Monday, January 20, 2014

A super fun weekend!!

We started the weekend off with dentist visits for the Turner Girls!

They did great and I'm happy to report that no one had let the sugar bugs eat holes in their teeth!!! 

Even Case was an angel just hanging out in his man cave!

After our dental appointments we headed over to pick up Tanner for a sleep over! The girls were thrilled to pieces to have a buddy come over!!

Being silly!

Being sweet!

The next morning we hit up Shipley's for some donuts!

Again Case chilled in his carseat - but I did capture these bright blues staring up at me!!

Saturday was a fun day at home playing games. (-and working  on Case-man's closet!!)

Caroline had such fun playing trains with Tanner that we now have a train-table for a coffee table :)

We also found out that Case is finally big enough for the Dinosaur Ball Pit- and he loves it!!

My best friend back home had her precious baby girl- Alice!!

And today- I finally finished up in Case's closet! 

Project closet clean out is underway!! One down, three to go!! Wish me luck :)
Tomorrow I will take a before and after photo to give you the full effect of what all happened here :)

And before I go- one funny Anna comment:
Last night on the way home from church Anna said, "Momma you said that if ever I would just mind you and say 'yes ma'am' without arguing that you would fall over and remember today I minded you that one time? You didn't even almost fall down!"

She constantly cracks me up!! I can thank my own sweet Matthews blood for the literal interpretations of everything :)

Y'all have a great week!! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blowing Up Instagram!

I've been posting lots of pictures to Instagram! But- if you don't follow me there it on Facebook you are not seeing them! So here they are:

Case has the longest eye lashes in our family!!

My frat attempt at French-braiding Caroline's hair!

Anna is painting a canvas for her room!

Caroline outsmarted me! 
"All you said was long sleeves and pants an I minded you with that!"

Case is everywhere in his little walker! 
All boy this one is! In to everything!

Tummy time!

Crawling lessons from Caroline!

He hasn't quite made step two yet! "Get you booty up!"

"Wait! Can I count all those lines on your head?"
Why sure you can Sweet Cliney Bug! 

Skipping naps and making an alphabet book!

She is an old soul with her hot tea! This pictures cracks me up!!

If you DO follow me on Instagram or Facebook I'm sorry for all the repeats!! 

Monday, January 6, 2014


Pictures of our Christmas celebrations (in no particular order)-

2013 Christmas Card

'twas the night before Christmas with Zannie and Beene 

Santa spoiled them- got the umbrellas they wanted!

Got her bubble bath!

So much stuff!

We can't believe Santa brought the girls makeup!!

Karaoke from Say-Say!

Case got a box all his own too! 
All he wanted was the dashboard tho!!

Ready to drive!

 Cute cousins giving each other RSV (without anyone knowing it!)

All better a few weeks later!! (And still friends!)

Cousins in Nashville
(Zannie's family)

Cousins in Oxford
(Paw's family)

Being silly at maw-maw's (Maudie)

Loving on Kennedy, their Special K!

Mimi and Maw-Maw with their girls!!

Paw and his boys!

Annual cousins picture at Mimi's! 

Anna and Amberly all bundled up reading books in Anna's new sleeping bag!

Still smiling- still driving!

Excited for presents in Starkville!

Caroline being silly- of course!!

-of course! She never just smiles! :)

What they do at Zannie's!

Five minutes after walking in the door mom's kitchen looks like this!!

Zannie and Beene played a few games of suspended with Anna- such a fun game!!

All tuckered out from tummy-time- he hates it!

Caroline being lazy- 2 hrs after breakfast she is like this zoned in to High School Musical (their new favorite movies)!

As you can see out December was spent celebrating family!
We were spoiled with gifts but not many photos of that!
I will poll the kids and let you know what their favorite gifts were!!

Until then- I hope 2014 is agree at new year for us all!!!!