Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a sneak peek!

I'm SO close!
This is just a sneak peak until I have photos of the finished project. I still have a few things to do: paint the curtain rod and hang the curtains, get a white bedspread for the twin bed, and finish the basket liners for the changing table.... and THEN I can start on my wall decorations!!

This is a view from the doorway. I'm excited to have it so close to being finished! I hope you can get an idea from this!

Here is the twin bed (minus the bedspread of course). Casey's mother helped me with the sewing. The bedskirt is from the paisley fabric. We made the euro-sham out of the striped fabric for the curtains with paisley piping. The standard sham we made with a paisley insert and the striped boarder. I love both of them.
The bolster pillow and the quilt at the foot of the bed are from the crib bedding.

My proudest accomplishment!
Believe it or not I completed the rocking chair cushion completely by myself! I'm going to make a little baby pillow out of the green and white gingham to put in the chair too.
Casey's aunt crocheted the afghan... it's beautiful!!

This is just so you can see what the curtains look like. They are tab curtains that come down to the floor with paisley tie-backs. I'll get a picture once they are hanging!!

To see a close up of the crib scroll down on the blog!

Okay, so there it is... with obvious work still to be done. It won't be long now though! I hope this was helpful. I know many have been wanting to see. I loved sewing it all with Tricia, and I personally LOVE how it is turning out! I hope you all do to!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

33 weeks!

33 weeks!
I'm NOT one of these girls who just adores my pregnant body... infact, I'm the total opposite! I feel like a whale and I cannot wait until I can get back into my regular sized jeans and t-shirts =) The ONLY reason I'm posting a picture of me is because I've had so many requests.... so here I am... rainboots and all.I know it isn't the best photo but it's the best I could do for the time being. I'm sorry if you were hoping for a "belly-pic"... I'd never in a million years!! EVER!!
Besides growing OUT every day, I'm growing more and more anxious to meet my sweet little girl. Only 7 more weeks to go!! I can hardly wait!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

three down, three to go!

Okay so if you know me at all, you are probably SHOCKED to hear that I've been sewing! The nursery is almost complete and ready for me to post some pictures! But I still have a few more little to-do's left. I can't wait until I can show you all the finished project. So far I've finished the curtains, the pillow shams for the twin bed, the bedskirt for the twin bed, a baby pillow, and a rocking chair cushion. Today I made these three basket liners.. I have three more to make tomorrow. They are far, far, far from perfect. Probably worthy of a wopping C- in sewing class, but I'm happy with how they turned out. I think they'll look pretty cute with the room. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have the nursery complete and pictures to prove it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A True Blonde!!!

Today Casey and I decided to go to the Laurel Fair and have fair-food for lunch. I LOVE to get a good corn dog at the fair!
Well, on the way in we ran into a couple of people that Casey knows. They were talking for a little bit and then one girl looked at me and said, "so what are you having" without hesitation I said "oh, I'm having a corn dog!"
She just looked at me funny and Casey shook his head in disbelief and said "we're having a girl"...
Of course she meant are we having a boy or a girl... it never even occured to me that she was talking about the baby! A total Blonde moment!!

Just to set the record straight.. we are having a little girl not a corn dog!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Life!!

This is our golden retriever, Huntley! Isn't he so cute! I can't help but think what a great life he has somedays! Wouldn't it be nice to just curl up in a cozy chair and sun all day... nothing to do, nothing to worry about...

Today I've decided to follow in Huntley's footsteps and do nothing.. except I'll have to do SOME things: laundry, dishes, cook and probably finish painting the nursery... but right NOW I'm not doing anything. =)

We have been busy busy lately! I had a doctor's visit today.. everything with the baby is good and healthy. (I, on the other hand am fighting off a cold).The doctor is guessing she weighs around 4lbs right now....which is about average for where I am in my pregnancy! She is very active.. kicking all the time!

Hopefully I'll have nursery pictures soon.. I'm so ready to have it finished! But for now I suppose Huntley and I are going to relax and do nothing....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sewing with Mimi!

I've been cutting and sewing and ironing and sewing.... Casey's mother (known as Mimi to her grandchildren) and I have beeen working very hard to finish curtains and bedding for the nursery. She has been doing more of the sewing and I've been cutting patterns and ironing seams.. some sewing too if you can believe that! She's been teaching me all I need to know about sewing... I think I'll go pro!! I'm loving what we're making. ...AND... it's been really fun just getting to be here and visit with the in-laws! Hopefully I'll have pictures of our work soon. Until then... it's back to the drawing boards (or sewing machine really!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

At 30 weeks

I am now in my 30th week. It is CRAZY for me to think that in just ten short weeks I'll be holding a little baby! We are getting so excited... I am also getting so BIG! I'll have to post a picture soon. We got our baby bedding in... I'm so excited about it. I love it! I think it is really cute: green and white gingham with hand embroidered animals... the giraffes are my favorites!

I am still working on the rest of the nursery. I'm going to Starkville this week. Casey's mom is going to help me with the curtains and bedding for the twin bed. I'm very excited... can't wait for the finished project!! Hopefully I'll be posting nursery pictures soon!

Friday, October 3, 2008

About Me:

tons of things about me:

I Love:

Being with my Husband
Spending my days with my sweet baby!!
Feeding her, changing her, rocking her.. (I love it all!)
Being with my family
Being a twin
Having two older brothers
Reading the Bible every night with Casey
Reading to Anna
Hanging out with my friends
Cleaning (Well, having things clean)
Playing guitar
Playing with Huntley (my precious golden retriever)
Working at Camp Desoto
Making stainglass
Making Lists (and crossing things off my list!)
Working Out
Watching Movies ( on tv, dvd's, or going to the movies.. LOVE movies)
Taking pictures
Shopping Online
Singing (in the shower at the top of my lungs when no one else is home!)
Going to church
Learning new things
Trying new things
Giving gifts
Getting gifts
Making cd's
Making things (I love "hands-on" projects)
Sending cards (especially for NO reason at all)
School supplies ( I'm obsessed with anything in Office Depot..Weird, I know!)
Sharpie Pens
Prison Break (great show)
Claire Holley
Post-it Notes
Camp Desoto
Haribo Gummy Bears
Peanut Butter m&ms
Chicken salad on ritz crackers (Paula K's recipe)
milk shakes
Redeeming Love (awesome book)
my camera (Murphy)
Cardstock paper
Office Depot
Hobby Lobby
Anthropologie (I'd buy just about anything in that store)
Barnes and Noble
J crew
Pottery Barn
William Sonoma
Swinging (like a little kid)
Watching tv
Bubble Baths
Sleeping (I know... but I love a good night's sleep)
Email (getting them and sending them)
Nike shorts
Good smelling Shampoo and Conditioner
No Show socks
Blue jeans
Riding the Jet Ski
Being outside
Lake houses
Being by myself
Being with others
Meeting new friends
Being with old friends!
Shooting hoops
Playing Golf (real golf!)
Putt-Putt too
Ladies cut ribeye from DIXIE
College Football (Auburn and OleMiss)
Fantasy Football
Four Wheelers
Dune Buggies
Smell of rain
Thunderstorms rolling in
Stuffed Animals
Gilmore Girls
Being a couch potato (when the time is right)
Crest toothpaste (the paste not the gel)
Freshly sharpened pencils
Beth Moore
Anne Graham Lotz
Morgan Freeman
Jack Nickoloson
Clint Eastwood
Meg Ryan
Michelle Pfeiffer
Aveeno products
Eating out
Being with my family and friends (AGAIN!!)

There are 101 other things to mention... just running out of time!