Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Little Ham!!

Last night Hannah and I went to a children's consignment show and I got the girls LOTS of clothes for VERY cheap!! 21 Dresses and 5 pair of shoes to be exact!!

Anna LOVES clothes so it was no wonder she was ALL about having a fashion show today! She totally HAM'd it up for y'all too!!

IMG_4777 IMG_4781 IMG_4787 IMG_4783 IMG_4790 IMG_4788 IMG_4838 IMG_4802 IMG_4804

Such a mess!! She really wanted Caroline to model all of her new clothes.. but Caroline didn't last too long.

IMG_4805 IMG_4815

Then Anna thought she would just hold them up... but that didn't last long either..

IMG_4828 IMG_4826

So finally we just decided to hang them up:

IMG_4839 IMG_4845 IMG_4840 IMG_4855 IMG_4858

I'm sure it won't be long before Caroline is just as much of a ham as her big sister.. plenty more fashion shows to come I'm sure!! Y'all have a good rest of the day!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Profile Picture...

Anna and Caroline

So... I'm back on Facebook! Casey told me I had to get back on because so many of my friends were tagging him in my pictures.. ha!
Not sure how long it will last but we will see. I admit it is nice to check in on all of my precious friends back home and their sweet little babies!!

This is my new profile picture! Anna was SOOOO excited to be matching!!!

Two blogs in one week... I'm on a roll! Ha!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

probably rather have...

Me: come eat lunch sweetie.. look peanut butter just like mommy!
Anna: well, I probably rather have pizza

I wanted to say.. you're two! You don't get "probably rather haves" yet! But I just laughed and said Mommy already made peanut butter. Maybe we'll have pizza for supper!

Anna has since used her "probably rather haves" very wisely. Just so you know for the future she would probably rather have ice cream than a fruit slush and she'd probably rather have chicken than pizza!

Another favorite phrase lately is "that's awesome"... here are some cell phone shots of what Anna has labelled "Awesome":


Her (oh so very) abstract artwork- "Awesome!"


Her new found love for dressing EVERY animal/doll we have up- "Awesome!"


Bubble baths in the big jacuzzi tub- "Awesome!"... Also- just incase you're blonde like me.. if you turn the jets on when only some of the jets are under water then they suck in air and launch water out at your face like rockets- you, your child and the entire bathroom will be soaked in about 2 seconds! I thought Anna would be traumatized for sure but again she said... "That was Awesome... and hilarious". It was hilarious for sure!! She is still talking about when Mommy got all wet in her face!


Caroline rolling over - "Awesome".. still.. and she still wants to take a picture every time!
rabbit trail- in this photo.. caroline is wearing 12month clothes. Anna wore the shirt last week!!! She also wore this exact outfit at 11months!! Crazy?... YES!!


Probably rather have a shower over a bath... they are just "Awesome!"


We've been having fits and fights with the common cold these past couple weeks. Sneezing, Coughing, Hacking, Gagging, Throwing up... in that order! All together with sore throats, ear infection (in Caroline), attitude infection (in Anna and Mommy), a little fever, late nights, little sleep and lots of medicine... and my new favorite "AWESOME" gadget:


YES!!! The battery operated nasal syringe.. best $20 you'll ever spend on snot!!!
Casey's Aunt.. "Dr. Betty" told me about it and it truly has saved us!! Casey would tell you I'm addicted to it.. every time one of the girls starts to cough (because of the nasal drainage dripping down their throats) I run and get the "nasalclear"... Anna hasn't quite labelled it "Awesome" yet.. she more runs and hides under the bed and finally comes out with an m&m bribe or something.. but Caroline and I think it's Awesome!!

It's on my "baby shower" gift giving list for sure!!


I realize I have TOTALLY been slacking off on the whole blog thing.
This was especially obvious when my 12 year old niece commented (Oh, Aunt Molly. I loved this month's blog).. THIS MONTH's!!! Well, here is something that may cheer you up:


I've added "BLOG POST" to my weekly check off chore list.

Yes I'm and OCD "list checker off-er".. if it's on the list it WILL get done because I simply cannot stand to not scratch off every single thing for that day!

Mondays are my MAJOR cleaning days... I'm going to try and Blog on these SWEET days but this week I didn't think it would happen so I put it down for Thursday. Since I'm early.. maybe I'll try for two this week!!!

Y'all have a HappyWeek!!

Oh.... and HAPPY 1/2 Birthday Sweet Caroline!!!! 6 Months today!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Young Hairs"

Kids say the funniest things!... Earlier this week:

Me: Hey Anna, who is in this picture?

Anna: Mommy, Daddy, and Taro-whine!!

Me: No... that is you!

Anna: No, that is Taro-whine!

Me: That is you when you were just a baby like Caroline is. That is baby Anna!

Anna: Well... Anna have young hairs?

Me: haha.. yes! I guess you did have young hairs!!

Her hairs are getting much older and may need to be cut soon! Especially if she doens't stop trying to eat them!

******************** Totally Random Subject Change ***********************

This week we went back over to Zannie's and Beene's and took Anna to a little Hanson concert (I know, I know.. don't laugh! It was fun) with Aunt Say-Say, Aunt Lacey, Amy and Leah. Anna loved it!


It was definitely a blast from our past but we loved it anyway!
I think Aunt Say-Say had the most fun!

She taught Anna to get down and boogie!


Anna LOVED it!!


She was much more into dancing with Aunt Say-Say than sitting on Mommy's shoulders watching the band!


*************** Another Totally Random Subject Change ******************

Caroline is developing the cutest (LOUDEST) little personality!


She LOVES her little friend in the mirror!!

But not as much as she loves her feet!!


Finding them and...


Eating them!!

But how can we deny her bright blue eyes anything?


She's also loving her exersaucer these days too..




*********************** And Another One ************************

Sunday I did a little photo shoot with Caroline. Remember Anna's?

IMG_2068 IMG_2051
IMG_2067 IMG_2111

Well, here is Caroline in the same dress and the same little chair!

IMG_4608 IMG_4591
IMG_4572 IMG_4579

Okay.. y'all have a good afternoon! We are heading to cook o ut with some friends tonight! Thank you Father for such happy, nice weather!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Park'n It!


Thank goodness for nice weather this week!!






Also.. if you need a quick cheap double stroller.. the stroller connectors seen in these photos are great! I think they were like $15-$20 on Amazon.



This week has been fun. We are so thankful for some nice weather!! We've spent lots of time playing at the park and taking advantage of the new "double stroller". Now it is off to Zannie's and Beene's house!!!

See you soon!!