Sunday, January 21, 2018

She shoots...

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This is a memory I don’t want Anna to EVER forget! 

Anna decided to give basketball a whirl this year. It was mainly because I was coaching, so she had little choice in the matter. Our school opened peewee basketball up to 3rd-5th graders. The other schools we played were 4th-6th graders, so we were already at a slight disadvantage, but that never stopped their hustle!  Anna played on the 3rd grade team. As you know she is a tiny third grader. You can imagine her against 5th and 6th graders!! Her little team was never against any other third graders, and they were very seldomly playing against 4th graders. Just picture David and Goliath in basketball uniforms and you’ll get the idea!

After our first game Anna rode home in tears. “They are giants compared to us.” “We didn’t even get a shot, much less score!” “I was horrible!”...etc.etc.etc.

After ten minutes of her pitiful recollection of the twenty minute game, I thought she’ll never go back out there again. Finally I said, “Anna, you were up against fifth and sixth graders. No one expected you to win! All we cared about was that y’all played hard and had fun, and learned the game!”
 Well turns out she had fun! She loved it actually!!

So... the show went on! Practices made them better. Games made them tougher. Anna was loving it! 

Then one day I put her in at point guard. She was handling the ball well in practice, so I thought she’d be a good one for the job. Well, she took the ball down the court four times. Twice she turned it over... next thing I know. I’m the bad guy!! I should have never put her in that predicament! (I’ve mentioned she doesn’t like to mess up, right?!)

So, yesterday (our last game)  she is playing her little heart out! They all are. Our little third graders are holding their own against these fifth graders! We are tied 2-2! This could be the first win for our girls! Then I notice my point guard needs a rest! Anna sees it too, and she says “mama, I can play Point. I will!”

Y’all!!! You don’t know what kind of courage that took! As much as Casey and I try to instill confidence in her, she just didn’t have it when it came to playing point guard. I was so proud of her for giving it a shot!! Then, she took a shot and SCORED!!! I was jumping up and down on the sidelines like a kangaroo. The Regents crown erupted into loud cheers and praises! Anna said later she saw me jumping in the air like a crazy person with my fists pumping. I said, “yeah you did!!!” 

Later when our team had possession I could hear their coach yelling, “watch number 2!” Anna is number 2! I just smiled. Unlike Anna, I’m a legend in my own mind! I never think I’m terrible at anything! It instantly made remember the little pip squeak blonde playing basketball, and the coach yelling my number. “Guard 10! Guard 10! She’s their shooter!!” What he didn’t know was I was a terrible shooter! Defense I could play  all day, but somehow on that day  I managed to add 9pts in a matter of seconds! When I heard that for Anna, I couldn’t help but smile!! She just got the vote of confidence she needed to keep on playing the sport she had learned to love in a matter of weeks!

We went on to win the game in the last several seconds 6-4! It was the greatest game of our Regents PeeWee girls B team history 😜

Anna- I don’t want you to ever forget this! Your first basket!  It’s healthy to be a legend in your own mind sometimes!! At least I keep telling myself that -haha! You continue to amaze me, and I know your love of basketball will give us many more happy days like yesterday!! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Days...

So, if you are not living in North Mississippi you may not know that we are ending a seven day weekend. Yes. The one day we could have gone to school was a holiday, so now parents and students and teachers have all be home for a whopping seven days! 

Yet these are the only two pictures I have to show for it. I’m hoping my husband did his usual good deed of snapping “memory-photos,” because I’m tellinbyall. I’m failing on all levels of “keeping up with the kids’ childhoods”!!! 
I can tell you that the house is filled with mixed emotions as we get tucked in bed for a restful night’s sleep in preparation for what will more than likely be a wasted school day. Anna is devastated, because like every other child in the state, she didn’t study her vocabulary or spelling until today. She may miss a few, and we all know how that will go. Caroline is completely indifferent. Honestly, she will probably wake up in the morning and her flighty little self will have forgotten that we declared it an official school night. We didn’t end the night an hour or two after bedtime with a movie and ice cream. We went to bed early!! Time will tell, but I’m banking on her not having a clue why we’re all dolled up in uniforms walking out the door at 6:45! Case cries every school night, so no surprise there. He hates the uniform. You see, at our school the kids have to wear the really odd little white circular ornaments on their shirts called BUTTONS, and he hates them!! πŸ™„
As soon as we informed him that it was a PE day, and he got to wear his t-shirt he was ready! 

