Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please Pray!

Please lift up all the people affected by the massive tornadoes that swept thru this part of the country yesterday to the Lord Almighty in prayer... It was a wild day and I know there are many families devastated by the damage.

I'm thankful that my friends and family are safe but I'm broken for those that cannot say the same!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Nose Sauce"

I thought that title would draw you in =)

Today Anna and Caroline were playing when Anna ran out of the room. A few seconds later she came in with a tissue and said "I need to wipe Taro-whine's nose because she has a little bit of nose sauce coming out!" I just laughed! She's too funny!

I hope everyone stayed safe in all this crazy tornado weather! It was wild here. Anna told Casey that "the Outside was having a baaaad day today!" It was indeed!

Meanwhile, I've been working getting the girls' room put together. I bought this fabric a few years ago when I was in London with Hannah.


Their room is the exact green color that you see in it!

I love it!

I don't have much. I orginally thought I would make Anna a little smocked dress with it someday but that never happened! Now it's going to be a couple of pillows for their beds and piping for a couple more!

I got this next fabric on clearance Monday and I'm going to make two ruffled bedskirts for their twin beds.

(Not sure what Anna is doing..ha)

Tricia gave me a white pottery barn hanna quilt and two white hanna shams that she found on clearance somewhere crazy like dirt cheap or something. I found a second one on sale on so that was awesome!

I have high hopes for thier "room cuteness".. ha!

Of'course I also have a few little art projects up my sleeve:


I made this little magnetic memo (photo) board to match the Liberty fabric. If you didn't know.. they have a magnetic paint primer that you can paint on just about any surface and make it magnetic. It took about 6 coats but I think it was worth it! I took left over buttons (from the bathroom button frame) and painted them to match. Then I glued several together to make cute magnets.


I was pretty excited with how it turned out!

I also have a big six foot long board that I plan to paint sort of the same with "ruler markings" for keeping up with their height!

Naurally I'll keep you posted on it all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Excuses, Excuses!

You've probably been wondering where I've been!! Well, to answer your question, (photo style)- I've been:

Working on decorating our house- (These are all things that are going in the girls' bathroom.)

I'll have to show you the "bathroom bags" I got for them.. it's where all the colors come from..until then.. just know it all matches :)

Button Frame (for a mirror I think):

IMG_4986 IMG_4989


Anna's portrait of herself with Caroline:


Towel Rack:(Casey is going to put the five hooks on because he's such a perfectionist- they'll be perfectly spaced apart!)

IMG_4997 IMG_5000

I've got quite a few other projects going as well, so stay tuned!

Caroline is EVERYWHERE in EVERYTHING! This is why if you call and I don't answer... I'm not avoiding you.. She's a rover so when I step away for a second to answer your call I'm spending the next 10 minutes cleaning up this sort of mess:


This particular time I was prying a sobbing Anna off of the front door handle so Casey could escape for work. When we walked back in Caroline looked at me like this:


Thankfully my camera was right there so I could snap a quick photo!

Caroline is also sitting up and army crawling which makes Anna SUPER happy because they can somewhat play together!

Poor Caroline puts up with all sorts of stuff.. who knows what Anna is thinking or doing...



I tried to get them to both look up at me for a cute photo, but:



I couldn't get them to smile while looking AT me!

Easter was a lot of fun! Anna LOVED it...

She couldn't wait to see what the Easter Bunny brought.


IMG_5005 (The hat is one of Mimi's dress up hats.. I'm not quite sure why the Easter Bunny put it next to their baskets!)

It didn't phase her:


She went straight for her favorite thing in the whole world right now:


The child would climb Mount Everest if you told her there was a yellow startburst at the top!

She LOVES candy... and DEFINITELY had enough for an Army this past weekend. Every time we turned around her little cheeks were stuffed full of something sweet!


She was also excited to show Tarowhine what the Easter Bunny put in her little basket:


Caroline was tickled pink (even if she was in little boy pajamas!)


Anna was VERY impressed that the Easter Bunny brought Tarowhine her very own cell phone.. and even showed her how it worked.


After church (where Caroline may or may not have pooped on my new white dress and Casey's pants) we went to Memaw's for her egg hunt.
Anna LOVED it...


She found one of the prize eggs but a two year old would much rather have one little piece of candy than anything else.

She stopped to check every egg:



She found an egg with fifty cents in it on Saturday and just threw it down and went looking for one with "tandy"!

(Don't worry.. I trailed after her pocketing all her coins!)

We had a great Easter!
I hope you all were able to make it over to Coffee, Tea and Thee last week. Such a special time to recognize the truth of what Jesus did for all of us!!

Speaking of:
I just finished reading "Heaven is for Real".. I really don't love reading but I loved this book. AND... it only took me a few hours!! I loved it! Everyone reading this right now should read it!!!

Y'all have a happy week.. Hopefully I'll be back soon with an update on more projects!

P.S... If you are thinking Anna's hair looks shorter:


It is! She was the BEST little thing ever.. didn't budge the entire time! I'm serious... she'll do anything if you tell her it's going to make her look pretty!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pretty Cool...

Hello! Hello!

I'm just popping in to tell y'all to check out my mom's blog this week. She is walking her readers through Jesus' steps each day this week (Holy Week). It's pretty interesting. A nice-short little devotional.

