Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Sweet Little!!!

Case spent the majority of the day under the heat lamp today but I did get some cuddle time!!! He is precious!!'
Still doing great too!! we just need him to keep that body temp up and get some fat on his bones so he can go home with me on Tuesday!!!

Comparison Photos...

Anna then Caroline then Case!

Heat Lamp Happy..

In these first few days our main concern with Case is that he can keep his body temperature up. The colder he is the more calories he will lose so they are keeping him under the heat lamp a good bit. So far he has done very good.
He is heat lamp happy and I am too :)

Isn't he just precious!!

Baby Case!!

Of course we were totally unprepared fot actually having the baby yesterday so all we have are a few pictures from our cell phones... BUT at least, that makes a blog from the hospital possible :)

Case was born 6 weeks early at 11:01 yesterday morning after things got extremely inhospitable for him in the womb. The pediatrician came to surgery with us fully prepared to send him to the NICU in Tupelo.

No one could believe how healthy he was to be 6 weeks early! He is breathing and eating all on his own and trying his hardest to keep his body temperature up by himself!

I never dreamt I would be able to see him so soon, much less hold him and love on him in my own room!! Such a little miracle baby!!

Anna and Caroline LOVE him! Caroline is a little more concerned with her mommy than the baby AND much more concerned with getting to play games on my kindle but she does love on him too!!
Anna... Another story! She is obsessed! He is her baby brother just like she knew. She wants to hold and kiss him and love him constantly! She said she knew it was a boy because he always kicked her like boys do She gives me my special orders for him before going home!! And has talked of nothing but her baby brother since!! She is a little mama!!!

Case is an Easter miracle! We praise God for his health, my health, his timing in this whole situation and everything HE has blessed us with! Most importantly Jesus Christ and our peace in Him ...and knowing because HE lives - all would be fine with Case and Mommy even if it wasn't!!! Praise The Lord ALL the Time because God Is Good ALL the Time!!

Happy Easter to all!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Case is here!!

It's been a whirlwind of a week but Thomas Casey Turner (Case) made his entrance this morning 6 weeks early!!

Doing great so far!!!
4 pounds 9 ounces
17 inches

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Feed Store..

One of the girls' most favorite thing to do in spring is go to the feed store and pet the bunnies, chicks, and ducks!!

Today was our first visit of the season!! They of course loved it!!

No ducks this time but we will go back Friday!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trophy and Soccer Cookies!

It was a great season!! Anna loved every minute of it!! Tonight she scored four goals ending her short little season with 13 goals!!

She was glad to have lots of fans on the sidelines: Zannie, Mimi, Paw, Paula, Mommy, Daddy, and Caroline!!

She was SUPER excited for her trophy and of course the awesome soccer cookies!!!

By the way... It was freezing!! Coldest game of the season... As you can tell from the photos!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


One more game next week and then soccer will be over :(
We call it sock-key in this house. (Caroline's word)

And.... We LOVE us some sock-key!!!

Anna didn't score today but she sure played hard!!!

And of course Caroline cheered her on from the sidelines!

Dressed Like Mommy

Anna's sweet friend down the street is having a "dress like your mommy" tea-party birthday!!

Anna is so excited!!!

Baby Countdown Calendar!!

Yesterday's craft...

Anna and Caroline made this countdown chain! Six weeks from Monday!!!

They decorated each strip. Caroline colored them and Anna wrote our baby names on them.

CASE on the blue strips
KATE on the purple strips

Needless to say they are excited!!

Anna couldn't wait to tear today's chain off!

A phase I'm sure...

But, boy is it nice for now!!!

These two beg me and beg me to clean!!! How awesome that mopping and vacuuming can be rewards for good behavior :)

I'm loving this phase of their lives!!!

Clean on!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hotty Toddy Everybody!!

So excited that Ole Miss won today!!

Even though it destroyed my coin toss bracket!

But, the girls' bracket it tip top!!!

Cleaning Caroline!!

She loves to swiffer...

"I guess if you are good, you can!"


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness!!!

I actually love March Madness!! Every year I fill out a bracket based on absolutely nothing about how the teams rank. (And usually take home the pride of beating Casey and Joey!) One year I did team colors I liked best. Last year I chose whatever team had more of my initials. This year, I simply flipped a coin. Heads- I chose the team on top and Tales- team on bottom! Obviously I don't really think Albany will beat Duke or Fl gulf coast will beat Georgetown but, I had to go with what the coin chose!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A reason to clean!

Thanks to evidence of a mouse in my house my pantry now smells like peppermint (mice hate that smell) and looks like this...

Soccer Socks!!

Caroline insisted on wearing some soccer socks to Anna's game yesterday! Perhaps we will let her wear them every game... Anna scored FIVE goals last night!!

I will try posting a video soon!!