Monday, December 30, 2013

My dear 9 month old!

Dear Case-
I can't believe another month has passed! We had a very eventful month too!!!
Disney World- Matthews Family Christmas- Anna's 5th Birthday- RSV- Christmas- Turner Family Christmas- 

Not to mention- you started sitting up, got two teeth, babble and grunt all the time. "Da da da da da da" all day every day!! You take real "big boy baths" now. You had a no fun time with RSV but thankfully it wasn't awful and you are much better!! You love playing with your dashboard toy Santa gave you. You are my latest sleeper- for this I love you the most in the early hours of the morning- haha- just kidding! 
You are the happiest baby ever!! You only ever cry when you are hungry or tired! I love that when you get sleepy you just want to be put in the crib and left alone! We both love to sleep :)
You love Anna and Caroline - when you hear their voices you look all around until you find them and then you smile and bounce! You LOVE to bounce!! You get in the pink exersauer and just jump an jump and jump! You smile all day everyday! Now that you have two teeth that little tongue is always sticking out! (You like to feel your teeth on your tongue.)
You are funny and you are fun!
Your favorite things right now are toys- your dashboard and dump truck, your sisters, Your bottle and still the pink exersaucer!! 

You are our Case boy and we love you!!
This has been such a fun month and I can't wait for many, many more!!!

You are my "little squishy chunk" and I love you bud!! Happy NINE months!! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Five and Three...

What such fun ages for Christmas!
These girls are so excited!! This morning they could hardly contain themselves! We got right to work on Santa's cookies:

I mad the dough last night. This morning I let them roll it out, cut out cookies and decorate them to their delight!!

Caroline went with the "less is more" theory:

Anna was a "more the merrier" girl for sure:

I'm helping them contain their excitement by being my little helper elves! Working like a charm!
Yesterday I let them wrap presents (by themselves)- Caroline was in charge of cutting and holding paper for Anna to tape and placing wrapped gifts under the tree. Anna wrapped, taped, labeled, and tied on ribbons!

My presents may look like a five year old wrapped them but I for one am so thankful that my five year old DID wrap them!! Great helpers!!

Merry Christmas!!!! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A week to remember-

Naples with GeeBee!

Air conditioner broke on the way down-

Yes- it was that awful!! But a fun visit with Geebs and a trip to Disney made us forget all about it!!

A full load with three sleeping children! 

Breakfast with Cinderella could not be better!! Loved it!

Case-man could care less about princesses!

But Eeyore was another story!

Anna had her Pre-k class bull- here they are reunited at Dumbo (yes- there was a pepper the bull mishap but all is well now!)

Caroline finally meets piglet (she had talked about this moment for months and months!)

My thrill seeker Anna- rode ALL she could!!


Goofy's roller coaster

Splash Mountain!
Thunder mountain and TOWER OF TERROR!

Stay tuned for videos of rides!

Caroline and Case loved riding too!!

A great fun week at Disney- ending with A fun family Christmas celebration (next blog)!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Anna-

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Girl!!!

I for one cannot believe my precious angel is already five!! And what an adorable and sweet five year old you are too!!
This has been a fabulous year ending with a terrific couple of weeks!! Your fours were fun - difficult at times- but mostly fun!
You are super sweet and sensitive! You take such great care of Case and Caroline. They couldn't have a better  big sister! You love to help me with whatever you can- and you do!! You are an enormous help to me all the time! Cleaning, folding clothes, feeding Case, hanging jackets, putting away shoes, helping me cook- you are a jack of all trades (which means you can do it all!)
You are a rule follower- which is so nice! You have not one single time been in trouble at school- like ever!! No teacher in five years has ever had to put you in time-out! You get of course test your limits at home and get into trouble some but I don't mind- that is part of growing up! I'm just proud of how sweet and respectful you are to your teachers and friends! You are honest and trust worthy, faithful, loyal, kind and gentle! One word to sum you up is just sweet!! You are sweet a pie!!
This year you finally quit biting your finger-nails! It was a hard habit to break but once you decided to quit you did!! You can do anything you set your mind to! You are do smart! You are learning to read and can add one digit numbers!! You are better at subtraction than I am :)
This year we went to Disney World for your fifth birthday and we all had a blast! You met Cinderella and and all the other princesses you love! You were a thrill seeker when it came to riding rides! I loved riding with you because you have the most contagious smile and happy laugh when you are having a total blast!
I love to say you're an "old soul"- (Because I love that about you)- you would rather sit at the table sipping on hot tea and talking rather than watch Disney jr. or play toys. You eat very grown-up foods! I love that you are not picky! How fun is it that you and I can sneak out for sushi! I think your perfect day would be very similar to mine!! Mani/pedi, movie (popcorn, candy and sprite for lunch), shopping, nice dinner ending at a coffee shop for a chia latte(?) Sound like fun? I say we do it before six gets here- whatcha think?
I love this about you! I just loveYOU!!
 You are my favorite five year old in the world!
I couldn't be more proud of the person you are growing in to! Everyone loves you! You are just so lovable!!
I hope five is the best year so far!!!  Happy birthday sweat pea!!

We love you Anna Banana! 
To the moon and back 100 thousand times -which I'm pretty sure is your favorite number these days! :)