Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Loves to chew on the zipper!
Teething for sure!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

You may not know...

I LOVE to read! I'm always looking for my next new book! So i was so glad when I saw this pin on Pinterest:

I don't get much time for reading with three little ones but some how I manage a few books a year! 

I'm excited to kick off my fall with 8 new books!

1. The Fault in Our Stars- John Green

2. The Wolf of Wall Street- Jordan Belfort

3. Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn

4. The Monuments Men- Robert M Edsel

5. The Book Thief- Marcus Zusak

6. Serena- Ron Rash

7. If I Stay- Gayle Forman

8. Reconstructing Amelia- Kimberly McCreight

There's my 8! They are all heading to the big screen soon and we ALL know that the book is always better!!

Casey can get excited for 8 movie dates this year- hahaha!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Proud Mommy!


Anna is loving soccer again! She is playing so hard and having a blast!

I was especially proud of her this morning! She hustled her heart out!
We were short several players and Anna played the whole game!! At one time she was playing two against three and didn't let the other team score one goal!! 
She scored two goals today but even better she stopped at least 17 from going in for the other team!!

Future goalie!!


Caroline is working hard to learn to write her name!!

So proud of her hard work and excitement! And yes- she is in a Minnie Mouse costume!

She loves to dress up- glasses, heels, dress-up clothes... She is always in something from the dress up bin!!

Colonel Reb-

I made some door hangers this week!

I was excited with how they turned out! Ill make you one for $35 if ya want- just message me!


Still the sweetest, happiest baby boy around!!

Happy Weekend to you all!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cleaning Caroline!

She loves to clean... So, I give her the dust buster and let her go to town!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Car wash with Caroline

Caroline and I had a "date-day"- when I asked her what she wanted to do she knew exactly-

Go to the car wash!!

Don't worry- I did it up right and got the rainbow super suds :)

She loved it!!

Feeding Himself!!

I may need another baby- this one is growing too fast :)

I can't believe he is holding his own bottle!!

AND....Look at those long lashes!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The "another" Potty-

I asked Caroline who she played with at school! She has several sweet little friends in her class this year- one of which is a little boy that has an older brother Anna's age- they have been playing together since they were in the one yr old class together! When I asked Caroline if she had been playing with sweet C.B. at school she said this-

"Well, me did play with him a lot but then- did you know that he goes to the another potty? Where the boys go?"

I laughed so hard- 
First- yes! I did know that!!
Second, give me your hand- circle, circle, dot, dot.. Okay- now you are safe- bahahaha!!!

I just had to share. His momma and I have been laughing all day!! 
Y'all have a good night!

More pictures-

My Camp Desoto girls!!!

My sweet soccer player!!

Case - with Zannie and Anna! One happy boy!!

Zannie came for one night to watch Anna play soccer and see her get on and off the bus!!!

Wore this bud out!!!

Anna loves  AWANAS and always does such a great job remembering her verse!! 

Out like a light!! 

You may have seen this photo on Sarah's blog-
I was trying to get a cute picture of my "rock star" and she kept being goofy- all I did was say- never mind! I'm not taking a picture if you won't smile- BOOM came the tears- REAL tears!!! 
She keeps us on our toes!!

They love to dress up!!

And of course he is the cutest little boy in the world :)

Happy Thursday!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Collage Central!

Here are a bunch of photo collages from our day!!

Girls room is finally shaping up to look like what it looks like in my head :)
A few more small things to do!

They LOVE the bunk beds!!!

Go #3!!!

Soccer started last week- she's a star again!!
4 goals!!

Tummy Time-

No wonder he isn't rolling over yet- they give him NO space... But he doesn't see to care too much!!

Is it even possible that he is big enough for the exersaucer??

I can't believe it!!

Yes- he is going to have to hate me when he gets older for sticking him in a hot pink baby toy!!

I'm sure I will get an evil eye from these bright blues one day but for now he is all smiles and giggles- 

Oh my gosh- the dimples!!! :)

Be back later this week with lots of soccer pictures!!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Love Him!

If he isn't the cutest little thing you ever did see- well, there's no way he couldn't be!!! He is a living doll!

And YES- that is a dish towel he is holding- he loves them! When it is your third kid you forego the matching bibs and burp cloths and use whatever works!! Case just happens to love the texture of a dish towel!! He is literally less fussy when he has one in hand- I can't wait til he is old enough to put it to good use around here :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Cute Videos

You will either love or hate that I finally figured out how to post videos on here ... Again!
Things changed when I started posting from my iPhone/iPad- BUT- I'm back in action!!

Here are two quick videos-

Anna tying her shoes
Caroline saying her blessing!

Hope y'all enjoy these girls as much as I do!!!


Family Camp Performance!

Anna and I were in Desoto over the weekend for Family Camp! Casey stayed home with Caroline and Case since they were croupy.
Saturday night was Family skit night and Anna and I performed her favorite song from Sound of Music!
A little cheesy on my part but she had the best time!!!

The things we do for our kiddos!!


I know I haven't blogged in a while but we have been over taken by croup!
Anna then Caroline and now Case!
It is no fun!!!

Here is a hodgepodge of photos from my cell archive:

See if you can guess all we've been up to between sick kids!

"Shape school" at home!

Learning to tie shoes (and she CAN)!!

Riding bikes- owning no-fun Mondays!!

Choosing my battles and letting this kid go to AWANAS with mismatched shoes (I did brush her hair tho 😜)

Being the cutest baby boy ever!!

Working seriously hard on making an awesome bed head!

Getting ready for a weekend at camp!! (With mommy there of course)
Doesn't she look the part perfectly! This girl is ready for camp!

Trying to sweet talk her way into getting a puppy just like Hudson's little Copper Boy!
(It don't work- yet!)

Back to school cut for Caroline!

"Just give me the phone and ill take my own picture" - the boy loves a touch screen :)

Too cool for school...

And for first day photos!!!

And last- CaseMan sporting a new bandaid (from his finger prick at the Dr) and his fourth outfit for the day!
Poor little guy feels super cruddy- 😕

Hope everyone has a good rest of your week-

Happy Hump Day- whoop, whoop!