Sunday, March 29, 2009

.....time rolls on......


Well, this week has just flown by! Murphy (my camera) went on HIATUS this week... sorry not many new photos!!

You wouldn't believe how much Anna is changing! She was three months on March 16!! I thought since Murph took a little picture-taking break this week I'd show you in photos how much Anna has changed in these past few months. After all it is very well documented thanks to Murphy's hard work... he needed a break!!

Birthday: December 16, 2008:


One Day Old: December 17, 2008


One Week Old: December 23, 2008


One Month Old: January 16, 2009

one month 2

Six weeks Old: January 28, 2009


Two Months Old: February 16, 2009


Three Months Old: March 16, 2009


Today: March 29, 2009


We've hit a few milestones these past couple of weeks too. They may not seem like much... but to an exhausted mother and father... they are EXCELLENT! Anna is a wonderful little sleeper!! I can put her down around 8:30 or 9 and she'll sleep through the night til 6 or so.. Once this week she went from 8:30-7:45!!!! She's also a wonderful "napster"! I can just put her in the crib when I notice she looks sleepy and without much of a fight at all.. she's down for the count!!! It is truly WONDERFUL!!!!

I'm feeling a little sorry that since Lent started I haven't been very good at keeping you up to date!! Maybe this little video will make up for it. Even though I realize it cannot be very exciting... but this is what she does the majority of the day.. plays and "TALKS" all the time. She's still constantly kicking those legs... even rolled over once this week!!

HappyWeek to you all!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

DB & Z's


Well, we're back from DaddyBen and Zannie's! It was a great trip!!!
Apologies for not getting with you last week... but what fun to hear from Aunt say-say!! Thanks Sarah... a fun post with cute pictures. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO SARAH!! (I was once lectured for not giving her a big enough shout out!!)

Casey, Anna and I have had quite an eventful week!! If I had all week to catch you up it'd make a great post but since it is already 10pm on Sunday night I don't have much time. (Besides we are all exhausted!!)


I never realized how much time blogging really takes!

Hope you don't mind seeing our week in pictures with no words!

As for Anna-
You may not recognize her!! She is now three months old and growing, growing, growing... arms, legs, hair, finger, toes, cheeks... everything is just changing changing!! She's still ADORABLE and the love of our life!


She LOVED getting to be at DaddyBen and Zannie's and seeing all my family and friends... AND our stop for the weekend to see all of Casey's family too!!

Enjoy the slideshow of random photos!

Well, I know a slideshow is not as much fun because I don't get to tell you all the fun comments I'd love to share... but maybe next time. Hopefully the pictures were fun to see none-the-less!

See you all next week with a FUN post I promise!!

HappyWeek to you ALL!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

...Aunt Say-Say Here:

Well, as you all know Molly has taken a little hiatus from blogging during the week...but have no fear, Aunt Say-Say is here...

If you are anything like me then you are addicted to Molly's blog and watching PRECIOUS ANNA grow up!!! Unfortunately, Molly did not get to make her post this week so I have mastered this "blogging" thing and am here to rescue you all from having to go another week without see some pictures of Baby Anna.

If you know me at all, then it should not shock you that I only have pictures of Anna and me from this past weekend...ha ha!!! Anna is having a BIG time at Zanny and Daddy Ben's house this week. I went down this weekend to visit. Anna and I had a blast is inevitable....I LOVE HER!!!! AND SHE LOVES ME!!! We are going to be BIG BUDDIES!!!

Anna greeted Aunt Say-Say with a BIG OLE....SNEEZE!!!

Now if you ask Molly, she will tell you that Anna is upset and about to start crying...BUT I'm pretty sure she is about to say "Hey Aunt Say-Say, I'm soooo glad you are here...I LOVE YOU!!!"

After the initial "Hellos", "I Love Yous", AND sneezes...we were off to start the rest of our weekend...which included the tired Anna, the tired parents, and the tired grandparents going to bed.

The rest of us...celebrated Anna's being in town.

The next day....back to Aunt Say-Say and Anna!!!!!

Aunt Say-Say had little feet pattering on her back and sounds of a baby cooing waking her up at 7:30...really it was molly holding her over me whispering, "tell aunt say-say to wake up!" I didn't mind...

She still LOVES "Monkey Man"...

AND she LOVES her Aunt Say-Say!!! (At least that is what the shirt says...)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the little I have to fill you in on until Molly can return on Sunday. It must be said that Anna is by far the sweetest little baby ever!! She is just SO content all the time...

Have a great week!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Post-


Okay is it crazy that I just uploaded 71 pictures to my computer?
Ummmm... totally, completely and rediculously so!!
But... at least I've been thinking about y'all..haha!!
I've been making mental notes ALL week of things I
want to remember to tell y'all... should be a long
(but entertaining) post. I hope!! Right now I am just sitting
here looking through pictures and trying to filter through
a many million thoughts. I just don't even know where to begin.

Well, the week was a good one... (overall)! Casey was out of town
for most of the week and "little" must have been going through a
growth spurt or something because she was a little (well, a lot really)
fussy for quite a few days. But, being mommy (mommy's know best)
I got it all figured out and we ended up having a very delightful week!!

She has a few "favorites" that she REALLY enjoyed and loved this week:

Her play mat!!


This picture was taken today. I went for a run and when I got home
Casey was reading that big huge "Baby and Child Care" book while
Anna played. She played there ALL day.. I'm talking a couple hours!
Not to mention all week... she loves it!
P.S. Casey and I are big fans of the book too!!