Me? Well, I cannot wait to go back! If you don’t know, I’m a second grade teacher. I’m not gonna lie. I was loving that first snow day, but by day seven I was running out of things to do. My mother says I have a “healthy” energy level, but my boss says if anyone was in need of a human hamster wheel it’s me! The first snow day, I had my day off! I slept late, had multiple cups of coffee, read lots and lots of devotional and Leila Meacham, and did nothing that would exert unnecessary energy. By day three - I was DONE! I had cleaned my house from top to bottom, washed every article of clothing, washed every dish (hand washing some just so it would take longer), watched movies, played blocks, and “PJ Masks,” had basketball shoot outs, went sledding, played laser tag, built marble mazes, and plus/plus football players, read more, had more coffee...etc. etc. I wasn’t necessarily bored, I just had all this pent up energy that was wasting away! On day four I sent my boss a text saying, “If I ever come in your office and threaten to quit because teaching is too much and I just need some ‘me’ time, remind me of this week! I NEED work!!”
Haha! I know right!? What?!?!

By 9am tomorrow I’ll be posting a retraction!! Get me back in my sweats, with coffee and my couch! And, just in case you are reading about my clean house and thinking I have it totally together, stayed tuned in. If there is ever a blog to come read to help mamas feel better about themselves, it is this one! I don’t hold back my faults. You’ll read about that time I told Case I was about to cook supper and he took off yelling to the girls in overjoyed glee that, “mama’s about to make us pop-tarts” because it had been that long since I had made supper. Or the time(s) I literally stood in the kitchen and screamed over spilt milk. Or when I told Caroline (my most sensitive child remind you), that she reads like a 4 year old. I’m a mom. None of us are perfect! So, please- don’t ever read this blog and think “she has it all together,” because I don’t! And, I’ll always be honest about it!! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

So, it dawned on me yesterday that I should have listened to my parenting advisors when my kids were young. Aunts and Uncles and seasoned adults always told me, “write that memory down, because you won’t remember she said that ten years from now.”
Well here I am 18months from my last blog and I can’t remember what we had for supper last night....much less what hysterical things Case said when he was three, and he said some hysterical things!!! Anna was talking about their first words on the ride home from a basketball game the other night and I almost cried because I can honestly say, “I haven’t a clue what Case’s first word was. I know he was a late talker, but I don’t know what he finally came out with.” I sure don’t have a baby book! Blogging was my attempt of record keeping, and I let that go the minute life got crazy! 
Well, I’m bound and determined to get back to blogging! Life is insane right now, but isn’t that what you like reading about?! Everyone else’s chaotic collaboration of their 24hr day?! Well, with three kids 9, 7 and 4 that think they are 30, 3, and 12- life is full of chaos. I have plenty to write about- I just have to make myself do it! I’ve said it before, but that was for my readers. I’m sorry to say- I quit on y’all. This time- I’m keeping up with it for myself, and my mindless memory that drives off on a three hour weekend trip without  my purse! I don’t want to have forgotten my childrens’ whole lives at the end of my journey!! 

So to recap-
These are my three little hearts. 
Anna is 9. 

