Thursday, April 5, 2018

Another Case Conversation

He keeps me laughing!

The other night I woke up to blood curdling screams, and before my eyes were even opened all they way I had sprinted up the stairs and into Case’s room. Even though I seemed to have skipped five steps at a time, by the time I got in there Sista-Mom number 1 was at his side tending to Case’s every need.
Apparently he had fallen head first down the crack between his bed and the wall. When Anna arrived he was in the middle of a stuck and sleepy fit. When I arrived all was back to normal, but Case Still landed a more secure spot downstairs in my bed for the rest of the night. 
So, with that event in mind as I was tucking him in last night, I suggested that he scoot more towards the middle of his bed. He looked at me with the biggest tearful little eyes and questioned me. “The middle?!?!” He asked, as if it was the most outlandish suggestion on earth. I said, “yes! So you don’t fall again tonight.”
With this he started to cry and said, “I can’t sleep in the middle! I toot towards the middle of my bed every night!”

Yes! I kid you not! I can’t even make this stuff up! He will kill me one day for writing this, but I never want to forget he said that! I died on the inside and though “WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEN??” But, I knew I couldn’t laugh at him right then. He was dead serious! I just said, “buddy! If you can’t sleep in the middle because of your toots, then I suggest you get all your poot’n out before you get in the bed!”

What am I going to do with this kid????

By the way- the picture is from church a couple of Sundays ago, I can only hope the people around us are soaking in the message better than me - - - but, I know he is getting it, so I let him be!! 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The boy redeems himself!

This sweet boy gave me chills!! 

Driving down the road (remember this is when Case does his deep thinking), Case all of the sudden says, “mama, I don’t ever want to be nailed to a cross!”

“I don’t think you will be, buddy! That only happened a long time ago!”

“Nuh-uh!! I know a little boy that was growin up to be a king, and before he got growd good people nailed him to a cross!”

Before I can say anything Caroline pipes up and says, “Was it Jesus?”

Case looked at her real puzzled and said, “you know him too?”

It was the sweetest little thing!! Then Anna, Case and Caroline went on to have the most precious little conversation about Jesus, and how much he does for us!! 

It is THESE conversations that I never want to forget! 

(An oldie but goodie of my three angel loves!)

AND their sweet childlike faith (that I need a spoonful of daily)!

Tonight Case prayed  his nighttime prayers, and the. at the end he added- “...and God, can you come back with Jesus? Then we won’t need a sunshine and it won’t get dark at night!”

I thought that was adorable! He may only be four (almost five), but he is absorbing so much at his little school where Christ is the center of his education, and Anna and Caroline are too! 

Every day! It’s relationships they receive at school- not just knowledge! Relationships with Christ, and Christ-centered relationships with others- plus knowledge beyond anything I could ever imagine learning at their ages!! 

Okay- that is my one cent ad for Regents, but I do love it- and I LOVE the sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit I hear every day coming out of the mouths of my three littles!! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

(Backup) Liar, Liar

Case’s nose should be as long as a telephone wire!

(Picture taken around Halloween)

Y’all! He makes up everything! If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you most likely saw his thread of bedtime videos...saying he was scared of nails falling on him in the night-he is NOT! He’s scared that the ceiling fan will fall on him because it did in the old house-He is NOT, and it did NOT...etc, etc, etc! 
He has always been our little joking prankster, but this may take the cake!! Last night we were walking into a Mexican restaurant, and we passed a lady coming out as we were going in. Without missing a beat Case looks at the random stranger, puts BOTH his hands up as if he were about to be arrested and says, “umm- I have the chicken pox!”


I pull his hands down in a New York minute, “What?!? No you don’t!!” Look at the lady with my eyes bulging out of my head as it swivels back and forth saying “No, he doesn’t!” Back at Case. “No you don’t!” Back at the lady -“I have no idea what just happened! He has never had chicken pox.” She starts laughing.” “I had no idea he had ever even heard of them before!” Case is laughing, I’m dying! I said, “Case!! You cannot joke about Chicken Pox!”
“How come?” 
“Because you’ll scare people to death! It’s like telling them you have the stomach bug or something!”
“Oh- hahaha! Okay!”

Y’all!!! What am I going to do with him???? 

He is a nut- my little nutty acorn nut! 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

School Lunches Made Easy!

