year) I added that Caroline was going to have an entire bucket of candy and she would not have any OR eat Caroline's. 
She decided to go and (for the third year in a row) after the second or third house she exclaimed how fun Halloween was!!!!

She is a mess!!

Our minion pumpkins!

They were Cinderella and Rapunzel- and yes- their dresses lit up an played music!!

This is how this funny girl, (Caroline) said Trick of Treat!!

This picture was right after Anna said how much fun Halloween was!!!

At home the especially loved passing out candy- unfortunately, (unlike every other year) I could not convince them to give their candy away! :) 

They have asked for candy no less than 200 times since coming home last night :)

And here are all my little trick or treaters:

And here is a collage of all of my Little puppies their first Trick or Treat!!

Hope everyone has a happy start to November- CRAZY- seriously- where ha the year gone????