Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas Trip with girls

Ole Miss made it to the Peach Bowl!!!

That meant a road trip for the girls for Christmas!!

They opened a big box from Mommy and Daddy complete with Legos (and tickets to Lego-land), a 300 piece under the sea puzzle (and tickets to the Atlanta aquarium), and a new OleMiss shirt to go with their Peach Bowl tickets!!

Case hit up Zannie's house and the rest if us took off to meet friends in Atlanta for a few days!!

Such a fun vacation!!!

These two fellas are two of our most favorite friends! Coop and Carter!! The girls were not excited about the trip until they heard these two were coming!!

Of all the adventures we had these four enjoyed swimming, riding escalators, and making faces in the Marta window the most!!!

Of course Legoland and the Aquarium were not too far behind in the ranks!

The game was obviously not fun game Casey was looking for but our girls had no clue we were even at a football game!

They had a blast!!!

It was a great trip!! I cannot wait for next year! Ole Miss- have another good season!!!! Hahaha!
Is there a bowl game in Chicago? Ha!!!!

Today I am home enjoying this little "sickie"- 

He doesn't look too sick to me!! I think he gagged himself so I would be forced to stay home with a thrower-upper! He has been fine all day!! 

More soon!!
(Don't y'all like this?)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

December in pictures-

December: Lots of trips and lots if togetherness! A blessed time for sure!! 

New traditions started!! Santa bread on Christmas Eve-

And edible manger scenes for lunch!! 

Loving his new hat from Ms. Thierry (whom we adore!!!!)

Santa came!!
 Anna's favorite gift was her "cat keyboard"
Caroline- purple soccer socks, shin guards and cleats!!
Case- food! Santa left some fruit pouches in his sticking- could've cared less about anything after those were discovered!! 

My attempt at a Christmas morning photo :(

It is near impossible to get a flawless photo of all three-

But- I always try!!

Until that perfect picture...

(Whenever that may be...)

We will have to appreciate ones like these!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Alive and Well!!!

Happy New Year!!

We are alive and well and back to blogging- at least once ever couple of weeks!!!
To catch you up- I started teaching in August!! I LOVE it! "First graders are best!!"
But, it hasn't left much blog-world time!!

Thankful for New Year's Resolutions tho!!

Girls started school- Caroline was sick first day 😕


This kid turned FOUR!!! 


Our Olaf was a chicken and wouldn't wear his costume- so... A chicken we was!!


Thanksgiving!! And thankful for a new baby cousin-

Sister Sarah (Aunt Say-Say) had her lite girl, Baby Katie!!!


I will continue more recaps throughout January!!! 
Until then- 

Just keeping it real!!