Thursday, July 7, 2016

A GRAND week!

If you have never spent a long weekend at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL you are truly missing out! AND- clearly, the weekend of ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ July 4th ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธis the weekend to be there! 

We happen to be lucky enough to have our fantastic Uncle Luke just five miles down from the Grand! Three hotel nights and two nights with Luke made for the very best vacation!! 


(Column 1-top to bottom; 2- top to bottom; 3 top to bottom)

-Car ride down was miserable!! I65 was a nightmare, and Case screaming in the backseat did not help!! A double ear infection certainly made him a grizzly bear for a few days! 
-Family photo-op! Case was NOT having the fireworks OR the picture! #grizzly
-Anna on the Lazy River! If you stay at the Grand- go to the Member's Pool one day. You have to pay extra, but it is well worth it!!! Slide, splash-pad, and a Lazy-River!
-Case fast asleep poolside! I'm so thankful for this third child that will plop down for a nap anywhere!! Made this trip so much more fun for mommy!! 
-I got in the pool!!! The kids couldn't believe it, so- we took a picture for documentation! Apparently, I haven't been in a pool with Anna  in " like three years!" ๐Ÿ˜‚
-Anna and a good bud from school! (He was one ofmy student last year!) His family (dear friends of our's) was staying the weekend at the Grand, and we were very happy and thankful to get to hang with them most of our stay! 
- Casey, Case and Caroline Lazy Rivering it! 
-"The three butterfly twins" is what they requested to be called!! One of Caroline's VERY best friends (same family) and another future best bud were there!  She was in hog heaven with these two!!!
-The Grand (and Uncle Sam) provided a s'mores campfire on the beach- the perfect place to view fireworks in Fairhope and Mobile on the 4th!  (Would have been the perfect place had Case the Hornet allowed us to watch them. #grizzly

After our fabulous stay at the Grand- we headed down to Uncle Luke's house!! 

He spoiled us to the core!!! Absolutely rotten!! 

(Top to bottom)
-Uncle Luke with his "Grand-N's" -(great nieces and nephews. Is that a thing? He is their great-uncle! He adorably calls them the "Grand N's". I'm adopting it!)
- First night we got a cooking lesson! He taught us how he makes the best deviled eggs ever! (The only ones I'll eat!)
- Day two was "Popsicle Day"- every day was! My kids had no less than three Popsicles each day! 
Here they are enjoying Popsicles and checking the crab traps!
- Uncle Luke bought the kids fishing poles; took them fishing; then, as if that wasn't enough- he gave them prizes for biggest fish (Case), first fish (Anna), and prettiest fish (Caroline)!!! 
Again- three little apple cores! #rotten
- Happily worn out!!!! Signs of a GRAND day!

As mentioned above, "Untle Lute" (as Case says), got the kids all set up for fishing off his Bay!!


(in no particular order.)

- The three Grand-N's gearing up for a fun day on the dock! 
-Caroline caught croakers, cats, and a couple of red fish! I don't know what is what, but I know she caught a ton, and she had an absolute blast!
-Anna caught the first fish. A Croaker! She got the hang of casting and reeling! Perhaps a natural! She caught a ton too! Loved every minute of it!
- Case-boy caught the two big sheepshead! He was so excited!!  He didn't want to touch any of the fish, but he sure liked reeling them in!
- Uncle Luke and Casey were so patient with re-hooking the bait, and helping them reel their fish in! It was a SUPER fun morning (and afternoon)!

I am NOT a natural! On the few occasions Case got a little tired of fishing I took over his rod. I didn't catch anything for the longest time! Then- FINALLY I had a real fighter on the line! I screamed, "I hooked one! I got a fish! Yeah-baby!" Then, I reeled in this bad boy:

Yep! The tiniest little cat you've ever seen! But, don't be fooled! I can (and did) catch a smaller fish! Unfortunately it fell off the hook and through the cracks of the dock back in to the water. Yes- it was small enough to slip right through the crack! ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
We were fishing with little pieces of shrimp. I felt a little nibble and started reeling- yep! I had one! When I pulled it out of the water I literally thought it was the bait!! I said, "awe. He got off! Wait!!! No he didn't! (Enter hysterical laughter) LOOK AT MY FISH!!!"

You had to see it to believe it!! It was the size of my pinky finger!! I can still hear Anna and Caroline cracking up!! Made my whole day!! #catchingbait๐ŸŸ

We had a great time the entire time!!


No captions needed!! The kids were in heaven ALL week long!!!
AND- don't you think I didn't break several times for selfies!!! 


What a blast!! Can't wait for next time!! There WILL be an next time! We are making the 4th at the Grand and annual event!! We may have to go back to "Untle Lute's House" and have countless Popsicles, multiple bowls of ice cream, and endless fun next year too!! 

The kids were SO sad to leave this morning!!! About an hour left in our drive I snapped these:


You think there was ever a dull moment in that 6 hours??? There was NOT!! Never is in this life, but that is why I love it so!!!

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