Friday, July 29, 2011

Pictures, Pictures, and MORE Pictures!!

Anna Kissing Caroline BW

I told you I'd be back!
I even took the girls out for a few snapshots this morning... just for my dedicated blog readers!!

I'll probably let the pictures mostly speak for themselves in this post... having two little ones at home doesn't really allow for much blog time!!

So here we go...

Silly Girls

My Sweet Silly Girls!!

Pulling Anna's Hair

Incase Anna hasn't already informed you (one million times).. Caroline DOES pull her hair!

Anna Being Silly

Sweet Anna

Caroline Eating a Cookie

She's putting those chompers to good use!

From our "backyard photo shoot":

Normal Life

This is our typical life.. All Anna wants is to be as close to Caroline as is possible and Caroline just screams until Anna leaves her alone!!

Caroline Crying

Poor Little Anna... she didn't even touch her!

Anna and Caroline 2

Anna and Caroline

Sweet Girls!!

Caroline 2

She'll take a bite out of ya with all those teeth!

Anna Calling the Dog like Annie Does

Anna calls to Caroline like she would a puppy!

2- petting Caroline

And then rewards the good puppy with a pat on her head! Too Funny!

Anna- clapping

Love this one!




I love how Anna is ALL about having her picture made with Caroline but C just wants to move on and do her own thing! That is TOTALLY how things are in this house!!

And speaking of THIS HOUSE...

Here are a few random photos..

Anna's Room

This is Anna's room... (the bedskirts are not quite finished yet)

Anna's Bed

Obviously, Anna is napping... but here you can see the "picture boards" I made to go above their beds.

Picture Board

Here is Caroline's!

Liberty Pillow

I'm making them each a pillow like this.. Liberty fabric with a ruffle around it in the same fabric the bedskirts are made of. It's far from perfect..but I like it.
I made another pillow too.. but Anna likes to sleep on it =)

Girls Bath

This is their bathroom!

Den View from Breakfast Room 2

This is looking into our living room from the breakfast room

Living Room

Looking back into the breakfast room.



Breakfast Room

Breakfast Room!

Studio Shelves

My Studio Shelves in the Breakfast Room.. I was REALLY excited with how these turned out!!

Okay.. so that is all of the house for now. I'll get the rest soon!


I have probably 360 pictures but I'm limiting this post to just a few RANDOM ones.. sorry!! I hope to be back with lots more soon!!

FIRST of all....Sarah was shining like a million suns ALL weekend long. You've never seen her as beautiful as she was on her wedding day!!! Secondly- These are TOTALLY random... I just selected a few to upload and these are them.. It was sort of fun doing it this way..

Thursday at Nate's

Thursday night at Nate's..
Starting with Caroline on the floor I'll go clockwise:
Caroline, Uncle John, Sarah, BigBen, Aunt Lucy, GB, Mom
Next Table starting right behind GB and going clockwise:
Aunt Lowell, Courtney, Dad, Lacey, Houston, Uncle Ken
At the bar:
Casey, Nate and Anna

Sarah and Anna

Sarah and Anna at her bridesmaids luncheon

Sarah, Sean, GB, and BigBen

Sarah, Sean, and my wondeful grandparents- GB and BigBen!!

Morning Of Big Day

Excited for the big day!!

Velcro  Roller Twins

The morning of the big day.. getting our hair did!! Can you tell us apart??
Me-left, Sarah-right!

Shoe Stretching

Mom breaking in her shoes while Megan gets her hair fixed up!

Nate and Anna Dancing

Nate dancing with Anna!!

Nate dancing with girls

Both girls had the time of their lives dancing!!

making his move

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry Sarah.. but this is hysterical!

Last Dance

The last dance!

Sean hugging Sarah

Loving on his BRIDE!!!

Sean and groomsmen

Sean and his boys!



Sean and Dad

Saying goodbye!
This is probably my favorite in the bunch!!! I just think it's so sweet!

Okay... well, it was fun for me to do just a few wedding pics randomly... so I'm sure I'll be back with more!

Until then:

Anna and Caroline Playing in New Room

We'll just be playing in our new house!!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alive and Well....

Okay.. I know! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?!?!?!

Preoccupied with a crowded mind... an internet-less crowded mind at that!


Not to mention a crowded calendar!
We have been so crazy and I'm sorry that sitting anywhere near the computer to do ANYTHING, much less blog has not been on the to-do list. In June we took Anna to Disney World! Casey had to be in Orlando for business and we decided to take Anna along and visit Mickey Mouse! It was loads of fun! The next weekend we MOVED!!! YAY.. we are in our new house now!! Weekend after the big move was SARAH'S WEDDING!!! and FINALLY, this past weekend I launched my new business: Sweet Mondays Tees!!!! I'm selling toddler shirts on ETSY. These are super soft, comfty, and precious little shirts and onesies. My personal hand drawn designs screen printed on Rabbit Skins 100% cotton shirts!!
Please visit my page:

I'll be back as soon as I can get pictures and videos uploaded.
Until then:


I just uploaded this from my phone two seconds ago!!

I apologize for my absence and plan to be back with a full updated post soon, soon, soon!!!
Thanks for staying with me!!!