Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Growing-Up = Changes!


If you know me even just a little bit I'm sure you know that I don't love "change". I'm a creature of habit. I like things to stay the way they are. My parents can attest to my many, many meltdowns growing up that were a direct result of something (probably minor) changing in my life. (I'll exclude examples for now because some of my "change" meltdowns are quite ridiculous.) Needless to say.. I don't love change.. but I'm learning to love it.

But.. I'm NOT loving my little sweetheart-child growing up SO fast.
I am quickly learning that: Growing Up = LOTS and LOTS of changes!!!

Most are tiny and wonderful.. like her sweet hair getting so long:


And the picture above is why Casey (who is going to kill me for this) will be having "hair-styling-lessons" soon. This is not a picture of her ponytail falling out after running around.. this is his finished product. =)

Then there is just Change: as in something is different and I don't know what to do!

Anna decided Monday night that she was too cool for a crib and was no longer sleeping in her baby bed! I'm serious!! Monday night she was up crying and pitching the biggest fit until 9:45 when she finally fell asleep with Casey in the recliner. Yesterday she did the same thing at nap time (refusing a good nap) AND bedtime. I finally went to her room and crawled in the twin bed with her (where she was super happy and calm) and after "shift-change" Casey was able to "re-locate" her in her crib without her realizing it. At 2a.m. it was the same story... cry incessantly; get in twin bed with mommy; fall soundly to sleep; relocate to crib; cry incessantly; go to recliner with mommy; fall soundly to sleep; relocate; cry; go to mommy and daddy's bed to get daddy; sleep; relocate; cry; twin bed with daddy; sleep soundly; successful relocation to crib... finally!

So, after much tossing and turning last night I decided that the whole delima must be that she considers herself much too grown up for a crib (a.k.a. time for change).. SOLUTION:


babygate blocking the doorway, pillows breaking (potential) fall, and voila...
She's napping away in there right now!

And.. just to keep things honest. I was quite sure that she would scream and cry and have the biggest meltdown until she fell asleep hanging over the babygate... and when she did infact cry and scream for 15 minutes.. I was suprised to find that when she finally decided to give up on the torturous tear-session.. she infact crawled up in her "new" bed and went to sleep like a baby!

So.. change is no fun sometimes.. especially when it comes with a megaphone of screaming tears.. but watching this sweet-bitty grow up is worth it! But it is going too fast!

I'll be back to let you know how the new sleeping situation is working out!
Until then.. y'all have a HappyDay and my Sou Chef and I are going to get in this kitchen and work on supper!


IMG_1575 IMG_1574
IMG_1572 IMG_1570

Be back soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey There Blogsters...


I hope today is treating you all very nicely too! So far my morning has been blessed with an extra hour of sleep (thank you sweet Anna for sleeping in) and the sound of constant jabbering from my sweet child trying to explain to me what exactly in this world she wants to do/eat/drink/wear/play!! I swear she speaks chinese.. AND.. for those of you like ME that don't speak her language... beware.. she may get a little (just a tad) bit frustrated with you!!

A few things:


Our weekend was GREAT!

Anna and I decided to go spend the weekend with Zannie and DaddyBen and it was quite relaxing and fun and just what the doctor ordered.
We took Anna to the "Pop-Fountain".. at first she did NOT want to do it:


She was perfectly content just watching the other kids:


But then.. once she did it.. she LOVED it! She would stand over the fountain and just wait for it to pop up and splash her face.. hilarious!


It was a huge success (but next time we'll put her in her swimsuit)

IMG_1466 IMG_1467
IMG_1464 IMG_1487

Saturday Nate, Houston, Lacey, and Sadie came over for supper. Anna LOVED watching sweet* little Sadie retrieve!


*Houston informed me that Sadie is NOT a "sweetheart-dog" as I wrote last post.. but infact a "ferocious duck hunting dog"... yeah..right! *

Ferocious or not.. Houston's been working hard with her and she IS going to be a great little retriever!