She is in third grade. She is a total and complete perfectionist. A true first-born daughter! If you want to feel like you really know all about her, go read about first born daughters in Birth Order.  She is large and in charge. Sensitive and sassy. She takes care of her siblings as she aggravates them to no end. She is an old soul. Her perfect day would literally be spent sipping sweet tea on the back porch swing and talking to her friends about anything and everything under the sun. She should have been born in the early 1900s, and I love her for it!! She is all about friends this year. She is playing every sport she can. Soccer is her favorite. She swims, plays basketball, rides horses, and she’s starting tennis this spring. A true perfectionist. She’s super hard on herself. For instance, earlier this year told me she was having “major trouble” in math and needed extra practice sheets. “I’m awful at math, mama! I’m gonna fail! It is so hard.” So, I listen to this maddening tearful garbage for a few weeks before stopping in with her math teacher. “Anna says she is struggling in math. Anything we should be focusing on to help her?” Her teacher looked at me like I had a hole in my head! “Anna?? I think Anna is doing great.” She pulls out her gradebook. “Anna has a struggling 99 average in math!”
This kid is gonna be the end of me. I never cared that much in third grade. In fact, I truly failed third grade math! I got to go to fourth grade, but I had to go to the computer lab and do math remediation for the whole first semester! But- that’s Anna! She is like that with everything!! Everything!!! It will be her faulty strength in life!
Then there’s Cliney Bug!
Caroline is 7. 

She is my look- alike, mini-me! She is my most sensitive child. She’s no doubt the middle child, and she wears the hat perfectly! She is comfortable in her own skin, wants to do anything and everything, and doesn’t care how well she does it. If she does it- she can mark it off her list and move on! She’s my list maker. At seven years old, I can give her a list and she is going to do everything on it just to have the pleasure of checking it off! And yes, I take full advantage of this disorder! Ha! 
She’s my creative soul. Always drawing, building, creating, and she’s my hoarder! Like, it may be a true disorder, we’ve yet to decide!! She wants to keep everything! Little tiny pieces of paper wadded up in a perfectly “folded ball,” have some sort of sentimental memory. Everything holds value! We have lots and lots of battle over trash! I mean, LOTS of trash tears!! But- this also makes her a saver with money. She has more than me! She is also a true athlete. She loves sports and she’s good! She plays soccer and basketball, she rides horses and she’s a cheerleader. She is my lover of life! She is just happy being happy, except when she isn’t. Then she is crying because she has done something to hurt someone else. She is sweet and enormously empathetic- which I love about her!! But don’t get me wrong, she still really, really, really loves herself, a LOT!! We are constantly working on the selfishness around here. It’s tough for us all!!

Case is 4!

Case is our silly, costume loving comedian. He is our little prankster. Everything is a joke to him. He’s been telling jokes (and funny ones) since he started talking. Clearly, I can’t remember when exactly that was. He loves costumes. He has an active imagination, and he is constantly pretending he is someone else. Normally that long list includes Ole Miss football player, AJ Brown, Captain America, super man, Batman, Gecko, Catboy, Lions, tigers and bears! Lately, his new hero is a boy named James E. (A fifth grader he has become buddies with.) He only answers if we call him James E., and he is asking for a “James E. Costume” for his birthday! In March!!! He is obsessed with two things right now! James E. and his birthday!! It is all he talks about! 
Case is our little love-bug! He aggravates his sisters by karate chopping them to death, and then cries when he isn’t getting devoted attention from one or both mama-sisters. He’s the biggest baby, but he thinks he’s twelve. By baby I mean, he wants everything done for him. He is happy to have two big mama-sisters taking care of his every need. At four years old, we could have left Anna home by herself for a week, and she would have not only survived, but she would have taught herself to read a cookbook and text messaged all her friends to come sample her first attempt of Boeuf Bourguignon or something! Caroline was making her own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at three. Case won’t turn on the tv, pour himself a cup of milk, buckle his car seat, wash his hair, or put on pants by himself! But, I let this all go because you know what he will do? Go upstairs and play the “James E. meets AJ Brown in the Batman Cave and needs his help destroying Joker to save Batman” game he invented for five hours! He is my entertained entertainer! Never does he need a playmate to be satisfied. Don’t get me wrong, he LOVES his friends, but he can entertain himself for hours on end, as long as he doesn’t need a sip of water! 

