Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coming Back...

 I'm coming back to the blog world!! How long has it been??? Way too long!!!!! Now, I have the blogger app- so hopefully I'll be better about updating post and pics!
Let's see.... 
I'll just update you on my life right now. Soon I'll try and go in reverse for a recap, but that could take some serious time!
Anna is seven! Anna is like the 75 year old version of me!! She is our sensitive, fun-loving, motherly, old-soul! She loves all things crafts; all things school; all things American Girl; sushi, hot tea, gymnastics, swimming, soccer, riding her bike, playing friends and taking care of her new kitty, Little Fella!!! 
She will be in second grade this fall. She'll continue Soccer and Gymnastics and start Drama, Piano and MAYBE basketball (she says, "not a chance", but I plan on winning that war)!

Caroline is five!!! She is my mini-me in every way; Looks and attitude!! Makes me very nervous for those teenage years! She loves everything!! All things adventure; all things crafts; all things sports; all things outdoors and in! And mostly, all things Anna loves! She wants to do everything she can- and try everything she can't!! (---hence the broken arm pictured above; She fell off the TOP of the swing set) 😳
She is out of the cast now and I'm certain she'll be back in another one all too soon!!!She is tall and toothless. Right now her favorite thing in the world is her kitty, Bruce! 

 Case Boy is three!!! I know 😳- he grew up so fast!! He is huge and has an even bigger personality!! He loves all things tractors! All things trucks. All things baseball, Spider-Man, Baymax and Super Heros! He loves riding in and on everything! He loves telling jokes and playing tricks. Loves everything about laughter; laughing and making us laugh! 
He thinks he can do everything by himself and has no problem demanding his independence! 
He loves to eat! We have yet to find one food he doesn't like!! Although he doesn't love chocolate milk! 

This picture was last summer (they have changed SO much)- we all have! 
We've had a crazy year to say the least but we are all happy and healthy and loving life!!! 


SweetMondays is back!!! Finally!!!! 
See you soon (like tomorrow)!

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