Anna's new (not really "new" but new favorite) thing is talking on the phone!!.. Here she is talking to Nate's girlfriend.. and I do mean TALKING.. (or chinese jabbering..but she's pacing the room telling her life story I think!)


Poor Courtney.. Anna wasn't making a bit of sense (naturally) and she refused to stop talking and give Nate the phone back! C- you were sweet to "talk" for so long =)

The whole weekend was fun!

Christmas in July

Yesterday evening (because the days are too hot) we played outside a good bit. Anna had Christmas in July (or late-June really)... we can finally put her Christmas present to good use!!


She loved swinging.. but don't ask her to smile or say "cheese" or this is what you'll get:


She is so funny!

IMG_1536 IMG_1538
IMG_1531 IMG_1526

She also loves her slide that Mimi and Paw gave her for Christmas!


IMG_1552 IMG_1550
IMG_1556 IMG_1555

She was a sweaty mess five minutes after being outside.. but she was loving it so.. who cares! I'm sure we'll have another "sweaty-evening" again tonight!

And.. I'm sure Anna will continue to say "Cheeeeeese" everytime she see's a camera!!
So... I'll leave you with this one until next time!


Oh and one last thing:


Do y'all get tired of cooking the same things every week? I do! I'm always searching people's "cooking" blogs for new ideas. Well, not long ago I made King Ranch Chicken (just a recipe I found online) after having it at Paula's and it's been added to the rotation.. y'all should try it. It's EASY and GOOD!

King Ranch Chicken
Cream of Mushroom Soup (2 cans)
Original Rotel Tomatoes (1 can)
2 Cups Cheddar (shredded)
1 Bag of Dorito Chips

Cook Chicken until done (how ever you want to cook it would probably be fine)
mix soups & rotel in large bowl
spray baking dish

break up doritos & cover bottom of baking dish
layer 1/2 chicken, 1/2 cheese, 1/2 soup mixture (repeat)
top with more chips and left over cheese

350 degrees 30 minutes or so.

(Houston..I think you'll love this)

Alright.. y'all let me know if you make it (and like it) =)

We'll be back soon!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I wish I were a child again...


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just throw yourself on the floor and have a meltdown just because the exact moment you are in isn't going your way??.. Sometimes I think this would be VERY nice!

Anna has a mini-meltdown (pictured above: consisting of falling to the floor and whimpering "no" 100 times until she realizes it's not helping her any...)just about every time we enter the house. She's obsessed with being outside and I am sorry Sweet Anna, but it is just WAY too hot for your 6.5 month pregno-mamma to be scorching out there in the heat ALL day!!

And because the sun seems ten feet away from the surface of our yard we've found a few other interests (INSIDE):

One being COLORING!!


She loves it!!

I hope that you all have a happy Friday tomorrow and a good weekend. I think Anna and I are going to travel over to Zannie and DaddyBen's for a couple of nights!
We'll be back soon though!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Makeup Monday

First off... our weekend was a blast! We had a little Father's Day Celebration Weekend with Casey's family that included presents, swimming, cooking and a just hanging out having fun with family!







Then came Monday!

I love Mondays.. I know I'm weird but I do truly LOVE Mondays (hints: SweetMondays). Mondays are refreshing days to me where I can start fresh with a new "to-do-list", new groceries, new meal ideas, a clean house and more...
They are always my best days of "routine".. which means organized days that go seemingly well!!

But YESTERDAY... was the most unproductive Monday all year!! It started off with a doctor's appointment... to check in on this little Peanut:


(that part WAS productive.. I passed the glucose screening and everything seems good and healthy with Peanut and me!)

...but then, we ate a late lunch with Paula and Hannah and Anna went down for a THREE hour nap while I tapped into my secret life of a DVR-aholic. I'm very ashamed to admit that I actually recorded and watched.. the real housewives of NYC reunion show (cringe... I's pathetic)

Instead of doing any laundry or cleaning I watched t.v. all afternoon (which I rarely do... really!)
Once Anna woke up from her nap I was just too lazy to justify a LONG grocery store run and even more so.. there was no way I was mustering up the strength to COOK. Instead I decided to go get some frozen pizzas.... terrible isn't it?