I cannot take credit for this amazing idea, but I can attest to the fabulousness of it!!
If you have school lunches to pack, I strongly suggest giving this a go. I literally get up and throw a “pocket” into each lunch box. My fridge has a draw for the refrigerated items too. 
It takes about 45minutes of prep-work on the weekend,  then boom- you’re done! The week’s lunches are ready! If you only have one kid to pack for it could house an entire month’s worth- minus the fridge foods like turkey, cheese and yogurt! It also saves money if you divide and conquer all those goldfish yourself versus buying prepackaged!

I’m telling saver!

It also allows me to easily cater to my individual children’s likes and dislikes. Case wants chocolate milk, Anna never wants granola bars, Caroline doesn’t like oranges etc. They get foods I know they’ll each eat.

Anyway.... just thought I would share! It saves so much time in the morning!! 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Deep Thoughts with Case

This picture it to prove he’s a nut!! 

As I’m sure many of you moms out there will agree, rides in the car can lead to some very insightful moments in the lives of our children. 
Anna and Caroline most always wait for me to be stationed behind the steering wheel before tossing out those hard, thought provoking, deep questions.

“How is God three persons?”

“What are idols”

“Why would God allow people to create money if they are just going to worship it?”

 “Are common mistakes like breaking something sins?”

 “How do you know if something is an idol in your life?”

“What are some of your old idols?”

These are just a few topics of conversation the girls and I have had in JUST THIS WEEK to and from school! 

Case on the other hand is his own deep thinker. He sits quietly for a time, and then finally pipes up with his carefully calculated idea.

Today’s car ride was no different, except we were riding in blissful silence for ten minutes before Case spoke up.

Case: Well, I’ve decided what I want to be when I grow up!!
He pauses for me and the girls to bite the bait and ask, “what will you be, Case?”

Case (so excited about his news): I’m gonna be a Polar Bear!! 

Caroline: Case! You can’t be a Polar Bear!

Anna: You could be a doctor.

Case: I don’t like shots!

Anna: You could be a teacher.

Case (starting to get a little agitated): I can’t read!!

Caroline: But Case, If you’re human now, you can’t grow up and be a Polar Bear. 


Me: Well, it does sound fun, but why do you want to be a Polar Bear? How could we come see you if you’re a Polar Bear?

Case (in a total ‘duh’ voice): Because I like coldness and playing in the snow. And- you’d just have to come to the zoo!

Anna: Case! You could be an astronaut! It’s cold in space!!


Me: Okay buddy. Girls, he is going to be a Polar Bear! I think that sounds fun! 😂😂😂

Of course we all know he won’t be a Polar Bear, but maybe some other “coldness-loving” occupation, like a snow boarder in the Olympics. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Sunday, January 21, 2018

She shoots...

Image may contain: one or more people, people playing sports, basketball court and shoes

This is a memory I don’t want Anna to EVER forget! 

Anna decided to give basketball a whirl this year. It was mainly because I was coaching, so she had little choice in the matter. Our school opened peewee basketball up to 3rd-5th graders. The other schools we played were 4th-6th graders, so we were already at a slight disadvantage, but that never stopped their hustle!  Anna played on the 3rd grade team. As you know she is a tiny third grader. You can imagine her against 5th and 6th graders!! Her little team was never against any other third graders, and they were very seldomly playing against 4th graders. Just picture David and Goliath in basketball uniforms and you’ll get the idea!

After our first game Anna rode home in tears. “They are giants compared to us.” “We didn’t even get a shot, much less score!” “I was horrible!”...etc.etc.etc.

After ten minutes of her pitiful recollection of the twenty minute game, I thought she’ll never go back out there again. Finally I said, “Anna, you were up against fifth and sixth graders. No one expected you to win! All we cared about was that y’all played hard and had fun, and learned the game!”
 Well turns out she had fun! She loved it actually!!

So... the show went on! Practices made them better. Games made them tougher. Anna was loving it! 

Then one day I put her in at point guard. She was handling the ball well in practice, so I thought she’d be a good one for the job. Well, she took the ball down the court four times. Twice she turned it over... next thing I know. I’m the bad guy!! I should have never put her in that predicament! (I’ve mentioned she doesn’t like to mess up, right?!)

So, yesterday (our last game)  she is playing her little heart out! They all are. Our little third graders are holding their own against these fifth graders! We are tied 2-2! This could be the first win for our girls! Then I notice my point guard needs a rest! Anna sees it too, and she says “mama, I can play Point. I will!”

