Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Waiting on Anna!

Caroline LOVES having her own time while Anna is at school but when that clock hits 1:10 you can find her here waiting on the bus!

She can't wait to run give her best friend a hug and hear all about school!!

I'm so glad for their sweet friendship!!!

Here they are this morning before the bus-

Yep- Cliney Bug has for the bead head thing down pat- and she doesn't care either!!

She loves her "crazy hay"

Y'all have a happy day!!

P.S.- my sister has FINALLy started a blog- 


Check it out!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


...for the bus

Caroline is helping Anna wait on the bus before her next Wonder Woman mission!!! 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I cannot believe that my sweet angel, Anna is a big kid on campus!!
A preschooler! A bus rider! At big school!!

First Day!

She was SO excited!!

There was a moment of reservations about riding the bus but it literally lasted about two seconds!!

Her teacher sent a text saying:
"Anna is a wonderful student!  She is so sweet and listened so well and I think she had lots of fun!  She said she didn't like to get hot outside so we took sidewalk chalk out and she drew in the shade.:)"

After school she was all smiles and giggles!!

She said her favorite part of school was riding the bus and just everything!

So excited for such a huge milestone with this sweet girl!!!

Happy Days!!! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Her Own Style!

After filling you in on some of Anna's sweet fashion tips - this happened today, and I felt I should share a little about Caroline's style!

She is much more of an individual musician!!! Totally marches to the beat of her own drum!!

Today (before going to Walmart) I told Caroline that if she wanted to go with me she needed to run get her "nice" shoes out of her closet! 
My brain: nice shoes = church shoes
(I mean- she was already wearing a church dress!)
Caroline's sweet brain: nice shoes = soccer cleats!

So.... Off to Walmart we went looking all cute from head to toe!!

After all- we were just going to Walmart- NOT Kroger!!! :)

With Anna, every day she wants to wear the prettiest dress in her closet!
Caroline is a roll of the dice! Some days it is a pretty dress, some days- pajamas, some days - gym shorts 
ALL DAYS - soccer cleats!!! 
I have forgone the cleat battle many times- totally not worth it!!!

Love my kids!!!!

Sleepy Head!!

Judging by this little collage of photos, I think if Case-man could talk he would have given me some major teenage attitude this morning when I turned the light on!!

Little Buddy loves his sleep- I think we will get along wonderfully until the days when I'm waking him for school!! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Time-

Yep- the whole family went to Pre-K open house!!

Then later- 

These kids sacked out!!! I'm going to have to wake Little Miss School Girl - it is almost 5pm!! 

Orientation Day!

Anna met her teacher today! Ms. Claire!!
She loved her classroom and didn't want to leave!! (And of course Caroline had a meltdown leaving "her big school class too" until Ms. Claire gave her some goldfish :)

Wednesday will be her first official day as a preschooler!! 

Love her sweet little Pre-K self!!!

Here is my prediction for how Wednesday morning will go... Bus will pull up (yes, she will ride the bus!!) Anna will cry bc she is scared, Caroline will fall apart and melt down in the driveway bc she can't go, I will be trying to console Anna and discipline Caroline all while Casey is trying to not let Anna see tears in his eyes!! Oh, and Case will probably be crying for a bottle or something!! I expect lots of tears and a few meltdowns!!

Time will tell!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Thank you, Sweetie!"

This sweet four year old keeps me on my toes!! she is definitely a fashionista (and would love dor mommy to be one too)- all I can do is look at this sweet smiling face and say, "thank you, sweetie"

For instance-
 "I think your hair is having sort of a bad day" - thank you sweetie

"It looks like there may be another baby in your tummy" - there's not- "well, it REALLY looks like there could be!" - and.... i'll just have water for lunch - but, thank you sweetie!

"You might as well not really wear that"- thank you sweetie- I won't!.....ever again!!

"Your clothes look really cute- like your body does but your face doesn't really yet" - thank you sweetie- 

"Please don't wear thise ugly long shorts- you should wear this"
- okay, trash these and give me the skirt!

"Your ears are cuter with earrings- they sort of look bad plain, right?!!!?!"
- im guessing they must! thank you sweetie!

"I still think that your tummy looks like a baby or two could be in there" - I promise there isn't "well, I'm gonna ask God for another brother so just be prepared!l - nothing could prepare me for that, but thank you sweetie!!