Well, today is a "Makeup Monday" for sure.. Laundry, Blog, Vacuum, Mop, Grocery, COOK!! I'll let you know how it goes!!

Just incase Peanut's picture is a bit fuzzy for you here's the "Ultrasound For Dummies" view:

Peanut's Ultrasound

Y'all have a SweetTueday.. I'll be back!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to two of the BEST Father's this world has ever known: My Dad and Anna's Dad! I realize that it's probably cliche to state that they are the best Dad's in the world... BUT.. in all seriousness.. to me, they ARE!



He has always been there for me... in EVERY way!
Through the good, the bad and the ugly. From day one when Sarah and I came out colicy and HATING this "new" world...through my childhood where he (patiently) taught me to ride a bike.. and to ski, fish, hunt, and play sports... through my teenage years when I was rude and disrespectful... through ALL my soccer games, basketball games, softball games, track meets and swim meets... through my meltdowns over grades, boys, siblings and every other issue teenage girls have... From day one til now my dad has ALWAYS been there for me! He's the best dad I could have ever had and I consider myself truly blessed to be his daughter!

Love you Dad!!




If Anna could tell you why Casey is the best dad in the whole wide world I'm sure she would say because he lets her splash and play in the tub for a long time. He lets her have cupcakes and honey buns for breakfast; He's super patient; He gets up in the middle of the night to give her medicine; He changes dirty diapers; He works extremely hard so I can stay home with her; He comes home from a hard day at work and puts everything aside to play and read with Anna. He spoils her just a little bit but knows when to discipline. He can't wait for Peanut to get here.. and he's not scared one bit of how hard it will be with two! He loves the Lord; He loves his family; He LOVES being a dad!!

Casey, I think that you are the BEST husband and father! I appreciate ALL you do for us and we love you SO, SO, SO much!!!

Happy Father's Day to all you fabulous Father's out there!!
To Dad and Casey: I love you both more than you'll ever know!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Morning Crafts!

Anna is all about "dipping" things these days... french fries in ketchup, chips in salsa, waffle in syrup.. whatever it is she wants to "dip" it.. SO, it only made sense that she would love to paint with a paint brush! She DID! I got her all set up to make Father's Day Cards. She was VERY serious about her artwork...(as you can tell from the photos). She's so cute!




Y'all have a Happy Father's Day Weekend.. we're headed to Mimi and Paw's this afternoon but I'll be back Sunday with a special Father's Day post!

See you then!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Good Reason For CAKE!


Or Cupcakes I should say! (I tried to make the sprinkles say "1 1/2" but it didn't turn out quite like my imagination saw it.)

Yesterday was Anna's half birthday! She turned 18 months!


"What's a half-birthday?" you ask. Well, it's just an ordinary day that no one knows about where you are officially HALF a year older! It's just a good excuse for cupcakes really!

When I found out I was pregnant with Anna my original due date was December 21. Since my mother was five days late having ALL of us I just knew I'd be five days late with Anna and her birthday would be right at Christmas! (I was five days late but my due date changed to the 11th.) I decided right then and there that on her "half-birthday" we would do something special. So we've started the tradition... and YES.. I'll continue the tradition ALWAYS for ALL of my kids. It's fun and special for them.. and me too! It's really nothing much.. just a family meal (of their choice when they get older), cupcakes and one small surprise!

Anna had no idea what was going on but she LOVED her cupcakes (especially this morning.. which is when the picture above was taken) and even more so she LOVED, LOVED, LOVED her "bubble-bath baby"!



She really loved giving "new baby" a bath!




"New Baby" did everything Anna did for the rest of the night.. bath, milk, bed.. and so far has done EVERYTHING today too!!

She's a happy little 18 month old with the happiest parents ever! We count our blessings daily!

Y'all have a HappyDay and we'll be back soon!