Y’all!!! You don’t know what kind of courage that took! As much as Casey and I try to instill confidence in her, she just didn’t have it when it came to playing point guard. I was so proud of her for giving it a shot!! Then, she took a shot and SCORED!!! I was jumping up and down on the sidelines like a kangaroo. The Regents crown erupted into loud cheers and praises! Anna said later she saw me jumping in the air like a crazy person with my fists pumping. I said, “yeah you did!!!” 

Later when our team had possession I could hear their coach yelling, “watch number 2!” Anna is number 2! I just smiled. Unlike Anna, I’m a legend in my own mind! I never think I’m terrible at anything! It instantly made remember the little pip squeak blonde playing basketball, and the coach yelling my number. “Guard 10! Guard 10! She’s their shooter!!” What he didn’t know was I was a terrible shooter! Defense I could play  all day, but somehow on that day  I managed to add 9pts in a matter of seconds! When I heard that for Anna, I couldn’t help but smile!! She just got the vote of confidence she needed to keep on playing the sport she had learned to love in a matter of weeks!

We went on to win the game in the last several seconds 6-4! It was the greatest game of our Regents PeeWee girls B team history 😜

Anna- I don’t want you to ever forget this! Your first basket!  It’s healthy to be a legend in your own mind sometimes!! At least I keep telling myself that -haha! You continue to amaze me, and I know your love of basketball will give us many more happy days like yesterday!! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Days...

So, if you are not living in North Mississippi you may not know that we are ending a seven day weekend. Yes. The one day we could have gone to school was a holiday, so now parents and students and teachers have all be home for a whopping seven days! 

Yet these are the only two pictures I have to show for it. I’m hoping my husband did his usual good deed of snapping “memory-photos,” because I’m tellinbyall. I’m failing on all levels of “keeping up with the kids’ childhoods”!!! 
I can tell you that the house is filled with mixed emotions as we get tucked in bed for a restful night’s sleep in preparation for what will more than likely be a wasted school day. Anna is devastated, because like every other child in the state, she didn’t study her vocabulary or spelling until today. She may miss a few, and we all know how that will go. Caroline is completely indifferent. Honestly, she will probably wake up in the morning and her flighty little self will have forgotten that we declared it an official school night. We didn’t end the night an hour or two after bedtime with a movie and ice cream. We went to bed early!! Time will tell, but I’m banking on her not having a clue why we’re all dolled up in uniforms walking out the door at 6:45! Case cries every school night, so no surprise there. He hates the uniform. You see, at our school the kids have to wear the really odd little white circular ornaments on their shirts called BUTTONS, and he hates them!! 🙄
As soon as we informed him that it was a PE day, and he got to wear his t-shirt he was ready! 

Me? Well, I cannot wait to go back! If you don’t know, I’m a second grade teacher. I’m not gonna lie. I was loving that first snow day, but by day seven I was running out of things to do. My mother says I have a “healthy” energy level, but my boss says if anyone was in need of a human hamster wheel it’s me! The first snow day, I had my day off! I slept late, had multiple cups of coffee, read lots and lots of devotional and Leila Meacham, and did nothing that would exert unnecessary energy. By day three - I was DONE! I had cleaned my house from top to bottom, washed every article of clothing, washed every dish (hand washing some just so it would take longer), watched movies, played blocks, and “PJ Masks,” had basketball shoot outs, went sledding, played laser tag, built marble mazes, and plus/plus football players, read more, had more coffee...etc. etc. I wasn’t necessarily bored, I just had all this pent up energy that was wasting away! On day four I sent my boss a text saying, “If I ever come in your office and threaten to quit because teaching is too much and I just need some ‘me’ time, remind me of this week! I NEED work!!”
Haha! I know right!? What?!?!

By 9am tomorrow I’ll be posting a retraction!! Get me back in my sweats, with coffee and my couch! And, just in case you are reading about my clean house and thinking I have it totally together, stayed tuned in. If there is ever a blog to come read to help mamas feel better about themselves, it is this one! I don’t hold back my faults. You’ll read about that time I told Case I was about to cook supper and he took off yelling to the girls in overjoyed glee that, “mama’s about to make us pop-tarts” because it had been that long since I had made supper. Or the time(s) I literally stood in the kitchen and screamed over spilt milk. Or when I told Caroline (my most sensitive child remind you), that she reads like a 4 year old. I’m a mom. None of us are perfect! So, please- don’t ever read this blog and think “she has it all together,” because I don’t! And, I’ll always be honest about it!!