Thursday, April 24, 2014

Date Night with Anna

Anna's love language is no doubt quality time- and yhat just so happens to be one of my own!)
AND- If you wanna spoil this girl with some quality time (which was my total plan tonight) don't plan on the ordinary five year old "chicken nuggets and a movie" date!!
She got her choice if anything and everything and she chose-
Eat sushi and go have a knitting lesson with some caffeine free hot tea at the coffee shop!!!
And- that is exactly what we did!!
Tuna rolls, pan fried dumplings,and California rolls- then some chamomile tea and a knitting lesson!

She LOVED knitting- and she was very teachable!! She will need me to sit with her for a few more "lessons" just until it becomes a bit more natural but she basically caught in right away- all I did was help her keep her stitches from falling off the needle (which if you knit you know that can be tough for all if us!)
She was SO proud!!

She was in full concentration mode!!

It was a great date night for both of us!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Late Birthday-

Saturday was our 31 birthday!!
Happy Late Bday Say-Say!! I wouldn't want to share my birthday with anyone else! You're the best! Love you!!!!
(Thanks for letting me steal these pics from your blog.)

Casey treated me to a super fun weekend!! Snackbar and movie on Friday night- lunch and shopping Saturday topped off with a cookout with friends and cookie cake!!

Best birthday!!!! A total day off with spoils!!! 

Casey did everything all day- 

I think girls were a bit spoiled too!!

Back soon!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Case's Baseball Party-

Lots of fun = very few photos! 

His first chocolate chip cookie on Sunday!

My sweet boy is ONE- crazy, crazy!!