Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some Photos From Today!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Growing!

Anna is two weeks today!! She had a doctor's appt yesterday and everything is good and healthy! She gained 5 ounces and grew 1/2 an inch... making her a wopping 7lbs 9oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Unfortunately she is having some troubles going to the bathroom... but the doctor told us what to do about it so hopefully she'll be good in no time!! She's a happy baby and we are glad for that!

more pictures coming soon!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas: in photos!

Santa came and brought lots of goodies for Anna!

Anna slept through all of Christmas!

Casey's family all came the day after Christmas to open presents!

The kids were exhausted... but we all had a blast!

Over the weekend some more of Casey's family came for a visit!
Ricky, Martha,
Joyce and Christy

We also were able to get out and let Huntley release some energy! He did great!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

company and tummy aches

Anna had a lot of company this past weekend! She was a doll the whole time. We all loved it!
Today she is not such the happy camper... her little tummy is having trouble adjusting to her new formula... we are both ready for her to feel better!
in Anna's words...

Maggie and Richie came to see me Sunday night! They were a lot of fun to be around! I think they liked me too!

mommy gave me my first "real" bottle today... we ran out of the stuff the hospital sent!

Cathy and Megan drove all the way from Nashville to meet me... I love them!

me, mommy and megan!

Aunt Paula, Tommy and Hannah came to see me... (you remember how many pictures Aunt Paula takes!) They were lots of fun too!! I loved having them.

me with Hannah

me and megan

cathy and megan and me

after everyone left I crashed.... I love to sleep just like my mommy with my hands all curled up under me!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

loving it!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The past few days...

I thought I'd update the blog with "What Anna's Journal Would Say"... Hope you enjoy!

I was born today at 12:44pm!
Mommy already uploaded a bunch of pictures but these were some she didn't get to use.

A lot of my family came to meet me and brought me lots of presents. I think I'm gonna love my birthday every year! I got a lot of goodies but only a couple pictures!!

Uncle Rob and Aunt Val and my cousins gave me these really cute boots for when I get bigger. I can't wait to wear them!!

Uncle Nate gave me this big bear (I LOVE) and the little deer too!
It is so soft!!

Aunt Paula K came to meet me! She's coming back on Sunday too! She loves babies!!
She is the one that took most of the pictures you see on here!!

This is me with my Aunt Val. She is so sweet! I'm going to love going to Aunt Val and Uncle Rob's house and playing with my cousins!!

Uncle Rob was so excited to finally be an Uncle!!


Today was just another day in the hospital. So far I'm really happy and I like it here. I love all my family!!

I finally got to see my Paw close up today. He was coming off a little cold so he didn't want to hold me until today! I was sad when he and Mimi had to leave!

My Mimi loves me so much! She is so sweet... I love her too. All my grandparents are going to spoil me rotten! I can't wait!

Mimi and Paw had to leave tonight but they are coming back on Christmas and Mimi is even going to stay and help take care of me for a week!!

Today I woke up in the hospital with the nurses. They came in last night and took me for a few tests and kept me so that mommy and daddy could sleep some (I just love to be awake at night)!

They gave me this cool little soothie to suck on and I LOVE it!!

I finally got to go home this afternoon! Mommy and Daddy were so excited to show me my new house! I love it too!!

The car ride was fun. I slept the whole way home! I love my car seat! I can't wait for my next trip... I get to go to the doctor on Monday!

Once we got home I just slept a lot. Mommy started having bad headaches so I got to hang out with Zanny and Daddy most of the night! Zanny spoils me.. I just love her!


Today was a good day. I slept A LOT... which made me feel good about staying up ALL night with Daddy!! I love my Daddy!!

Mommy wasn't feeling good because she had to have a blood patch due to spinal headaches. I kept her company for a little bit but she was sad she couldn't sit up with me tonight! I'm just glad her headaches are gone so she can play with me tomorrow!

I got to meet my Uncle Houston and his girl friend, Lacey too. They drove all the way from Huntsville, AL to meet me! I really like them a lot! We are going to have LOTS of fun tomorow I think!

Lacey was really sweet to me.. I like her too!