Maybe I wasn't totally clear.. she LOVES her MONKEY MAN!!

IMG_1135 IMG_1132 IMG_1131 IMG_1134

I think you know what I mean now!

We also have the "monkey man happy face"-


and the "monkey man sad face"-


I had to add those just because they were so funny to me!

There were a few new "loves" discovered this week:

1. Watching Barefoot Contessa on tv with Mommy!


Let me rephrase that:

laid-back in a full recline watching Barefoot Contessa with Mommy!


2. Playing on my exercise trampoline!


okay so I know the picture is blurry but I think it is funny!
She just loves for you to let her "stand" all the time!!

3. Watching the ceiling fans:
(She just couldn't believe those fun things on the ceiling that
she loves to stare at actually go round and round.)


and the reason she is just now seeing the ceiling fans is because...

4. SPRING TIME... it's here!
And that means lots of new fun clothes to wear! BTW- I totally
didn't mean for all the pictures to be made on the playmat
(with Monkey Man) that is just where she's the happiest!


outfit number one (still a little chilly out so this adorable
little sleeper was great!)


outfit number two (a white cotton "sleeper-dress" with her
monogram... very cute)


outfit number three (this adorable outfit proves it is Spring here!!!
80 degrees today with the most pleasant little breeze!!)


outfit number four (Church dress for today... adorable!!)

Even a camoflauge hat is fun to wear sometimes. (Just not to church).


Bailey came this weekend! (THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!)


After a few days with a "fussy budget" I was ready
for some adult interaction.

Here's Anna.. I believe she has mastered the "turner scowl"


Okay.. I just think that is hysterical!

We had a great weekend with Bailey! The whole weekend was
lots of fun. Thanks Bailey! I know it was a long drive but
I truly appreciate it and had the best time.

A great weekend complete with the four "g's":

1. Good Food!

Corndog seven... (you all remember how I love a good CORNDOG)


and Shipley's Donuts!


2. Game of Dominoes (with Joey)-


Casey clobbered all of us. I came in dead last... I think the girl scout cookies got to me...


3. Game of GOLF!!


Joey and Bailey won!


I think Casey and I had a little something on our mind!


Can you guess what it was?


It was such a nice day we just brought her along with us!! She was GREAT..
slept the whole time!

and lastly-


So basically the week was very eventful and a lot fun!!
It makes for an EXTREMELY long post... sorry if you've been
reading this for hours. I think I've used up a weeks worth of
computer time in one night putting it all together!!


Okay.. well, sorry this is so long. I guess that is what I get for
giving up the computer all week. Thank you for giving up your
time to read it..haha! There are some great pictures today...
if I do say so myself! So, hopefully you enjoyed it!!

And one last photo to send you off with:



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miss Me??


Well, I know some of you are not too excited about me "leaving"
the blog for the week. I'm sorry!! But the good news is that when
you get to work on Monday morning all upset that the weekend is
over you can be excited to see a long post with lots of photos
of the "little bit"!!


The "little bit" is not so little anymore. She is now known as
"lil sprout"..haha. She is just a growing, growing, growing!
Even Mr. Joey thinks she's big enough to hold! (finally!!)


This weekend my main mission was to go through all her clothes!
Pack up the ones that are too small. (yep, there are actually more
of these than I realized!!) I also organized all the rest of her
clothes by size. She has more clothes than I do!!




These are her "hang-up" clothes that she can wear now!


These are her "hang-up" clothes from 6-12 months!! (I had to
go to another closet all together!!) Not to mention ALL the
millions of things folded up and put in drawers!!

Another mission:



That's right! I got my hair completely chopped off... and I LOVE it!!

The whole weekend has been a lot of fun! We even ventured off
to church this morning. We had been taking turns. I'd go and
Casey would stay with Anna or vice-versa but today we all three
went!! Anna did great!

I wanted to get a family photo but we didn't. Maybe next time!
Anna was so sweet in her little smocked dress and sweet little
sweater!! We did get some photos but not one of the three of us!


I just LOVE that picture!!





Friday night I made a great and EASY little chicken dish! I'd
call it parmesan chicken.

4 ingredients:

Chicken Breast
Parmesan Cheese (grated)
ritz crackers

5 directions

Put Chicken breast in baking dish
Spread Mayo top of chicken
Crush ritz crackers and mix with Parmesan (just to your taste)
Sprinkle cracker mix on top of chicken
Bake 350 for one hour

So easy and VERY good! It's been requested for the "meal rotation" here!
Sorry I didn't get a picture of it!

Last night we splurged!! I made Barefoot Contessa's Beef Tenderloin!
It was delicious!!
(we are having left-overs tonight with Stouffer's Mac and Cheese!



1.5-2 lbs. beef trimmed and tied
1Tbsp unsalted butter (room temp.)
Kosher salt
ground black pepper


Preheat a CLEAN oven to 500 degrees!
Place tenderloin on pan and pat dry with paper towel.
Spread butter evenly over beef with your hands.
Sprink beef evenly with S&P (1.5 teaspoons each)
Roast exactly 22 minutes!!
Remove from oven, cover tightly with foil for 15 minutes!

This was a true treat!!!

Well, I hope you all have a very happy week! See you back
here on Sunday!! I'll leave you with a couple more photos
of the "lil sprout"!!