Monday, June 20, 2016

Pictures to update...

-- One of my favorite pictures this year was from Easter!! Aren't they sweet?? 
-- Anna- Our sweet "old soul"! 
-- Caroline loved retrieving doves for Casey this fall- this picture sums her personality up perfectly!!
-- Case wore a bow tie on Easter- cutest picture of him yet!! 
-- Halloween: Lucy, Spidey, and Rapunzel. Anna is OBSESSED with I Love Lucy! We watch it every single day! 
-- Three major pieces of my heart!
-- First day of school- Anna -1st; Caroline- K; Case- 2yr olds. They all had a fantastic year!! 
-- Our little Rebels!! Loving Ole Miss!! 
-- Recovering from my major surgery back in September. You may not know, but I had a very scary and surreal health event last summer. All is back to normal now!! (Praise God!)
-- Silly selfie faces with Anna and Case
-- Silly selfies with Cliney-Bug! 
-- Me in my Elton John shades- showing Sister Sarah how selfies are made 😜
--Anna is our little sensitive soul- she has an ENORMOUS heart for Christ! Warms my soul!
--Caroline had a bad break- we all knew she would be our first broken bone. All is well now!!
--Case is our little baller- he love baseball the most! 
--Two new cats- Bruce and Fella rule the back patio around here!

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