Sunday, March 30, 2014

Case-boy is ONE!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!
We all love you to the moon and back!

(Full birthday post to come!)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cell phone archives-

Here is a very random assortment of photos I don't think ever made the blog:

Anna's fifth birthday!

Cliney Hug!

100 days if school!

They love When daddy is home!!

Lighting up their stars

Case's first Ritz!

Caroline's drawing of Ninja turtles fighting tigers!!

I'm back to crocheting some!

This is how she rolls!!

Alright- I will be sure to snap some more pictures this week as we prepare or Casey's FIRST BIRTHDAY! (Gulp!!)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


I gave up all my cell phone apps (except a blog post on Sundays) for Lent!
I've been without Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (gulp), my games, and all other apps! It has been refreshing tho! I've read a lot and have been doing more crafts and projects in my newly-found time (I've always had) since I'm no longer browsing Pinterest for hours! :)

Tonight, the girls and I finished up Spring Break with one more final craft! Nightgowns! I let them color on sandpaper with crayons and then I ironed their designs onto oversized shirts. 
I will have to take a picture of their finished shirts for next week's post. Caroline colored ninja turtles and made me write "I love ninja turtles" on it!
She is too much!! You can see Anna's above.

Case is getting a new bedroom for his birthday (TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!)

I was excited to see these in the mail yesterday!!

Caroline has recently become a little obsessed with Ninja Turtles- even tho she has NEVER seen the show! She has one ninja turtle action figure and two of her best buddies, Coop and Hudson are very much into ninja turtles so she has decided she loves them now too!
She wore this shirt four days of her spring break :)

These policemen came riding thru our neighborhood some during spring break! Exciting stuff for all the kids here!!

"Anna in the hat"
Celebrating Dr Seuss last week at school!

The girls are always begging for "jobs". One morning before Anna left for school I got Caroline all set up cleaning their bathroom. Anna was so sad that she didn't get "that fun job"! So I told her that if she was REALLY  good at school and didn't whine I would LET her clean my bathroom when she got home- bahahaha!
First thing she said when he walked in was "can I clean before naps??"
Why, sure!!!

This little bit is going to be ONE in two weeks!! I can hardly believe it!!! I took this picture for his invitations. 

The girls loved this little m&ms graphing worksheet I made them- plus they got to eat mini m&ms!

Another super fun craft- wet chalk on black construction paper makes for some bright coloring sheets! The girls loved it!!

This is a sneak peek at Case's new room!! Bedding- even though I plan on  keeping him in the crib until he is six! :)

See y'all next week!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dear Case!

You are ELEVEN months old!! I can hardly believe it!!! I can't believe it! Where has the time gone?
You are so active these days! Trying so hard to crawl! You will get it soon! Right now you cry during tummy time because you want so desperately to move forward but you have only figured out how to go backwards!
You finally started eating!! You absolutely refuse to let anyone feed you anything so finally one day I just gave you some of my foo in tiny little bites. You pretty much have been inhaling all food since then! As long as you can pick it up and feed yourself! I would say you love avocado and turkey the most!!
You still love Anna and Caroline! Caroline gets you for the better part of your days since Anna goes to school so y'all have formed a special little bond. She makes you belly laugh when she gets on the floor and talks to you! You still LOVE your Anna too!! She feeds you your morning bottles some mornings!
Your favorite toys are the stack up boxes that Archer gave Caroline for her first birthday, your puzzles we swiped from Zannie and Beene's house and your Pottery Barn wooden stacker that Maggie gave Anna for her first Birthday!! 
You are so happy all the time (except on your tummy)! Everyone always says what a cute and good baby you are- and everyone comments on those long eyelashes you have!!! 
You've been sick a lot this winter- along with all of us but you don't complain much!!
I love you to the moon and back!! I can't believe you will be ONE in a few short weeks!!!! This is my last monthly letter :(- next month we start annual letter- I can't believe it!!!! (I may have to sneak in an 18month letter for ya.)

We love you bit-boy!!! This household would be lost without you!! You are our little bud-bug!!!! Happy 11 Months!!

Love you boy!!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Forever in a post!

I realized I have not blogged in forever- I'm so sorry!! Things have been crazy!! 

Here is where we've been:

Making valentines!!

Setting up for a special Valentines Day lunch!

Checking out if school early to enjoy nice park weather!

Drag racing in my Tahoe!

Haha- just kidding- speedometer is messed up!

Sneaking in a quick cousin play-date with Thomas!

Eating- finally!!! (More to come on the topic!)

Playing soccer with good buddy, Grafton!

Getting into everything!!!

Daddy-Daughters date night to seethe Lego movie!!

Pajama Day at school!!

Watching Anna and Grafton play soccer (we did NOT pose this picture! They are crazy!)

He is the messiest eater I've ever been around!

But he IS eating!!! As long as he can feed himself (obviously)!

Found Caroline with these on her nails one morning!! She also had a glob if toothpaste on the top of her head smushed in her hair. When I questioned her she said "me can't do anything in my nails!"

Caroline has also been working hard on some "art"... Says she is gonna sell these for a dime and a dollar!

The rebels are bringing back the sweatbands!

Today was a snow day so we made a sofa fort!

And did some "mommy-made" school work!

Now it is nap time!! 

Hopefully I will be back before long with an update in Case the ELEVEN MONTH old!!!