"It sort of looks like you might need a little lotion on your legs because of the dry skin like Caroline"
- okay! Lotion for everyone. Thank you sweetie!

These go on and on and on and on!!! 
She is my little fashionista- I'm gonna have to up my game :)

Love her to pieces!!!!!

Awake for a moment!

And then just like that he was back asleep!

Back seat conversations!

Some if the best (funniest) conversations happen in the car!!

Here are a couple of favorites from down memory lane!

Just recently we were driving home from a wknd getaway and Anna was drinking milk with her kids meal:

"Mommy, did you know this white milk comes from cows? But, I think they must wash it because if they didn't it would taste like the cow's bottom!"
"Yep, I bet the do honey!"

Last soccer season I called Anna into her room to get her uniform on. I explained that she needed to get dressed because I had to run to Kroger on the way and we wouldn't have time to change afterwards.
she FELL apart!
" I don't want to wear this to Kroger. What will people think?"
"Anna, they will think you have a soccer game like every other kid in soccer clothes at Kroger"
"Please Mommy. I don't look cute!"
"Anna, if you want to go to your soccer game then put your uniform on and you WILl wear it in Kroger! We don't have a choice! You are snack star and we have to get the snacks!"
With great big alligator tears she looks up at me and says "okay,I'll wear it but, couldn't we just go to Walmart?"

Right now they are playing in the car- Casey is out doing a little work in the flower beds-
Anna said they were on their way to New York for a good friends birthday party!

They constantly crack me up!!!

Just thought y'all might like a little laugh too!

By the way- the picture is from their pretend NYC road trip- they normally sit in their car seats!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Silly Girls!

Sarah asked for a cute picture of the girls in sunglasses so I sent her this:

Love them to pieces!!! 

And this little fella too-


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last Few Days in Photos!

NEVER leave home without the potty seat!

The other day I took the kiddos to the local farmer's market!
They painted caterpillars!

You can guess what Case did:

The other morning I tried an tried to get a cute morning photo-

It just never works out that they all smile at the same time!!!

Anna got her "before school cut".
She was less than thrilled about a haircut but when we saw her summer sitters getting their "before school cut" she was much more on board!

Caroline documented it all for us!

(Caroline took one million pictures of Mary Clark and Alli- this was the only non-blurry one) :)

 Anna was happy with her cut!

And here is one last photo from the archive:

I promise he is awake some of the time! He is awake right now-  hold on- 

There you go! ...and Caroline isn't here so don't tell her we gave Case the purple paci while she was away- haha! 

Y'all have a happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


(For some reason this didn't post)

Happy SIX-O Zannie!!!

She doesn't look sixty!!

Zannie with all five kiddos:
Case (4 months), Benjamin (almost 2), Thomas (one week), Anna (4), and Caroline (almost 3)! What a fun bunch!

Happy Birthday Zannnie-
Best Zannie- Mother in the whole world. We sure do love you!!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

iPhone Picture Archive-

Girls were thrilled to hear Houston and Lacey had their baby- a BOY!!

Sweet Baby Thomas is here!!!

Case is FOUR months! Who can believe it?
13lbs 6 ounces 23.5"

He's our sweet, sleepy little weed!!

He LOVES to swing! He has started to smile and play. He loves for Mommy and Anna to hold him! Loves to cuddle with blankets (over his little face) and he SLEEPS all the time!!!
Last night he slept from 10:30-7!!!! Whoop, whoop!!

Caroline is my clown!
This day she dressed herself- in one of Anna's pretty smocked dresses and soccer cleats!!
I constantly choose my battles with this little bug- and clothes is NOT a battle I choose to fight about :)

My sweet angels! Love this crew!!!
Anna is my sensitive, motherly four year old! 
Caroline I my mini-me, somewhat (extremely) stubborn, class clown!
Case is our precious, easy, go-with-the-flow, sleepy-head baby!!
Love them to pieces!!!

Bathing Beauties!! 
When Casey is out of town sometimes I throw the girls in a bubble bath and let them play and play and play- a HUGE treat!!

Another huge treat: their own bag of chips!!!

Case is all smiles these days!!

Enjoy!!! I do!!