Did you hear me say, “upstairs”?? Yup!! We moved in 2017. Loaded up the cattle trailer and headed down the road a few miles!

We now have a spacious house! All the kiddos have their own room, and that has been nice for us all. We also have a pool!! So summer posts should be loads of fun!! 
I’m ready for 85 degrees days!! 

Today, well, today we are home having our fourth snow day. The weather is freezing, and the kids are stir crazy. Thankfully the snow provided an opportunity for the girls to meet kids in the neighborhood, so they’re not driving me completely nuts! I’m headed to read a bit... I’m on to a new author, Leila Meacham. I you check her out, start with Roses. 

I’ll be back!! 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Getting wrinkles...

At the bowling ally- making silly selfies!


Caroline says:
"I can't really make my face have those forehead bumps!"

Thanks Caroline!




We had fun bowling with Mimi!


Happy Late Birthday Tricia!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Let's be real...

I may have over-extended myself this fall. After coaching Caroline's soccer team, teaching Kindergarten Sunday School, coaching Drama at school plus my full time 2nd grade teaching job - I'm gonna be worn slap out!
That doesn't even get into the umpteen committees I'm on- or all of the kids' activities:
Anna- swim team, gymnastics, drama and soccer
Caroline- soccer and gymnastics
Case- thank goodness he is too young THIS year! 

Here are few photos from the last couple weeks around here:

Swimming in the rain!

Bust out the selfie stick- say- say's crew came to visit! 


More from this visit (sometime)!


Haircuts for everyone! 

Some late night hotel reading for these three!

 A fun 24hrs in Jackson! 


And.... This boy is becoming a big boy!!! 

Be back soon- but, if it isn't soon enough scroll back up and re-read first paragraph 😜

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A day in the life...

I bought a "zoodler". That is what I call it at least. It makes noodles out of squash and zucchini!


How awesome is that?!?!

I sautΓ©ed them with a little salt and pepper, topped them with spaghetti and meatballs and voila! 


Nothing too fancy, but good!! 

I made the kids regular noodles. I figured Caroline would throw a major fit to try my "garden noodles"- if she had not of had plain ole buttered noodles on her plate she would have melted into a puddle to eat "zoodles". As it was- both girls tried them! Caroline tolerated them. Anna liked them!


I'm glad to at least have another summer vegetable option!! 

After supper- it's time for a Popsicle walk around the loop!

Then- game night!
Introducing... Battleship to the kids!


Now- bed time for the kids and some much needed R&R for me!! 

Time with cousins!

We've been hanging with the boys this week!! We did lots of swimming and playing! We even did some bowling!!! (Case won!)


It was a fun few days!!! Now- we're gearing up for a visit from Katie!! 


Thursday, July 7, 2016

A GRAND week!

If you have never spent a long weekend at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL you are truly missing out! AND- clearly, the weekend of πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ July 4th πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έis the weekend to be there! 

We happen to be lucky enough to have our fantastic Uncle Luke just five miles down from the Grand! Three hotel nights and two nights with Luke made for the very best vacation!! 


(Column 1-top to bottom; 2- top to bottom; 3 top to bottom)