To get to her blog click the "Coffee, Tea, and Thee" picture on the sidebar.. or click HERE

I'll be back to show you with pictures of why I have NOT posted a blog this week =)

Until then...
Anna got her dress for Sarah's wedding. She was so excited. She said "Zannie, this is boo-fa-bull!!" (That's beautiful incase y'all don't speak two-year-old.)

SHE was boo-fa-bull!!!



She also wins the BEST LITTLE HELPER award for helping me get through my morning errands!!


I'll be back soon!! Until then.. check out Coffee, Tea, and Thee this week... It's cool!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

House Plans..

Okay.. I'm DEFINITELY out of control.. but this sort of stuff is one of my favorite things to do!!
Sorry =)

Here are the house plans (as best I could remember). Thanks to Anna/Casey I tried to make it to scale with my graph paper! (Anna's and Caroline's room seems a little off to me.. it's actually the bigger room of the two so I'm guessing the bathroom isn't quite so spacious.)


And what is even MORE out of control... here is my "furnished" floorplans (complete with a "symbol key". Casey is cracking up at my infatuation with all this.. ha! But I still think it's fun =)


Don't think I'm crazy.. the garage truly is huge.. AND the master closet is seriously like a 10x10 room so it's not crazy to think we'll put Caroline's crib and changing table in there along with my little "letter" desk!
My head is just spinning with all sorts of ideas.. BUT.. I love it!!

Yesterday I did a little birthday shopping at one of my favorite stores here. It's one of these stores that is seperated into all sorts of little booths and people sell their "treasures". Well, yesterday I scored two of these:


I'm going to hang them up above the girls' beds!

I also found THIS mirror to hang above their bedside table between the shelves!


I love these sort of stores because it's like shopping with the birds... "Cheap, Cheap".. haha. Okay that was really corny!!
BUT.. check out what I bought there for TWENTY FIVE dollars...


I'm say'n!!! I've been wanting an antique high chair for some time now and everyone I find is so expensive. I about fell over when I saw the price on this one!!! (Amber- You've got to come shopping with me.. I know we share a deep love for stores like these)

Okay.. I'm steadily decorating this house: in my head, on paper and some things for real!!

Y'all take care and I'll be back soon. Maybe with some pictures of my two cutie patootie heads!

Speaking of these two cuties... Yesterday I was driving Anna to school and I looked back at her to find her finger in her nose (uggh..this stage is hard but atleast she doesn't go from nose to mouth!). I said "sweetie, don't put your finger in your nose unless you have a tissue. Do you need a tissue?"
She says, "Well, yes Mommy 'cause someone put a boogie in my nose!"
I just laughed and said "really, I wonder who did that!" Without hesitation she said "Casey did!"

Then I really cracked up... she is so funny!!

Have a Happy Weekend and I'll be back Monday!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Bday cake from Anna

Yesterday was my birthday (and my twin sister, Sarah's.. Happy Day Sister!!)! Anna LOVES birthday because she knows where there is a birhtday... there is a birthday cake!! Yesterday morning the first thing she told me was "Happy Birthday Mommy.. Let's go have birthday cake!"

She couldn't wait to "took" it with Daddy and then eat it with Mommy! She and Casey did a great job baking it and then I let Anna decorate it with sprinkles and candy all by herself!










She did a great job!!

Casey took Anna to Walmart and let her pick out my card and presents all by herself. I'm pretty sure he just took her to the school supplies because she could NOT go wrong with ANYTHING there! I got graph paper, colored pencils, a green pencil sharpener and some Easter candy and a card with Bananas on it!! I loved it all!

Casey gave me some running shorts and some "house" money!

I think the best present was our new house!! YEP.. we are officially home owners. How exciting to close on my birthday!!

With my new pencils and graph paper I'll try and draw up the floor plans for you soon (from the best of my memory since we won't move in until this summer).

Until next time...

Me and my sweet girls on my birthday!!


Monday, April 11, 2011

New Shoes!


Anna LOVES shoes!!! I got these this weekend. She's in-love! She has worn them ever since!!

Naturally she had them on for school this morning:


AND.. clearly gave me the QUIT TAKING MY PICTURE look!!

This makes me laugh!

Also.. makes me want to ask you all... why does my child think she cannot ride for one minute in the car without something to drink? Kills me!!

Okay.. well, I'll be back later this week!! We had a great, lo-key weekend but I have no pictures to show for it!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bathroom Art and Tricycle!

Okay.. so you probably thought I was joking about getting Anna to paint a portrait of herself and Caroline for their future bathroom.. I wasn't!

I think I'm going to get it framed in a big thick wooded frame of some sort.


She also did this one but I think I like the first one better!


The first one she "finger painted" and the second she used a paint brush. I think she has much better control of the paint when she uses just her little finger! Anyway.. I think they are both pretty cute.

Also- Zannie and Beene gave Anna this adorable tricycle for her birthday (in December). She is just now getting big enough to ride it.. which is actually perfect because the weather is just now getting warm enough for it!

I took some pictures yesterday with my camera phone:




She was so funny. She found her reflection in the chrome bumpers of the cars... VERY interested in how she looked riding. It was classic.. I only wish I had taken a picture of that!!

Okay.. y'all have a good afternoon!

P.S... I know a few people have tried to leave a comment and couldn't... My blog is not set up for comments.. sorry! Too much spam!! My email is in the sidebar tho.. feel free to write!

See y'all soon!!