-Car ride down was miserable!! I65 was a nightmare, and Case screaming in the backseat did not help!! A double ear infection certainly made him a grizzly bear for a few days! 
-Family photo-op! Case was NOT having the fireworks OR the picture! #grizzly
-Anna on the Lazy River! If you stay at the Grand- go to the Member's Pool one day. You have to pay extra, but it is well worth it!!! Slide, splash-pad, and a Lazy-River!
-Case fast asleep poolside! I'm so thankful for this third child that will plop down for a nap anywhere!! Made this trip so much more fun for mommy!! 
-I got in the pool!!! The kids couldn't believe it, so- we took a picture for documentation! Apparently, I haven't been in a pool with Anna  in " like three years!" πŸ˜‚
-Anna and a good bud from school! (He was one ofmy student last year!) His family (dear friends of our's) was staying the weekend at the Grand, and we were very happy and thankful to get to hang with them most of our stay! 
- Casey, Case and Caroline Lazy Rivering it! 
-"The three butterfly twins" is what they requested to be called!! One of Caroline's VERY best friends (same family) and another future best bud were there!  She was in hog heaven with these two!!!
-The Grand (and Uncle Sam) provided a s'mores campfire on the beach- the perfect place to view fireworks in Fairhope and Mobile on the 4th!  (Would have been the perfect place had Case the Hornet allowed us to watch them. #grizzly

After our fabulous stay at the Grand- we headed down to Uncle Luke's house!! 

He spoiled us to the core!!! Absolutely rotten!! 

(Top to bottom)
-Uncle Luke with his "Grand-N's" -(great nieces and nephews. Is that a thing? He is their great-uncle! He adorably calls them the "Grand N's". I'm adopting it!)
- First night we got a cooking lesson! He taught us how he makes the best deviled eggs ever! (The only ones I'll eat!)
- Day two was "Popsicle Day"- every day was! My kids had no less than three Popsicles each day! 
Here they are enjoying Popsicles and checking the crab traps!
- Uncle Luke bought the kids fishing poles; took them fishing; then, as if that wasn't enough- he gave them prizes for biggest fish (Case), first fish (Anna), and prettiest fish (Caroline)!!! 
Again- three little apple cores! #rotten
- Happily worn out!!!! Signs of a GRAND day!

As mentioned above, "Untle Lute" (as Case says), got the kids all set up for fishing off his Bay!!


(in no particular order.)

- The three Grand-N's gearing up for a fun day on the dock! 
-Caroline caught croakers, cats, and a couple of red fish! I don't know what is what, but I know she caught a ton, and she had an absolute blast!
-Anna caught the first fish. A Croaker! She got the hang of casting and reeling! Perhaps a natural! She caught a ton too! Loved every minute of it!
- Case-boy caught the two big sheepshead! He was so excited!!  He didn't want to touch any of the fish, but he sure liked reeling them in!
- Uncle Luke and Casey were so patient with re-hooking the bait, and helping them reel their fish in! It was a SUPER fun morning (and afternoon)!

I am NOT a natural! On the few occasions Case got a little tired of fishing I took over his rod. I didn't catch anything for the longest time! Then- FINALLY I had a real fighter on the line! I screamed, "I hooked one! I got a fish! Yeah-baby!" Then, I reeled in this bad boy:

Yep! The tiniest little cat you've ever seen! But, don't be fooled! I can (and did) catch a smaller fish! Unfortunately it fell off the hook and through the cracks of the dock back in to the water. Yes- it was small enough to slip right through the crack! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
We were fishing with little pieces of shrimp. I felt a little nibble and started reeling- yep! I had one! When I pulled it out of the water I literally thought it was the bait!! I said, "awe. He got off! Wait!!! No he didn't! (Enter hysterical laughter) LOOK AT MY FISH!!!"

You had to see it to believe it!! It was the size of my pinky finger!! I can still hear Anna and Caroline cracking up!! Made my whole day!! #catchingbait🐟

We had a great time the entire time!!


No captions needed!! The kids were in heaven ALL week long!!!
AND- don't you think I didn't break several times for selfies!!! 


What a blast!! Can't wait for next time!! There WILL be an next time! We are making the 4th at the Grand and annual event!! We may have to go back to "Untle Lute's House" and have countless Popsicles, multiple bowls of ice cream, and endless fun next year too!! 

The kids were SO sad to leave this morning!!! About an hour left in our drive I snapped these:


You think there was ever a dull moment in that 6 hours??? There was NOT!! Never is in this life, but that is why I love it so!!!

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#fourth  #attaboyluther #grandn's #untlelute